Listicle: Days when the federal and city governments won’t work for you


Federal holidays, since Joe Biden became president, now equal 11 days, plus one an additional day for those working in Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day every four years. That is on top of the minimum 13 days of personal leave and 13 days of sick leave for workers at the 0-3 years of service level, and 26 days of personal leave and 13 days of sick leave for those with 15 years or more of federal service. Some federal government workers now. get 50 days of vacation/sick leave per year.

Here are the federal holidays, including Juneteenth, June 19, which was added by Biden in 2021:

  • New Year’s Day January 1
  • Martin Luther King’s Birthday 3rd Monday in January
  • Washington’s Birthday 3rd Monday in February
  • Memorial Day last Monday in May
  • Juneteenth National Independence Day June 19
  • Independence Day July 4
  • Labor Day 1st Monday in September
  • Columbus Day 2nd Monday in October
  • Veterans’ Day November 11
  • Thanksgiving Day 4th Thursday in November
  • Christmas Day December 25

Here are the 14 days when the Municipality of Anchorage won’t work. Juneteenth was added in 2023:

New Years DayJanuary 1st
 Martin Luther King Jr. Day3rd Monday in January
 President’s Day 3rd Monday in February
 Seward’s Day Last Monday in March 
 Memorial DayLast Monday in May
 Juneteenth June 19th
 Independence Day July 4th
 Labor Day 1st Monday in September
 Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2nd Monday in October​
 Veteran’s DayNovember 11th
 Thanksgiving4th Thursday in November
 Day after Thanksgiving4th Friday in November
 Christmas EveInterruptions on December 24th
 ChristmasDecember 25th​

City and Borough of Juneau’s days off:

New Year’s Day – Monday, January 1

Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday – Monday, January 15

President’s Day – Monday, February 19

Seward’s Day – Monday, March 25

Memorial Day – Monday, May 27

Independence Day -Thursday, July 4

Labor Day – Monday, September 2

Alaska Day – Friday, October 18

Veterans Day – Monday, November 11th

Thanksgiving – Thursday, November 28

Day After Thanksgiving – Friday, November 29

Christmas – Monday, December 25th


  1. Then again, the days governments aren’t working for you are the very same days they aren’t working against you or hunting you down for your political beliefs. Maybe we need more holidays. Cheers –

  2. Suzanne, in the opinion of some it’s a win win when the bureaucracy is absent. It means that less damage can be done to our individual freedoms and liberties.

    In the words of Dave Hanna, ” be grateful that you don’t get all of the Government that you pay for”

  3. The federal government never works for you. There are rare moments when it is neutral and does not work against you.

    • You recognize the government doesn’t work for us yet you support slavery , conscription, the draft , involuntary servitude in direct violation of the 13 th amendment.
      Your cognitive dissonance is impressive

      • You really need help. Lots of it.
        You should start by finding your grade school English teachers and apologize for wasting their time.

        Then do the same with your history and civics teachers.

        Your inability to read for intent and think critically is astounding.

        • Masked

          Your personal attacks don’t prove anything though it’s been said by philosophers that those who resort to personal attacks are usually in the wrong and have nothing else to support their argument with.

          The bottom line is involuntary servitude was outlawed by the 13 th and the draft meets the definition of involuntary.
          Combine that with the fact the federal government was never directly given the right to force people into the army .
          They were given the the right to raise taxes and use that money to raise armies but constitution didn’t give them the right of conscription / draft which ends personal liberty. Never once was force and end of personal liberty directly stated or implied. Always the constitution held the opposite unless convicted of crime.

          Your support of involuntary servitude is a dark mark on your decision making.

          Regarding my poor English. Yes it is .
          My reading comprehension outscores 99.99%
          My history and civics was never less that an A+
          So perhaps its you who needs to rethink your position. There is is no loss of honor in changing an errant immoral opinion.

          • You really need help. Especially in reading comprehension.
            Stating facts are not personal attacks.

            Someone as “smart” as you would know that.

  4. These are just the paid days off from “working” as if they ever produced anything valuable.

    It is nothing compared to the lifetime fringe benefits and perks the politicians have installed for themselves.

    Ask Obama how he went from his meager childhood to being a millionaire living in a monsterous mansion in Martha’s Vineyard buying up expensive coastal properties.(There’s gotta be gold in them properties somewhere down the line when the climate freaks gain some credibility)

    • And never had a real job! (community organizer does not count- a friend who was a Chicago cop said Obama used to visit their station to bail out felons – with federal dollars. What a racket).

  5. With the legislature’s passage of Juneteenth Day last month, Alaska will now have as many state holidays in 2025 as New York, and more holidays than California.

    It is easy for politicians to give away things that personally cost them nothing. As always, the taxpayer gets to pick up the tab.

    Of the many problems facing our state, was the solution really the creation of another paid state holiday, another day when non-govt employees may still be working and government employees won’t be?

    All four members of the Republican Caucus in the house and senate voted against this. The four of us (Myers, Shower, Hughes and I) were also joined by David Wilson, Ben Carpenter and Sarah Vance. That’s 53 legislators who said yes to SB22 and another state holiday, and only 7 Republicans who voted no.

  6. If those were unpaid vacation days, I’d be all for it. Why should we have to pay them to not regulate us? The Federal (and to a lesser extent, state) government is a big, fat, bloated leach on American taxpayers. Liberals love it, and I say, let them fund it.

  7. usually government does not work even when they are working. we would be better off with half the government workers especially at the top.

  8. So the tone of this article is – government workers are lazy and get too many days off.

    What is a reasonable number of days off per year? 0? 10?

    • Bill
      It’s questionable to require people who work to financially support people who are taking their leisure.
      It smacks of involuntary servitude in violation of the 13 th and other things
      All income tax smacks of involuntary servitude

    • I don’t think it makes gov’t workers out to be lazy, rather the article points out that federal employees may work only between 80% – 90% of the 260 work days available with 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

  9. I always tell my kids, they’re not holidays, they are government days off.
    Most of us work or stay home w/ no pay.
    But our “servants” are paid for not working plus they keep adding more paid/ no work days (lucky us)

    • In this rare instance I partially agre with you. However the lack of accountability for the production or lack thereof by government employees is such an issue that the plethora of paid days off only adds to the perception of worthless government employees. My many friends who have worked in government all have stories and lament how it was so hard to get rid of the deadwood that made the many good workrs look bad. The answers to the problem are difficult to implement but must be done. Things like getting rid of tenure and perhaps setting rigid benchmarks need to happen now.
      So far as government vs private sector employment, it is simply a life choice. Some trade oportunity for security and some of us trade security for oportunity. Neither choice is wrong.

    • That is patently false. If you add up the time off, the health care plans and the retirement plans for the government employee, I don’t care whether it is local, state or federal, you will find the government worker is far better compensated than 95% of the private sector jobs.

  10. I assure you the municipality is even worse. They added June 19th last year at the cost of a couple million a year for taxpayers! You don’t need a college education just go to work for the government. You can make almost 99,000.00 a year just being a secretary and ALL those days off!


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