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Listicle: Keep track of the new Alaska Senate seats and House districts here

It’s all over but the shouting as far as the new political districts in Alaska go.

With the Redistricting process in the rear-view mirror and the political boundaries now redrawn and likely to survive a Supreme Court review, here is the current line-up for state Senate seats and their corresponding House seats, with the incumbents listed (except for open seats), and current known challengers.

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The primary for this election is Aug. 16, with the general election Nov. 8, 2022. All legislators except Sen. Donny Olson must run for their seats if they wish to continue serving in the Legislature. The last day to file for a state seat is June 1.

A – Sen. Bert Stedman – R. challenger Michael Sheldon – R

  • House District 1 – Rep. Daniel Ortiz – D., challenger, Shevaun Meggitt -N.
  • House District 2 – Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins – D., not running. Running. is Ken Skaflestad – R.

B – Sen. Jesse Kiehl – D.

  • House District 3 – Rep. Andy Story – D.
  • House District 4 – Rep. Sarah Hannan – D., challenger Troy Wuyts-Smith – N.

C – Sen. Gary Stevens – R., challengers Heath Smith – R., and Jones – R.

  • House District 5 – Rep. Louise Stutes – R.
  • House District 6 – Rep. Sarah Vance -R., challenger Louie Flora – D.

D – Sen. Peter Micciche – R., challengers Tuckerman Babcock – R., Jesse Bjorkman – R.

  • House District 7 – Rep. Ron Gillham – R., challenger Justin Ruffridge – R.
  • House District 8 – Rep. Ben Carpenter – R.

E – Sen. Roger Holland – R and Sen. Lora Reinbold – R.

  • House District 9 – Rep. Laddie Shaw – R., challenger Rick Castillo – R.
  • House District 10 – Open, running are Jamie Allard – R.; Roger Branson – R.

F – Sen. Josh Revak (cannot run due to run for Congress)

  • House District 11 – Rep. James Kaufman – R., challengers Jennifer Sonne – D, Ryan Marcey – U
  • House District 12 – Rep. Cal Schrage – D., challenger Jay McDonald – R., Janice Park – D

G – Open Senate Seat

  • House District 13 – Open. Running are Sue Levi – D, Craig Johnson – R.
  • House District 14 – Rep. Chris Tuck or Andy Josephson – Ds.

H – Sen. Mia Costello (Von Imhof not running again) – R.

  • House District 15 – Rep. Tom McKay, – R., challenger David Nees – R.
  • House District 16 – Rep. Matt Claman – D, and Rep. Sara Rasmussen – R.

I – Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson – D.

  • House District 17 – Open seat. Running are Jim Wright – D, Alyse Galvin – D.
  • House District 18 – Rep. Ivy Spohnholz – D.

J – Sen. Tom Begich – D.

  • House District 19 – Rep. Zack Fields – D. and Rep. Harriet Drummond – D.
  • House District 20 – Rep. Geran Tarr – D, challenger Donna Mears – D/

K – Sen. Bill Wielechowski – D

  • House District 21 – Liz Snyder – D.
  • House District 22 – Open seat

L – Open. Running are Rep. Kelly Merrick – R., Rep. Ken McCarty – R.

  • House District 23 – Rep. David Nelson – R.
  • House District 24 – Rep. Kelly Merrick – R., Rep. Ken McCarty – R. Running are Sharon Jackson – R, Dan Saddler – R.

M – Sen. Shelley Hughes – R.

  • House District 25 – Rep. DeLena Johnson – R.
  • House District 26 – Rep. Cathy Tilton – R., challenger DanielStokes

N – Sen. David Wilson – R. Challenger Wright – R.

  • House District 27 – Rep. David Eastman – R., and Rep. Chris Kurka – R. (Kurka not running). Challenger Stuart Graham – R.
  • House District 28 – Open. Challengers Jesse Sumner – R, Wright, R., Allen – R.

O – Sen. Mike Shower – R.

  • House District 29 – Rep. George Rauscher – R.
  • House District 30 – Rep. Kevin McCabe – R.

P – Sen. Scott Kawasaki – D.

  • House District 31 – Rep. Bart LeBon – R.
  • House District 32 – Rep. Steve Thompson – R., Challengers Aaron Gibson – R., Will Stapp – R.

Q – Sen. Rob Myers – R.

  • House District 33 – Rep. Mike Prax – R.
  • House District 34 – Rep. Grier Hopkins, D., challengers Frank Tomaszewski – R., Nate DeMars – R.

R – Sen. Click Bishop, R.

  • House District 35 – Rep. Adam Wool – D. (Wool running for Congress). Challenger Kieran Brown – C.
  • House District 36 – Rep. Mike Cronk – R.

S – Sen. Lyman Hoffman – D

  • House District 37 – Rep. Bryce Edgmon – D.
  • House District 38 – Rep. Tiffany Zulkosky – D

T – Sen. Donny Olson – D. No election

  • House District 39 – Rep. Neal Foster, D., challenger Tyler Ivanoff – AIP
  • House District 40 – Rep. Josiah Patkotak – U.
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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. And most of all let the oath breakers know GOD is keeping track here also. To all oath takers your contact is with GOD for the citizens, not the cameras not your bank accounts not for Jesus or the citizens between the oath taker and GOD so help you GOD you swore. So before you wake up in a hot place knowing you deserve it. Stop turn back towards GOD oath breakers.

  2. >House District 7 – Rep. Ron Gillham – R., challenger Justin Ruffridge – R.

    Those of you in District 7 — DO NOT vote for Ruffridge. He’s a pharmacist in Soldotna (also on the state board of Pharmacy) who has been doing everything in his power to deny access to early COVID treatments.

    • (Replying to James) … After seeing Ruffridge quoted in the Peninsula Clarion a few months ago, I contacted him and asked him to back up his contention that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was ineffective against Covid-19. Based on the study he provided me, it was obvious he had never given HCQ a serious look. I pointed out to Ruffridge that not only did his HCQ study fail to include the all-important zinc in its treatment regimen, but also the study was done using already hospitalized patients, instead of early-onset patients. (HCQ is similar to the Covid-19 vaccines in this aspect: they are both ineffective when given to patients so ill that they have to be hospitalized.) I asked if he could provide me with an HCQ study of early-onset Covid-19 patients that included zinc. He never responded. What I learned from my Justin Ruffridge experience: the young lad is arrogant, authoritarian, dismissive, lazy, and when it comes to HCQ, he seems to be quite ignorant.

  3. House 34. Hopkins has 2 challengers. This will be ranked choice voting, correct? I know Frank and will be voting for him. Who is the other guy? Could Dems be “planting” supposedly republican candidates to draw votes away from the stronger republican candidate?

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