Liberal-in-waiting Bill Popp endorses LaFrance


As expected, former liberal candidate for mayor Bill Popp has endorsed Suzanne LaFrance for mayor.

Lining up with the radical Assembly, Popp chose one-party rule as his roadmap for Anchorage, instead of the incumbent Mayor Dave Bronson, who is tied with LaFrance as the two head into a runoff election for May 14. Neither achieved 45% in the March-April election.

The election that ended April 2 won’t be certified until April 23. Popp came in a distant third place. It is expected that if LaFrance wins, he will return to his city job. He left his job as CEO of the taxpayer-funded Anchorage Economic Development Corporation last summer to run for mayor, but in endorsements such as this, a quid-pro-quo promise is almost certainly in the works for Popp to return to another high-level, taxpayer-funded job at City Hall. When Popp left AEDC, the board of directors appointed  Jenna Wright to be CEO.

“I believe Suzanne shares my perspectives on solutions to the key issues facing our city and as Mayor I believe she will assure our government will effectively address the issues our city faces today while setting in motion long-term strategies to revitalize Anchorage and set our city back on a path to success and vitality,” Popp said. He held his press conference in front of City Hall at 1 p.m. Wednesday.


    • Wow, what a mature and erudite comment based on a factual rebuttal (sarcasm).
      I truly hope that in reality you have nothing to do with “the law”.

    • Was today a school holiday? I would think you have some homework to do? Oh wait, homework might exemplify ‘whiteness’ and can’t have that. Oppressive, colonial. Hence you have time to stalk webpages and fact based authors that cause you to heave. Reality and truth are just so hard to stomach.

    • Scott Adams, Dec 23, 2023:

      Dear Democrats,

      I’m sorry your media has done this to you. I realize you have no mechanism for knowing how brainwashed you are, and as a trained hypnotist, I am genuinely empathetic about it.

      I mean no disrespect, because brainwashing is more powerful than brains. That’s why it works.

      One way out of your mental prison is to ask yourself which countries are okay with changing the basic nature of their societies via unchecked immigration.

      If such countries exist, and unchecked immigration is working out great for them, you might be right that the Right Wingers and Trump are like Hitler.

      If no such country exists, consider that you have been the victim of brainwashing — the real kind — and that this type of manipulation is the basic nature of American society, and has been for decades.

      Next, ask yourself if anyone has ever used a complex model to predict anything about the future — climate or otherwise. You will learn it isn’t a thing, and never has been. Models do not predict the future. Nothing else does either.

      Your real enemies are the brainwashers in charge, not the so-called Right Wing. There is a common enemy.

      The political right can be deluded and wrong too, but it never looks like the result of organized brainwashing, just an attraction to conspiracy theories, too many of which have proven true.
      4:44 AM · Dec 17, 2023


  1. That Ultra Liberal Cabal named the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce endorsed Bill Popp, what is this world coming to?

  2. Damn, say it isn’t so. I just about fell out of my chair with this surprising news about Poop. He had me fuled.

  3. Well, that’s a shame. I didn’t realize Popp was “that” far to the left. Looks like Bronson won’t get many of his supporters’ votes and certainly not many of Tuck’s – if any at all. Count on more money pissed away on homeless services and fewer resources going to the taxpayers who fund it. My sixth grade teacher said something that I’ve never forgotten, and that was a lonnnng time ago: “Poor officials are elected by people who don’t vote.” Anchorage is becoming a serial offender.

    • That’s how we were stuck with Bronson and things are finally looking up with getting him the out. Incompetence has a price and he’s run a hell of a tab.

      • Incompetence does have a price.
        Tell me, are you applying the same standards to the leftists on the Assembly?
        The ones that wanted to spend “temporary COVID funding” to purchase buildings?
        The ones that pushed through some stupid masking ordinance solely to draw a veto from the Mayor?
        The ones who allow leftists to disrupt Assembly meetings, but tell a conservative they are being dilatory?
        Do you condemn the Assembly for wasting the public’s time passing a resolution calling for a cease fire in the mid-East, while ignoring issues in the City?
        The only reason why calling Bronson incompetent carries any weight whatsoever is because the Assembly has fought him tooth and nail on every front, setting him up for complete failure.
        And, because you are apparently gullible enough to believe the advertising against Bronson, I will give you a tidbit of education that you so desperately need.
        Bronson is not King of Anchorage. He is not a dictator. He does not have absolute authority do to whatever he wants.
        He can only take action on what the Assembly allows. Contracts? Have to go through the assembly. Budget changes? Assembly approves. If snow removal was a disaster this winter, it was because the Assembly wanted it to be a disaster. If Bronson is stuck in crisis mode on homelessness, it is because the Assembly wants him there.

        • Bravo. I tell people this all the time: Bronson was stonewalled by the psychos on the assembly on purpose to make him look bad.

  4. “I believe Suzanne shares my perspectives on solutions to the key issues facing our city…..”
    Me too, Mr. Popp, and that is exactly why I did not vote for either of you.

  5. what a jerk ran as spoiler and shows colors. Bugger off an please move to Seattle. People please wake up this Great State is being being taken over by liberals. I won’t even talk about the assembly jerks. Also quit spending all our tax payer funds on the homeless. Our streets stink. Tired of Mayor being blamed for everything, It’s the commie assembly. Constant, take a Midol. Also glad porta potties shot down but idiots still voted on other bonds. Tell me about your tax bill next year. Don’t even start with school board.

  6. Californicated Birds of a feather…….

    I hope and pray those fooled by popcorn vote for Bronson.

  7. The first item on Mayor LaFrance’s agenda will be to do away with the cap on property taxes. The left really hates not being able to tax and spend at will. A city wide sales tax will closely follow. If she can accomplish these two items, look for a city income tax to be enacted. Remember: you get the government that you deserve.

  8. Anchorage will get what they voted for, nothing new, same old. They are a lot like the fool who tries meth the first time. It will be different for them, they won’t get hooked. Yea, right.

  9. All that I can say is that everyone that loves our American People and this land need to get involved with Cause of America to learn the laws, the processes, and what it takes to do ballot hand counting and get training on it! WE are going to take back our nation from the evil hell or high water. Website:

  10. We can and do complain about Juneau (I certainly do) but a case can be made that Anchorage is farther left than is Juneau in its politics!

  11. There is a reason why paying attention to local politics is so much more important than who sits in the White House.
    Too bad the average voters is too busy being distracted by BS to understand that.

  12. As head of the Anchorage Economic development, Popp didn’t develop anything. But since he is supporting La France, she will appoint him to something that makes good money and has no results. Perfect for him.

  13. Corn Popp backs LaFrance because he too is like chicken little.

    Little do they know, everything bad they see is only a reflection of their own views.

    Worry not, the sky is not falling. But we do have to safeguard Anchorage from cucks like them.

  14. Chechako
    Why would anyone vote for a candidate whose party brought us 20% higher priced groceries and $4.90 per gallon gasoline???

  15. LeFrance, the assembly member whose $500,000 toilet idea went down in flames somehow got over half the Anchorage vote!! People, you cannot fix stupid! If you want even more stupid expensive ideas like that, vote LeFrance. The Committee to end homelessness does nothing but come up with ideas to enable more homelessness! Again you cannot fix stupid. This is Anchorage…and exactly why I’m leaving it. Otherwise I am the stupid one for staying. I suspect a lot of other folks are reaching the same conclusion.

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