Louis Imbriani: Assembly has gone rogue with its mask ordinance

Meg Zaletel


If you haven’t already heard, Assembly Members Zaletel and Peterson of the Anchorage Assembly introduced a new “Public Health and Safety Measures” ordinance (2021-91)  at a special assembly meeting at City Hall on Monday, Sept. 20, 2021.

This ordinance, if passed, would mandate that everyone 2 years of age and older shall be required to wear a mask or face covering any time they are in an indoor public place and tells business that they “shall deny admittance to any individual who fails to comply with this Ordinance and shall require or compel removal of such individuals from the premises.” Finally, it says that this ordinance will remain in effect for as long as and whenever Anchorage is in “high alert” status. 

The ordinance is seven pages in length. I can foresee that there will be not only an “S” version presented, but that there will also be multiple amendments and amendments to the amendments made when this item is up for discussion.

It will be up for public testimony and discussion at the next regularly scheduled assembly meeting this upcoming Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2021, at the Loussac Library at 5 pm. 

There are a few things that we can expect at the meeting. We can expect Assembly Members Constant, Zaletel, Quinn-Davidson, and Dunbar will reference a recently published study conducted by Stanford Medical and Yale that was published on September 1st, 2021. This study looked at ways to promote mask use and its effectiveness in rural Bangladesh. It relied on the participants voluntary participation; the participants truthfulness in answering the questions, questions that were not measurable; and participants submitting to a blood sample to test for COVID antibodies. Of which less than half participated.  

This is the same study that Assembly Member Kennedy referenced during the discussion on AR 2021-303 where she keenly pointed out that in this study the recorded impact was negatable at best. The assembly voted 8-3 passing the resolution requesting that Mayor Bronson mandate face coverings for public indoor areas of municipal buildings. Members Allard, Kennedy and Weddelton were the three no votes.

There was limited discussion by the assembly about the Stanford Medical and Yale study, but you can bet that they did their research and will be ready for a much longer discussion at the upcoming meeting. 

We can also expect the same group of assembly members to reference the various closed-door meetings they have had with nurses and doctors working the frontlines in the hospital, as well as the testimony that we heard at the last assembly meeting where a hospital administrator said that they needed more qualified staff.

Yet, these hospitals that are so desperate for staff are still threatening termination, and in some cases terminating the employment of the very medical professionals we need because they are choosing not to opt-in to getting the jab. 

I have no doubt that the nurses and doctors working at our three local Anchorage hospitals are under an unimaginable amount of pressure and strain. What is happening to them is not their fault. The lack of resources is not their fault. The lack of staff is not their fault. The burden that they are bearing is not their fault. I have the utmost respect and admiration for those medical professionals. 

I know that this has been a long 19 months for everyone, but I am calling on you once again to please come out and testify at the public hearing on Tuesday Sept. 28, 2021. 

You do not need to sign up for testimony unless you want to participate telephonically. If you want to testify over the phone, please go to the following link and select “Public Testimony Form”


This is the same place that you can submit written testimony that will be added to the record.

We can understand the gravity of the situation at our local hospitals and also stand up for our rights as United States citizens and Alaskan residents. We have already seen that if we give an inch, they will take a mile and we may never get it all back. We need to stop going along to get along and we need to stand our ground.

We need to let the Assembly know that we will not stand for any of their mandates, and we will not comply with their unconstitutional and unenforceable ordinance.

This country was founded on the sovereignty of the individual. We will not be conditioned to think that standing up for our rights is selfish. It is our duty to stand up for our rights.

Please join me on Tuesday and share your voice. Be heard and let them know that we will not stand for this. 

Thank you all and I hope to see you on Tuesday.

Louis Imbriani is an Anchorage resident and civic activist.


  1. Innovations for poverty is funded by the Gates Foundation which also funds the CDC, FDA, World Health Org oh and yes, Dr. Fauci!
    This is study is a joke!

  2. Correction: not gone rogue, been rogue. This is a de facto coop against Bronson and everyone who voted for him.

  3. This is a blatant power grab by the communist assembly members. I picture them sitting back, rubbing their hands together in devilish anticipation of their delight at putting one over on the Mayor.

    If you attend the Assembly meeting, you may wish to bring some Holy water to splash about.

  4. They may tout all the studies they want but it is not about the science, it is about our rights as individuals. No, masks really do not protect the wearer, but yes, they do provide some protection to others around the wearer as a shield limiting infected droplets from entering the air, given the wearer is ill. That is all redundant. I do not like being told I have to do something that is already being done by most people. I was just in Anchorage. I went into two stores and most people were wearing masks. I wore one also as both stores had signs on the door ASKING customers to PLEASE put on a mask while in their establishment. The assembly is all about power, control, and gaslighting. They don’t like Mayor Bronson, for no reason other than he is conservative and he is not whom they wanted to win the election. . It does not matter what a capable or trustworthy or amiable person he is, they simply hate him because of his value set and he is not Dunbar. How awful. Middle school mean girl unproductive behavior. And now they want to undermine the mayor and force us to do something most of us are willing to do if politely asked, not told. And, it is not going to make a lick of difference as we are already close to herd immunity and the numbers will be going down in the next few weeks. What a waste of time and resources. What is wrong with Anchorage to elect such people?

