Lydia Jacoby feted in Seward parade


Seward town folk and visitors turned out to celebrate its Olympic medal-winning 17-year-old Lydia Jacoby on Thursday. Seward had fire trucks and festooned flatbeds rolling through town with the Tsunami Swimmers waving at the crowd and a special balloon-decorated float for Jacoby, who won a gold and a silver medal in Tokyo.

Jacoby, who will be a senior at Seward High School this year, scored a major upset in the women’s 100-meter breaststroke. She won a silver in the 4x100m medley relay.

Jacoby had been home for a few days after having been gone from Seward and away from her parents for a month.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy attended for the celebration and presented her with a state flag and commendation. Also present was Senate President Peter Micciche, who was on the first float of the parade.


  1. I suspect this girl’s life is going to be very different from here on out. I hope she’s ready for it and wish her well.

  2. Nothing like RINO Lying Politicians trying to steal a teenage girl’s 15 minutes of fame. Pathetic dirt-bags is all they are.

    • You’re just mad because she didn’t turn her back or take a knee and raise her fist in protest of America while the National Anthem was played during the award ceremony.

  3. Way to go Lydia
    Losers always look for ways to leech on to people who succeed in an effort to taste what success feels like
    Peter and Mike should have stayed home.

  4. Congratulations and WELL DONE LYDIA! I’m sure that the Governor was honored to have his photo taken with such a fine representative of our State and our Nation. We are so prouud of you!

  5. Pretty special event. I’m glad her Governor and Senator were there, in addition to everyone else. I would hope her Rep and the town mayor were there as well. I can remember, then Senator Mark Begich referring Joe Miller’s son to an appointment at Westpoint, when they had essentially been opponents in the 2014 race. Some of these things defy partisanship, and are just the expected duties of these officials. I don’t read any more opportunism in it than any public appearance by any public official and this being an historic event I think it would have been ridiculous for them not to have gone, not to mention the ADN would have done a front page story on the “slight”.

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