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LGBTQ special protections sought in HB 99

A House bill that adds lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual and queer (LGBTQ+) people as a protected class in Alaska was the subject of public comment hearing on Monday, during the bill’s review in the Alaska House Labor and Commerce Committee.

In a change from prior years that has been unrecognized by left-run media, the House is giving a respectful ear to bills offered by minority caucus Democrats.

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The bill was offered by Rep. Jennie Armstrong, who ran for office as a pansexual, (a person who is variously sexually attracted to any manner of gender identities.) It’s a vague virtue-signaling term that allows people to be gay or not gay, depending on the day or time, or depending on the audience.

For over 90 minutes, people from Alaska and beyond called in to testify in favor of House Bill 99, which has the support of leftist groups such as Planned Parenthood. Only two people called in to oppose the bill.

In addition to sponsor Armstrong, Reps. Andrew Gray, Ashley Carrick, Rebecca Himschoot, Genevieve Mina, Andi Story, Cliff Groh, Andy Josephson, Alyse Galvin, Zack Fields, Donna Mears, Neal Foster, C.J. McCormick, Sara Hannan, Bryce Edgmon, and Calvin Schrage have cosponsored the bill.

Committee Chair Mat-Su Rep. Jesse Sumner has received over 900 letters supporting the bill — all of them contained the exact same wording, also urging members to oppose the governor’s parental rights bill, which would prohibit schools from being able to rename students or re-gender students without their parents’ knowledge.

HB 99 says that it would be unlawful for a real estate broker or sales person or any other entity to say in any way that a person who is LGBTQ would be an undesirable person in a neighborhood, and would lower the surrounding property values or create a decline in the quality of nearby schools. That protection as a special class would be extended to “gender identity or expression,” “sexual orientation,” or gender preference in sexual relationships, among other things.

According to a report submitted to the committee, a 2012 Gallup poll show that 3.4% of people in Alaska identify as LGBT. 

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. All anti-discrimination laws directed at the private sector, are wrong in my view, because they take away some fundamental human freedoms (the freedom to choose what we want). Adding yet another “protected” category to a long list, just provides more meat for predatory, shark-like lawyers to sink their teeth into. Business owners have enough to worry about just staying afloat, without having to contend with shakedowns, “settlements”, and other forms of intimidation and robbery.

  2. A protected class means the state has a compelling interest to protect LGBTQ by strict scrutiny of any actual or perceived acts of discrimination. This standard is used to protect other classes of individuals by race, origin, ethnicity, etc., AND gender, meaning female or male. Here, the modification of the protected class under gender is to subdivide into classifications that fall outside of the scope of established science (BIOLOGY), meaning:
    men who pretend to be women, women who pretend to be men, men who pretend to have children with other men, women who pretend to have children with other women, homosexuals who pretend to be heterosexual when desired, heterosexuals who pretend to be homosexuals when desired, and transexuals who pretend to be non-transexuals when desired.
    Literally, anyone could fall into this proposed category of protected class depending on how they decide to sexually portray and orient themselves at any given point of time. This would establish complete chaos for the state. Anyone could sue for any reason depending on how they want to consider themselves sexually at any given moment in time, for any reason, to initiate a discriminatory action.
    A complete breakdown of the legal system would result from this kind of abuse. This proposed bill is an invitation to insanity.

    • Wonder which LGBTQ law firm wrote HB99?
      Wonder which LGBTQ law school graduates these twisted human beings?

    • ChrissyB, everyone who is a co-sponsor of this piece of trash house bill is already insane. We are unwittingly electing people to the legislature who need deep psychiatric care. They are attempting to bring us all down with their mental illnesses.

    • Excellent analysis and comment. The worst part of legislation like this is the way that it weaponizes the legal/administrative system to prey upon honorable members of society based on a subjective feeling of a complainant. Guilt is PRESUMED. Just say no, with extreme prejudice.

  3. Time to buy a pair of rainbow colored socks and tie-dye shirt if you want to cash in on this. Did the Rainbow People sell out?

  4. We want a bill protecting non alphabet people. We don’t want to be discriminated against. So it makes sense that we have a bill also.

      • So how about a link to the social media cesspool that you and the rest of the 900+ disturbed goofs used to copy and paste your butt-hurt spam from, Maureen?

        • Not on any social media, nor their cesspools AS. Apparently you are as you brought up social media cesspools in the first place.

