Listicle: More bills filed in advance of Legislature’s start on Tuesday


The second tranche of pre-filed bills released before the start of the 118th legislative session in Alaska has been posted.

They include the re-filing of the police officer chokehold ban, returning to a defined benefit plan for some government employees, abortion limits, spending limits, and putting the Permanent Fund dividend in the Alaska Constitution.

The entire list is here for the Friday release, with links to full text:

SB 31 Selection and review of judges, by Sen. Mike Shower
SB 32 Chokehold ban, by Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson
SB 33 Renewable energy grant fund, by Sen. James Kaufman
SB 34 Citizen Advisory Commission on Federal Area, by Sen. James Kaufman
SB 35 Peace officer and firefighter defined benefits, by Sen. Scott Kawasaki
SB 36 Public defense/commission, by Sen. Matt Claman
SB 37 Crime of counterfeit or nonfunctioning air bag, by Sen. Matt Claman
SB 38 Crime of interference with emergency services, by Sen. David Wilson
SB 39 Disclosure of wage information, by Sen. Forrest Dunbar
SJR 1 Constitutional amendment for guaranteed Permanent Fund dividend, by Sen. Bill Wielechowski
SJR 2 Constitutional amendment for abortion limits of funding by Sen. Shelley Hughes
SJR 3 Constitutional amendment for appropriation limits, by Sen. Robert Myers
SJR 4 Constitutional amendment for appropriation limits, by Sen. James Kaufman
SJR 5 Constitutional amendment to make the Legislature a 90-day session, rather than the 120-days in constitution, by Sen. Matt Claman

HB 34 Confirmation and qualifications of judges, by Rep. George Rauscher

HB 35 Repeal of certification of need, by Rep. George Rauscher

HB 36 Alaska Public Offices Commission, relating to fundraising for candidates and referenda, by Rep. Cal Schrage. Requiring the disclosure of the identity of certain persons, groups, and nongroup entities that expend money in support of or in opposition to an application filed for a state referendum or recall election.

HB 37 Relating to the interference with elections or voting, by Rep. Cal Schrage

The first batch of bills were released on Jan. 9:


  1. If the House was to organize to exclude some Republicans, as was done by the Senate, we would see a huge tranche of far-left House bills introduced in a hurry. There is a dam now holding them back as introducing those bills could solidify a Republican led majority. You can bet that the Senate Majority is working furiously but surreptitiously to help the House Democrats assemble a majority with Rep Stutes and a few other Republicans as the best way to push back against the huge voter response Dunleavy drew. If we have the very bad luck to see a so-called House coalition you can bet on a large operating budget increase and a PFD of $1,000 or less.

    • Great comment! If Republicans go in with the Democrats, it’s time for replacements. There is too much at stake.

    • Gotta admit I do support limiting the legislature to 90 (alleged) days

      Kinda the stopped clock theory. Right twice a day.

    • At least Elvi is trying to ban chokeholds.
      After all, there must have been… what… well, I do not know because there has been absolutely nothing in the news about police harming suspects using chokeholds. But, we need to get rid of them, because you never know when the next drug addict overdosing on fentynal will try to pass a counterfeit bill. Best to be sure the criminal drug addict is not harmed in any way.

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