Linda Boyle: Doctors seek restitution from medical boards that maligned them during Covid pandemic



The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Educational Foundation (AAPS) has filed a lawsuit against the American Board of Internal Medicine, the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology, and the American Board of Family Medicine for injury incurred by physicians over their Covid-19 “censorship” campaigns.

The case was initially reviewed in 2023 by District Judge Jeffrey Brown of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas. Brown dismissed the lawsuit stating the AAPS “lacked standing to pursue the litigation.” His ruling also prevented AAPS from being able to file an amendment to the original lawsuit.

AAPS appealed to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals located in New Orleans. In a three-to one-decision, the appeals court ruled the lawsuit should be revived, thereby “reversing the U.S. district judge’s dismissal of the case.”  The Fifth Circuit Court went on to say, “Judge Brown wrongly barred AAPS from amending its complaint or bringing forward an updated version. He cited a local rule, but that rule undercuts federal judicial rules, according to the panel.”

The panel believed there was plausible alleged injury to early treatment doctors by threatening to take away or taking away their board certification for speaking out against Covid-19 jabs, using masks in the pandemic, lockdowns, or speaking out against Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases from 1984 to 2022, and chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden from 2021 to 2022.

Board certification is extremely important to a doctor and requires much more training to pass the board certification test. Board certification often garners higher salary in managed care facilities and it is also something patients look for to make sure their doctor has at least met some additional education in their particular area of expertise. 

So, what exactly did these board certifying organizations do? The American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology made statements in 2021 and 2022  recommending Covid-19 jabs for many. It further stated, “doctors who disseminated ‘misinformation and disinformation about COVID-19’ and abortion would be investigated.”

That is a threat the AAPS complaint stated that  “infringes on the constitutional rights of physicians.” 

The ruling was as follows: 

“AAPS sufficiently alleges injury-in-fact, traceability, and redressability for its First Amendment claims against the board defendants, meaning it has standing to pursue those claims,” U.S. Circuit Judge Kurt Engelhardt said, writing for the unanimous panel of judges.

Judge Brown wrongly barred AAPS from amending its complaint, or bringing forward an updated version, the appeals court said. He cited a local rule, but that rule undercuts federal judicial rules, according to the panel.

The Appeals Court also said AAPS’s claims should have been dismissed without prejudice, which would have enabled a fresh suit to be filed.

The case was remanded back to Judge Brown.  

Andrew Schlafly, general counsel of AAPS, stated the decision was a “landmark ruling that will be cited nationwide for decades to come.”  

No, the case is not yet won, but it is a step in the right direction. The ability to argue both sides of a scientific question has always been part of the art and science of medicine — or at least it was before Covid hit and the mass “misinformation” campaign was started against anyone who dared to disagree with the Covidian doctrine.   

These board certification organizations were operating outside their jurisdiction when threatening doctors who dared to have a different opinion. Those threats were an attack on the scientific method. 

The threats were real — and some of our doctors stood firm. Thank God for them.

Linda Boyle, RN, MSN, DM, was formerly the chief nurse for the 3rd Medical Group, JBER, and was the interim director of the Alaska VA. Most recently, she served as Director for Central Alabama VA Healthcare System. She is the director of the Alaska Covid Alliance.


  1. Now if only one of our two main presidential candidates didn’t have blood on their hands also and would have been willing to investigate and prosecute these murderers. But alas, the ignorant base of one party had to nominate another rino.🤦‍♂️

    • All medical websites reporting; covid causes brain damage, next time, get your shots people, that’s the conservative , intelligent option.

  2. Ah yes, COVID 19, mass delusion, gaslighting and voluntary insanity. Now we’re into the next phase of public sector gaslighting and insanity, DEI, and gender identity delusion. #whatcouldpossiblybenext #XXXY

    • There now is a massive opportunity for hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses and associated staffing to create actual “health” clinics that provide non political and professional health care for healing and preservation of life. The hospitals that are encumbered by indoctrinated administrators, doctors and staff will never be trusted or a viable workplace for medical professionals who have ethics.

      • Sadly, no. The reimbursement system is so ingrained and corrupt that fighting it on any large scale is futile. Maybe in a neighborhood clinic, cash, but immediately expect the bureaucracy to swoop in and overwhelm it.