      • Really?
        Have you actually spent any time out there on social media? Plenty of discrimination against straight men and women.

      • Your not being discriminated againt any more than enyone elce either Maureen. Life is not always fair. Do you think it was fair what happened to the Jewish people? They were and still are discriminated against. How about the Native American people? They were and still are discriminated against, how about poor people? Disabled people, brown people. Autistic people, elderly people White people, ugly people, men, women, fat people, skinny people, gay people, straight people, pretty people, mentally ill people, Short people tall people, smart people and not so smart people. People of all different faiths and flavors were and still are discriminated against. We all have been looked down on by others. At some point we hopefully grow up and accept the fact that life is not always easy for any of us. Life most certainly is not fair. None of us are immune to poor treatment by another human being. Nothings changed. Go to Afghanistan and live as a woman who wants to simply uncover her face or read a book or speak and then you can cry discrimination. Until then, ya’ll quit your crying and put your big girl and big boy panties on and be greatful for the progress that has been made. None of us need look far to realize that we have alot to be thankful for. We have a law on the Glenn hwy at this very moment that says 65mph that does not mean people abide by it. We don’t give a rats about who you choose to sleep with anymore than you give a rats who I’m sleeping with. I also don’t care where you live or work as long as you do your job, are a decent person and keep your sexual prefrences to yourself. Its none of my business. A new law is not going to insure that I accept you anymore than you accept me. That comes with time and trust built over time based on your behavior. Does the lgbtq community realy think that we need to educate grade school age children on the lgtbq lifestyle or even the heterosexual lifestyle in the hopes they will grow up a more tolerant adult when our children are failing basic reading writing and arithmetic? This is where you are going to get the push back.

      • That is a very interesting statement from you Maureen, since there are numerous posts that you have written right here on MRAK that discriminate against straight men. Especially when it involves abortion. You are discriminating based on sex on one hand, but claiming there is no discrimination based on sex on the other hand.
        Not surprising really. You are a leftist, which means you have the reasoning skills of a toddler.

        • “You are a leftist, which means you have the reasoning skills of a toddler”.
          And, I would add, the emotional maturity of one as well. And yet this person is in the business of professionally counseling others. It’s no wonder we live in such a messed-up world.
          (PS: My own personal experiences with counselors over the years were consistently negative, demeaning and manifestly unhelpful. I strongly suspect I would have had the same sort of experience with Maureen.)

  5. The governor’s parental rights bill is the first step to ensuring that America survives these lunatic “woke” actions. I grew up and never had issues with Gays or Lesbians because they chose to do whatever it is they do. However, now that we have persons identifying as trans, fish, butterflies Etc… and you are forcing the rest of us to bow to your desires has gone too far.
    You are already protected as a human and have the same treatment I do, no special case for you.
    Go be whatever you want to be but don’t ever expect humanity to address you for what you think you are. If that’s the case, then I identify as being correct and you all are wrong. Accept it!

      • Maureen- I understand that you may not know the definition of a protected class. So here is another way of looking at it. Pedophiles, rapist, murderers, etc are all considered a class. When will they get their own HB? How about those that want religion and bibles back in schools, will that start happening again too? The squeaky wheel makes a lot of noise but all it means is that its wearing out and should be replaced. Just like this ridiculous idea. America and the world have more important issues to worry about than ignorant ideologies. I am happy to be considered willfully blind if we can agree on the facts. These are choices made by persons on their lifestyles. It does not mean that I have to agree with who/what they are or follow their delusions.

          • You are correct…they are just a class like the others.
            You must realize that civil rights protect all of us and not just a special class.
            Even those that disagree with this idiotic venture and don’t have to follow their practices or beliefs.
            It cuts both ways. Ironic, isn’t it?

            Liberal illogic!

          • They are NOT a persecuted class! If that’s the case then white men, black and brown persons, 1 armed Asians, women pretending to be women are a persecuted class. Christians, Muslims, kids with blonde hair are persecuted classes. It never ends!
            Everyone has equal rights and can refuse services to anyone.

      • Wrong again, Maureen.
        “Woke” (sic) = a radical leftist extremist and neo-marxist, neo-puritanical authoritarian with an inverted and perverted sense of morality, and with a permanent (and unjustified) victimhood mentality.

      • Woke = schoolyard bully writ large. Control freak that wants to bend the population to their view of the world. Power hungry individual who wants to be “in charge.” for a while because they are offended/outraged. Child.

