London tabloid: Alaska prepares for nuclear attack


There’s no fake news like British tabloid fake news.

The Daily Mirror of London reports that Alaska is being urged to prepare for a North Korean nuclear attack – amid fears that a warhead “could reach residents in 20 minutes.”

“The country will NOT attempt evacuations if maniac despot Kim Jong-un fires a nuclear missile, emergency planners have warned,” the newspaper reports.

The Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management says, “Not so fast.”

Emergency management professionals say that Alaska is not drafting any nuclear-specific plans, and that the State, as in the rest of the nation, has moved to an all-hazards planning operation to be prepared for manmade, natural, or technological disasters.

“Our message is we encourage everybody to be prepared for anything. Have a disaster plan with your family. Have a disaster supply kit,” said Bryan Fisher, chief of operations.

As for those Prussian blue pills mentioned on the web: An early version of the Mirror story referred to anti-radiation pills, but DHSEM phoned the news desk and had them correct the story.

“Anti-radiation medicine is pretty specific. It only works to prevent absorption of a specific type of radioactive iodine to the thyroid. It’s not going to help against radiation from a nuclear weapon,” Fisher said. He said the department was disappointed in how the story was spun.


[Read London Daily Mirror report — with skepticism — here]



  1. Just want to make sure the record is accurate, as fake news does seem to make facts out of fiction. The Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska (PSCA) does not have any military assets stationed on Kodiak Island. No missile defense systems, or any other military capabilities. PSCA has been used by the Missile Defense Agency MDA) for test launches, but no military equipment or personnel are stationed at PSCA at this time. One needs to be careful about propagating incorrect information.
    Craig Campbell, Alaska Aerospace President and CEO

    • Thank you for clearing that up. I liked best the part of no evacuation plan whatsoever! Lol! Like, where are we gonna go if it happens?! Lol!
      I do know fake news has gone international so it was only a matter of time. Being prepared for any general disaster is always a good thing though!

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