    • If water droplets from your mouth are infected, why can’t we just spit in a cup to be tested rather than having an 8 inch Schwab loaded with carcinogens shoved up the nose half way to the brain?
      It’s about dehumanizing, virtue signaling and visual compliance only.

  5. Imagine the cost of building the lockers along the roads into LosAnchorage where arrivals must park their freedoms before being allowed entry. A cost that will be covered by, guess what, another big jump in property taxes!

    Count on it.

  6. It doesn’t matter if you’ve taken the vaccine or not. Its not about the vaccine, its about capitulation and being a slave to the system. Its already happened here in Juneau with our Emergency Operations Committee and its unelected members who have absolute power.

  7. For a good understanding of the limits of masks against viruses, I refer readers to the following internet searches:
    1. Danish mask study (a large, prospective trial of a masked and unmasked groups of some 3,000 each). The decrease in the incidence of COVID infections in the masked group was negligible- some 3/4 of one percent.

    2. Get over to the el Gato Malo website, which one can also access by typing bad cattitude This person tears apart the Bangladesh study. The results of this flawed study were next to negligible, also. He/she generally does a great job of analyzing phony numbers in other research, CDC reports, etc.

    3. Search Russell Blaylock MD mask report He has written a very good summary of the reality of face masks.

    4. Search for Dr. Noel mask demonstration He has a revealing three+ minute clip, that provides all you need to know. Visuals are compelling! Does anyone know how to cut this demonstration down to three minutes, and present it as your three minute testimony??

  8. I do not consent. They just need to pay invoices. IT is ONLY with consent of the people do public servants derive any JUST power. We do not consent to any ultra vires nursing actions. They aren’t nurses.

  9. Testifying doesn’t seem to make any difference whatsoever to this Assembly. From Chris Constant’s petty whining about how horrible we are to Dunbar’s nasty comments to fellow members about what he thinks of his own constituents (Common Grounds comes to mind) to the haughty snark from Rivera, Quinn-Davidson and Zaletel, they seem to think they know what’s best for us. It’s an odd dichotomy as none of them seem especially accomplished. I don’t think Rivera has even held down a normal job, but they’re fully confident they know how we need to live our lives.
    Will they actually listen to testimony? Will they consider it? We need to be on the record, without a doubt but they’ve done everything in and outside of their power to undermine a duly elected mayor and those who voted for him. They care about nothing outside of their own agenda. None of this is about public health. This is about control.
    I wish I felt testimony would make a difference. They need to hear it but I fear they will disregard it as they have so much of the testimony for the last 19 months. And what recourse do we have as residents? Drawn out recalls that are decided by an employee of the Assembly?
    They display an extraordinary amount of contempt for much of the Anchorage populace. As such, they shouldn’t be terribly surprised when we return that contempt in spades. I will not abide by any mask mandate they try to force on us.

    • I agree Nunya. I think our leaders need to go to the next level and call these people the far left sociopaths that they are. Let the chips fall where they may. “Oh but we might make them mad and we still have to work with them!” If you think that, you will lose against these people. They are too good. We keep hoping these tyrants will leave us alone if we just show them enough reason. I have seen it first hand. They despise your reason. .They get to call you a NAZI but, we keep calling them liberals. They actually hide behind that label of liberal now. Most of the commenters here are classic liberals. The cult of the assembly is far left at best.

    • You cannot win against a bunch of self important busybodies that are convinced they are acting in your best interest. They go to sleep at night, convinced in their own benevolence.

  10. I have been wearing my mask voluntarily but if this group of socialist children want to pass an ordinance forcing me to wear one I will stop. If a business requires me to wear a mask I will tell them they obviously do not want my money and go someplace else. I will tell the business to thank the socialist assembly for there lack of business. It is wonderful thing to watch Mayor Bronson stand up to these spoiled brats because their buddy lost the election. Do your resumes because you are next to be thrown out.

    • I believe the saying is my body my choice! If that statement is good enough to support murder then it is good enough for me not to have to follow the tyrannical laws that are passed by this Socialist group!

  11. This young gentleman is a bright mind with a great future in Alaska politics. We need more like him!
    Keep up the good work!

  12. Not to be a Debbie Downer…Seattle is full of decent liberal conservatives who got rolled over by the socialists who took their city over. When your opponents topple statues, get to call you a NAZI and cheer BLM I think we are way past testimony. Hopefully, I am wrong.

  13. If we had been allowed to keep businesses open last year and no mask mandates, we would be over this surge already, more people would have natural immunity and we’d be getting back to normal. However, liberals are just too stupid to read and understand. They think the masks worked last time and so did the lockdowns. Well, yes, in a way keeping people locked up in their own homes helped some, but it just delayed the inevitable spread. The virus gets weaker as it spreads to more people. We have known these things about virus for 100 years, why is it all getting thrown away with this new one?
    Plus the harms that have been caused by the lockdowns and masking children, etc., have greatly outweighed any benefits.

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