  6. 3.4 % identify as alphabet people, yet they dominate the Anchorage Politburo
    and exert highly disproportionate influence over every aspect of Alaska life.

    And they want protection?

    Liberal “logic” At its best.

    • Imagine wanting legal protection when you don’t have it? Oh, the horror! In what way does this impact your life at all, except maybe exciting your righteous indignation?

      • Imagine wanting the right of free association, and wanting to not pander and bend over backward for a tiny and mentally ill minority of misfits.

      • It takes away from EVERY FEMALE in Alaska.
        3.4% of you DEMAND that 96.6% of we Alaskans protect you from discrimination….
        You are already protected as an American and Alaskan, now you want your sexual preferences protected. I do too, from YOU!!

      • They have it already. There are a myriad of laws aimed at preventing harassment and discrimination. All the way up to and including laws against assault, rape, and murder. Either you are trying to make this group a special class with more protections than the rest of us or you think that having even more laws is going to somehow protect someone.

          • If everyone is already a protected class then this bill is completely superfluous and thus unnecessarily unnecessary.

          • Maureen oh but they are getting more that everybody else. First in line for government jobs , schools, freebie handouts, no police presence, free to live on other people’s property well I could go on be you won’t understand.

          • Mark Vets are the first in line for all those government jobs, freebie handouts and such you listed.

          • Please tread lightly if you want to use vets as an example. We don’t get ‘freebies’. We paid dearly for the chance to go to the front of the line for some benefits.

      • Legal protection against… what exactly?
        Who is persecuting these people? Are there really enough people out there that are harassing LGBTQWERTYWHATEVER groups that a law protecting them is required?
        Oh, let me guess, you will cite the people who think drag shows in front of children is not OK, and that books with instructions and illustrations teaching pre-teens how to have anal sex means the LGBTQWERTY+-*/= crowd is somehow marginalized.
        Nope. Not buying it.
        Want to be transgender, go ahead. I do not care. Want to be gay, fine, not my place to tell you who you should be attracted to.
        But, simply being left alone is not enough for these activists. They must me elevated and placed at the top in order to… I do not really know… in order to reduce discrimination, or something.

        • They do it to make damn sure that you know if you mess with them, you will be charged with a hate crime and they will throw away the key. That’s it in a nutshell. Now if you’re not planning on messing with any of them, and simply look the other way or ignore them, I think ultimately that’s what they desire. They want to feel normal, be accepted. Same thing as a leper felt back in the day.

          • Feeling normal, and demanding laws that turn a simple altercation into a hate crime are not even close, like Mercury and Pluto apart.
            And, I disagree. Everything I have seen out of this movement, as well as the feminism, or black lives matter, or the marriage equality movement is not about feeling normal or accepted. It is about being in control. Being in charge. Having the opportunity to oppress those that they feel oppressed them.
            When you said “They do it to make damn sure that you know if you mess with them, you will be charged with a hate crime and they will throw away the key.” you confirmed that position. That is schoolyard bullying writ large and it uses the power of the State to do it.

          • Lepers had no choice in contracting leprosy, Greggy, whereas the sexual degenerates have chosen to be what they are. That’s it in a nutshell.

            Moreover, lepers were removed from society due to rational concerns over protecting the public from exposure to harm and not because they’d made appalling and unhealthy choices which they then expected others to accept as normal.

        • Quit trying to ban books in schools then. We already have laws covering what you say is not covered.

          • Not “books”, Maureen, PORNOGRAPHY.
            Even you are not so stupid as to not be able to distinguish the two. But not, apparently, not disingenuous enough to pretend otherwise.

          • We already have laws covering ponography to protect children J. Why even more.

            You ultra conservative folks sure do want bigger government.

          • OK, so if I were to include a copy or Letters to Penthouse, or a Nancy Friday book, or anything from Anais Nin in the school library, you would be OK with that? I doubt it. I am not because those books are not remotely appropriate for school age children.
            This is not about “banning books” it is about keeping the school library at an appropriate age for the children in the school.

          • Your logic is difficult to follow.

            – You are a lesbian yet you are lobbying in support of a book aimed at teaching young boys how to be homosexuals via pictures and accompanying narrative.

            – The gay community represents maybe 3% of the population tops yet you advocate pornographic and masturbatory books be provided in order to guide and groom the more easily influenced among us.

            – The other 97% of boys in the school would like to have an area in the library where literature from Maxim, Hustler, Playboy and others could be enjoyed along with a little privacy and a clean, ASD provided gym sock or two would be appreciated as well.