    • People should have been prepared for this years before it happened. I was warning people of this over a decade before 2020. Its was so obvious what they were planning. It all started in Texas with the GARDASIL shots which killed many. Rick Perry had to bow out of the 2016 as a direct result of this. At the same time the medical industrial complex started really pushing “flu shots” that were “FREE”. It wasnt free. Of course the medical industrial complex and the politicians pushing all this have exempted themselves from being sued and held liable.

      • For those who don’t know what GARDASIL shots were it. It’s for a selected group of people that like to “Live it up” and have so-called fun….It’s not needed for the over-all-general public..

        • Considering that it’s one of the few medications that reduces risk for a type of cancer, its use is highly recommended for those in certain age groups, even if one chooses to not recall just what sort of fellow often perpetrates spread of human papillona virus.

  3. There must also be some accountability for boards who threatened physicians who utilized treatment with therapeutics. Board members must be removed as we can never trust them again.

  4. Thank you for the Updated insight on what is happening to those organization who wanted to shut down those who disagree with status quo, we who are in the trenches of health care can think out of the box. We are not sheep…..

  5. Don’t question your betters serfs. Let the Imperial government tell you what you are allowed to think.

    Fauci should be in Gitmo

      • Trump, if anything, was naive to the ways of D.C. as he actually trusted the information being fed to him and the people serving it up – Fauci and the COVID disinformation being part of that. When Trump was in office, the Wuhan virus was new to everyone BUT Fauci and his Gain of Function fatalists. Biden has been in government for over 50 years; Trump was in for 4. Who do you blame more? Biden was, and still is, part of the system that foisted it on society.

      • Gitmo is for war crimes against “the people” not the government, they’re supposed to merely represent the people……

      • Fauci “fast tracked” by Trump? What do you even mean by that? I recall him blabbing about AIDs being heterosexually transmitted and denying the homosexual / intravenous drug use connections. He’s probably responsible for more AIDs deaths than any Fillmore Street bath house. He’s been wrecking havoc on American health care since the 1980s.

    • Oh my heavens. MA, you’re a thinking adult, with actual lived experience, a college graduate and your studies emphasized statistical analysis, human pathophysiology as well as what used to be called bacteriology when you and I were college freshman. How can you sputter this claptrap? Are you attempting to throw the younger ones among us off the beaten path? For what reason? Make them think we’re not so smart so that we can trip them up when they start bragging? I think we’ll find that we’re all in this situation called the ‘human condition’ and we waste too much time and energy trying to throw those that really could be helpful to the cause ‘off the scent’ in the search for reliable, realistic answers to life’s toughest questions.

  6. “Some of our doctors stood firm. Thank God for them.” Is true and the lawsuits are a glint of sunlight that there may be a future for quality and economically accessible medical care sometime in the distant future. The fact that only “some” doctors stood firm and are not compromised by the Covidian Doctrine is extremely concerning. The vast majority of doctors are either incompetent, or worse, willing to kill and/or maim their patients for the financial remuneration awarded to them for distributing the experimental gene therapy products. It calls into question any medical advice and treatments they prescribe. What if one of our children or grandchildren need a blood transfusion? The toxins and genetically modified cells in blood supplies are now contaminated. There is no published foreseen outcome of the long term effects, other than the likelihood of high premature mortality rates, turbo cancers, cardio vascular disease and sterility in youth.

  7. The Trump Administration started this and the Biden Administration carried it on and forward. Both administrations made big money for their supporters and themselves. One has to look to the future and ask, what will be the next “bad game” to harm America and the world. China has never been held accountable in any way. This country and this state keeps an open arm to all countries wanting to do us harm. So, what presidential pick is really going to put America first?

    • Looking for solutions at the federal level is a waste of time. It is virtually insurmountable to turn our own state around, but that is slightly more achievable and imperative. Our own federal government outsourced the bio weapon research to weaponize the specific Corona virus used for “Covid-19” to China. We need to reserve our anger and energy towards the politicians and agencies in our own country who masterminded and funded this crime against humanity. For starters we need a governor who has the cajones to use his emergency authority, AG and all available resources to protect the citizens and their ability to work, free of literal suicidal mandates as the next manufactured crises arise. We live in a state, not a province of an all powerful federal and totalitarian government.

  8. Why has it taken four years to discover that COVID was more about social engineering than it ever was about health. Lock downs, masks, six foot distancing, closing certain businesses and not others…there was an agenda from day one.

