Liberal poll shows Walker in trouble in three-way


The Lottsfeldt Strategies leaked a poll in recent days that shows Gov. Bill Walker has a high hill to climb with the Alaska voter.

In a contest between Walker, Republican John Binkley, and Democrat Mark Begich, only 10 percent of participants were strongly in favor of Walker, while 19 percent said they strongly favored Binkley (who is not a declared candidate), and 16 percent were strongly for Begich, (also undeclared).

Patinkin is a survey firm out of Portland that provides research mainly for liberal organizations. Jim Lottsfeldt, the principal of Lottsfeldt Strategies, would be the type of client that Patinkin would accept. PRS also did work to create the Permanent Fund automatic voter registration messaging that helped convince voters to pass the ballot measure in 2016.

The company also checked the pulse of the Republican side of the ballot to see who is gaining traction. Under that question, Binkley still does well, according to the data that has been released, while Mike Dunleavy and Scott Hawkins follow at a distance, and Charlie Huggins and Mike Chenault are in the back of the pack.


Here’s what the governor’s race breakdown looks like in the Patinkin Poll:

Among a wider sample of Republican candidates, Binkley still had the advantage as of mid-December, keeping in mind that Dunleavy had not re-entered the race and so the results are likely skewed:

The Patinkin poll was leaked two weeks ago, but why it was leaked is a mystery. It’s possible that Lottsfeldt is working with his usual client Mark Begich to test the waters. But Begich often uses Harstad Strategies out of Colorado for his polling. It’s equally possible that Lottsfeldt is trying to talk Begich into running by leaking the poll and seeing what kind of support gets generated.

It’s a political year, so anything is possible, and things are often not what they seem.



  1. Walker has no chance at re-election, because everyone will remember two things: #1, he took half their PFD, and made it worse by not even using it to pay down debt, but just….kept it.
    And #2, he desperately wants an income tax.

    I was surprised that Dunleavy polled so low. It might be because he had to temporarily suspend his campaign for medical reasons. I’ll be interested in seeing if he gains ground now that he’s back in, and will be campaigning.

  2. Walker presides over a state with the highest unemployment rate, the highest crime rate and who goes against market experts on a Gas Line that will never profit Alaskans in short and long term studies.
    Mike Dunleavy realizes what is required to bring Alaska out of a record 3 plus years of recession.

  3. Hmm Took the dividend, Gave us SB91 because he needed to justify taking more money. No, No and No Walker. Begich just more of the same. Dunleavey has my hopes so far. 58 years in Alaska and I never thought our government would someday be this corrupt and uncaring what we the people want or care about!

  4. Just make sure you do your homework before voting. Nothing worse than a bunch of sheep voting in the wrong person again….
    And yes, there are people that vote for someone just because they were told to. Please do NOT be a sheep!

  5. Michael Sheldon has a lot of support from real Alaskans and he will be very effective. Stay tuned as we build up momentum.. He is currently the only one showing up on the Division of Elections and has a real plan to pay back and protect your PFD under the 50-50 plan. Great guy very well spoken and a non political guy with real solutions. SheldonforAlaska.Com

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