            For those @ 97% of students that do not exhibit aberrant tendencies would you also suggest that they be accommodated as well? Maybe a few privacy kiosks set up in the library stacks?

            …because that’s not what school’s for. You know that, right?

      • Look, cman, I shouldn’t have to explain it to you but homosexuals carry nasty diseases at far higher rates than normal people, they violate kids at far higher rates than normal people, they soil the healthy social order with their very presence from the moment they think it’s okay to step outside of their closets, they all too frequently demand special privileges from the rest of us, and they expect us to accept their willful mental illnesses as if there’s some equivalence between their crimes against nature and normal relationships.

        You’re out of line, Sonny. Go meet a nice girl and try to straighten out that wreck in your noggin.

    • The squeaky wheel has always gotten the grease. If they’re going to live in a neighborhood near me, and they follow all of the neighborhoods covenants, I don’t have a problem with them being around. They need to stay out of my bedroom though just like they prefer I stay out of theirs. People today need to learn to be more accepting at least out in public. You can be your own King inside your own castle. If you want some entertainment though you should come down to one of their parades. Talk about the freak show. It’s pretty entertaining. Some think that we’re all laughing with them, but in reality we’re laughing at them. Just be civil. That’s all anyone can expect.

        • Are you honestly saying there are people in these United States of America who do not have civil rights? We grant civil rights to illegal aliens who have absolutely no legal right to be in this country, and you think there are people in these United States of America who do not have civil rights…sheesh, some people.

          • When one can refuse someone for hire or housing while holding a public license to oversee either, because of who they love or how they orient when it has nothing to dowith the job duties or rental agreement, then yes-some need inclusion as a protected class.

            Both of these are legal presently.

          • It’s legal to not hire someone or provide them housing for ANY reason, or for no reason. It is currently ILLEGAL to not hire someone or provide them housing due to many reasons including their race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information.

          • Like I would like to be treated, or like I deserve to be treated?
            If I am polite, and protect the children, and not push my sexuality or ideas about sexuality on others, I expect to be treated the same way. On the other hand, if I do push my sexuality on children, I deserve to have my behavior…. corrected.

    • Yeah. Remember when you could tell a black person they weren’t allowed to sit at the front of a bus or in a restaurant? Those must have been the good old days for you, huh?

      • More irrational and illogical false equivalency from you, c(ommunist)man.
        As I said before, you radical leftist extremists do not have five functioning logic synapses between the lot of you.

      • Cman, there literally is no comparison to the mistreatment of black people due to their skin color, as they were created that way, and the protections requested by this bill which provides protections to those in society who work against nature. One is diversity in creation, the other is a choice made by a human to act in a certain way that opposes nature. Folks that scream for these issues, 3.4% should recognize that, as long as they kept to themselves, so did the silent majority 96.6%. The more you scream, the more of us are awakening to repel such efforts.

        • So at what age did you make the choice to be heterosexual? If you say you were born that way then your comment is, at best, hypocritical.

          • C(ommunist)man, if homosexuals are really just born that way, and being gay is just an accident of birth, then there is logically nothing for them to be “proud” about, every June or at any other time. Are you “proud” that you have whatever hair color or eye color you have?

      • No. I don’t remember those days. Know why? Because our country grew and changed. Now days I don’t give it another thought when I see someone with different color skin or dressed differently. Why should I treat someone differently because they demand it? If you are gay/lesbian and want me to respect you, don’t ask for special treatment. I’m more interested in whether they vote to maintain our borders, grow our economy, and have a strong military.

        • I like your start Paul.

          How about support of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all?

          • Hi Maureen. My basic point is that the country already has Constitutional and legal protection for all citizens. We do have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Also, each and every state/locality has laws against basic harassment, assault, and general discrimination. [For the newcomers to the Constitution, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness means you can’t be in fear for your life during daily living. You can’t be held against your will just because of who you are. And we all have the right to pursue that which makes our lives better.] Just remember that ‘pursuit of happiness’ just means you can pursue jobs, education, wealth, etc. It does NOT guarantee a positive outcome.
            Since we all have those Constitutional rights guaranteed to us from the highest source, what about the local laws?
            I know of no local entities that legally allow any person to be harassed in any way. If anyone here knows of a place, point it out to me. Its also illegal in all areas of the United States to assault, rape, or murder another person. Is there any argument so far?
            In light of these points, Maureen, wouldn’t it be more accurate to say there is not a law problem, but there may be enforcement problems? I will not argue that certain groups may not have equal enforcement protections. I.e., a gay man or lesbian woman may be legally protected in all areas of the U.S. but in some areas the local authorities do not enforce those laws equally. Can we agree to this point?
            My position is that since we in fact all have the same legal protections, in any cases of harassment, assault, murder, etc, the law is broken no matter who the victim is. There fore if justice is not pursued, then the legal authorities are at fault and THEY are breaking the law themselves.
            Example: If I was assaulted, the crime should not change whether I was gay or straight. The crime is still an assault. Now, if the cops/DA interviewed me and decided that they will not file charges because I was gay or straight, then THEY also become law breakers.
            Do you disagree with any of this, Maureen? Let me know.