    • Many of us were warning of this many years before it happened. This was never about a virus that was created in the 1960s. It was always about a banking collapse and wealth transfer. Those of us who saw this coming were prepared and have weathered this very well. I never wore a mask once. I never took tainted or laced tests (Thats what killed most). And I never took any death jabs. Ive never trusted medical people as my mother was a nurse and I saw first hand how they debilitated her, then blamed her for the disability they caused.
      I understood how bad these people are. They made us homeless in the 1980s and I learned from this. I also was prepared economically because I was fully aware of their plans many years in advance. It was SOOOOO easy to see coming and exactly what they were planning.
      Sadly the dumbed down American and world population fell for it….hook line and sinker. Over 75% of the population are so dumbed down they couldnt think critically and refused to do basic research. I dont feel sorry for those who refused to heed the warnings we were giving years in advance.

      • Look at the current “death stats” worldwide. Take note of the countries who were heavy users of mRNA jabs. Now compare those same stats to countries who weren’t heavy users of mRNA jabs (Africa for one).

        Then report back your findings, if you “follow the science” here, it’s quite interesting, to say the least.

        • Mr Blair. You look at the current death rate of those unvaccinated to vaccinated first in the USA, then any other country, and tell us the facts. Not your opinion. You may be surprised when you use more that one science-based, peer-reviewed report of actual and verifiable research. Please cite your reference.

        • The only reason why Africa didn’t get most of it, They had Ivermectin in their $5.00 emergency medical packs for Malaria, cholera, typhoid, cholera, and meningitis. Which we were told it was illegal to have/use.

  9. I pray that they win their cases. These doctors who went against the narrative helped an innumerable amount of people across the world with their advice and guidance and I, for one, am very thankful for them. They were working in good faith upholding their oaths no matter what the evil was trying to throw at them.

  10. I’d also like to sign onto a class action suit against pharmacist who choose to NOT fill the prescription my doctor prescribed.
    They way over stepped boundaries. Cost lives.
    But then there’s the fact that you will probably get a judge that will claim the case without merit.

    • It looks like a duck, walks like a duck, …. . Statements without research are empty boasts? Pharmacists study medicine, disease and treatments. They are experts on the drugs that enter the human body. Designing a diagnostic test that can identify those at risk of contracting virus with human immune status among other factors would be more helpful than insisting something that has been shown in the results of randomized controlled trials to be of no more use than a placebo is why there is a FDA — so bogus snake oil salespeople don’t victimize those without a pharmaceutical education.

      • Sorry Mrs. N those who study medicine, diseases and treatments are called DOCTORS! Pharmacists used to be called “chemists” because they made medications (some still do at a compounding pharmacy). Pharmacist are health care professionals, who dispense medication, alert physicians on interactions and advise patient on side effects etc. A pharmacist can NOT dispense medication without a prescription from a physician and should not deny any patient their medication duly ordered by a their doctor, solely because they don’t agree with the treatment.

  11. By March of 2020 I done enough quick research on my own to know that all I needed to survive the dreaded Kung Flu, was to have my vitamin D levels up, and A1-C down.

    I proved it by never getting taken off my feet even though I caught all the strains of the much dreaded Bat Virus.

    Fraud Fauci continued to bleat that we MUST get the Clot Shot, wear face diapers, and social distance.
    Even though many of us knew at the time that Fauci was totally full of sh*T, and entire world now knows it too, Trump gave both Fauci and Brix Presidential Commendations on his last full day in office.
    The entire D.C. establishment, yes even including Trump, are all liars and frauds and do NOT have our best interests in mind, but only the ever increasing accumulation and consolidation of power over our every thought, word, and deeds.

  12. I maintain that the Covid jabs were the largest government sanctioned drug trial in the history of man kind.
    Before all of you believers get up in arms (and we know who you are…) please consider this. The average new vaccine development takes about 10 years, usually based on a method that has proven successful (weak or dead virus/bacterium), requires many trials and meeting government benchmarks.
    Here we were faced with a brand new never been seen in nature or anywhere mutated virus and within less than 1 year we have supposedly an effective and safe vaccine available? Not only that, but it is based on a method of manipulated RNA, which has never been used in a large scale application before and low and behold, we have enough doses available to cover the majority of people……Really?

    Then the aggressive mandates of take it “or else”, the active suppression of critics and those who offered other solutions, the NIH’s/CDC’s contradictory guidance, topped of by the immunity guarantee to the manufacturers…..all indicators in my opinion of things not all being as they should be to garner the public’s trust.

    So in my opinion all these lawsuits are overdue and I hope they shine a light on the overreaching of many of these boards and governmental institutions, as well as more insight into the research, production and deployment of the Covid “vaccine”.


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