          • That is rich coming from a radical leftists authoritarian extremist like you, Maureen.
            The very concept of liberty is anathema to you. You, and every other lockstep radical leftist extremist, repudiate liberty with every breath you take, and in every element of your dystopian, Orwellian political and social agenda.

          • Paul I hear you. Please understand-LGBTQ+ folks ARE in fear of their lives from real harrassment in their lives. Like the push to limit discussion in our schools about the naturally occuring irregularities across our greater population. Or messaging particular members of our Assembly members with violent death threats regarding their sexual orientation? When it’s untracable calls in the middle of the night and viciousness from annonymous social media accounts-even with the laws we have now it gets to one-the harassment, most of which is terrorism. Yeah we need additional light on this one.

            Yes we agree enforcement is a problem. A huge problem. So is holding a business license or a registered deed and denying hire or housing because of LGBTQ+ status. And making public ordinances and state laws that openly limiting LGBTQ+ presense in our libraries and schools because of religious beliefs, and not that anyone had been hurt. Can we agree on these pieces?

          • Maureen. Sounds like we agree on the enforcement point. But that still brings me back to your last reply. I agree that anyone in a PUBLIC position has very little room to deny services due to most factors. So if you are in (insert any group here) and you are looking for services from fed, state, or local government, legally you cannot be denied. But what about private business? We’ve never met, but I have red hair and a big moustache. If I only want to hire or rent to other Irishmen, who has the legal standing to tell me I can’t? Kinda like the Colorado baker. He chose not to do business with a gay couple and even referred them to another baker. He was a private business that made a choice about who he wanted as a customer. I don’t see a problem with his choice. I also don’t see a problem with the gay couple telling all their friends about his refusal. Then let the chips fall where they may. If he loses enough business he can shut down or change. If not, he stays in business and local gay people will go elsewhere for cakes. To me, that is the freedom of individual choice that each and all of us should be able to exercise.
            Let me ask you, and anyone else reading this thread: how would your opinion change if you removed LGBT from the discussion and subbed in something else. One example would be giving special licenses to Asians because they are said to be worse drivers than the rest of us. If that thought pisses you off why would the original story not piss you off?

          • Paul if you have a state or local business license I expect you to abide by state or local laws there in. Your view appears to be No One But Irish need apply. I can’t abide by that. The Colorado baker story was a misjudgement advanced through dark money religious right leaning politics behind the last three Supreme Court judges’ placement on the bench.

            If anyone suffers the harassment, discrimination, assault and murder LGBTQ+ folks do, why of course I would support inclusion within our non-discrimination laws.

          • But, Maureen, a privately owned business is run by a citizen. Public offices are run by public officials. I see that as a huge divide. Why would any individual be required to hire according to any entity other than themselves. I have sole responsibility to hire my employees at my business. I should have the ability to hire anyone that I see fit.
            You once told me that you sought out all female medical teams. I applaud you for that. There is nothing that exemplifies individual freedom more than the ability to seek out services that work best for you. And only YOU can make that decision. Laws like that described in this article will lead to some government entity coming to my shop and checking to see that I have hired the correct percentage of gay/straight/male/female/Christian/Muslim/white/black/asian/hispanic/etc. How would you feel if someone told you that you had to have some mixture of culturally appropriate persons on your medical team? I would stand with you against that action until my dying breath!

        • I am old enough to remember segregation. Which is why I recognize the absolute stupidity of trying to conflate alphabet people with racial discrimination.

          Not only is it intellectually vapid, it’s insulting to the people who had to endure it.

          Especially when one considers the civil rights movement was to be treated the same as everyone else, not special treatment. Sadly that’s what it became, which is another reason to avoid the same mistakes.

          The people who attempt such linkage elevate stupidity to levels no one should attempt to achieve.
          It speaks to lack of understanding of history, basic civics, and an overall low intellect. Hysterical rants in place of an argument.

          In this case, drama queens if you prefer.

          • What makes you believe the LGBTQ+ community is asking for more than everyone else regarding civil rights?

          • Maureen, possibly the fact that they are asking for more in regards to (supposed) civil rights than anyone else?
            Freedom, including the right to freedom of association, demands that every person be able to interact, or not, with others however or whenever they wish. Anything less is tyranny.

      • I remember when black kids used to beat the hell out of me in school and the teacher was afraid of getting their tires slashed and look the other way. I remember getting chased home by a mob of black kids once. There were so many outside you couldn’t see the green on the grass. I remember my mom having a butcher knife in her hand peering through the living room curtains at them. I remember the squad car is sliding in to a stop and someone jumping up on the hood of one of them and say they can’t take us all in. Yeah I remember the good old days.

      • Cman you’re just not happy so go to a safe place. Your logic is so out of date it is hilarious. Do you remember the Vikings? Do you remember the civil war? Things have changed.

  7. Why does anyone need “special” treatment, the Bill of Rights ensures equal protection under the law. I agree with the Avenger, 3% of the population are not going to dictate the rules to the other 97%. There is plenty more to say on this woke psychodrama but I’d rather not be banned from the comments.

    • Only two of us got through…. Gee i wonder, was someone asleep at the controls and let ANY OF US speak?

      • And, that is where I have significant problems with these types of laws. Here is an example, using black/white.
        If two white guys get into a bar fight because one was bothering the other’s girlfriend, not a hate crime.
        If two black guys get into a bar fight for the exact same reason, not a hate crime.
        If a white guy and a black guy get into a bar fight for EXACTLY the same reason, suddenly this is a hate crime. Or can be charged as one even though there was no racial bias demonstrated in any way.
        And, there is a very large incentive on the part of the “protected” party to claim the fight happened because of their protected status, not because of a disagreement over an insignificant matter.

        • Treat everybody the way you would like to be treated. Didn’t your mama teach you the Golden rule? If you’re a butthole, do you deserve to be treated well? I think not.

          • Kinda what we’re getting at here. If I assault a gay guy, I should be charged with assault the same as if he was straight.

  8. 3.4% ARE NOT A MAJORITY!!! These people do not need anymore anything protecting “their” rights. Tell them to pound sand and leave if they don’t like how they are treated. I’m tired of these trolls pushing their mental illness on the rest of normal society. These are the ones responsible for drag shows in parks and our beloved state fair.
    The. LGBTQ. They do ruin neighborhoods. They ruin everything they touch. Prove me wrong!

      • You’re observing nature at work.

        In years past homosexuality had a greater following. Rome, Greece, the entire brothel area surrounding Vesuvius, etc. During that time and place queer behavior was rampant.

        Then came religion and stories of Jesus, meek and mild. Religious leaders swayed public opinion and homosexuality fell from public view and practice.

        Turn the clock forward a couple thousand years and science has largely replaced religious philosophy, particularly where our understanding of the natural world is concerned. In the last 50 years women in particular have come out from under the thumb of judeo-christian oppressors and along w/ that has come a more open acceptance of natural sexual tendencies along with a concomitant ebb in homosexual tendency.

        You are not celebrating a new and open freedom, you’re more accurately trying to keep sodomy and sapphoistic behavior from dying away completely. If that hadn’t occurred to you know that it’s occurred to the rest of us. Enjoy the clam if you like but don’t attempt to groom the children you can’t have by attempting to sell a poison narrative that everyone but you sees through.

      • Maureen it is obvious you’re out of your league. Please consider moving to a country that has what you’re looking for. Everybody posting here sees your closet viewpoint and how bent it is.

        • My closet viewpoint and how bent it is? Is that some sort of code?

          THIS country compels me to speak up as I am. Remember when you suggested I move to Cuba?-FREEDOM Mark.

  9. How long until “minor attracted people” are added into the lgbtq+ acronym and given the same protected treatment?

    I understand gay/lesbian. The rest is rubbish.

      • Not according to a lot of people on social media, in the news, and even in some universities. Apparently, there is nothing wrong with being sexually attracted to minors. It is only a crime when the pedophile acts on that sexual attraction.
        Which, curiously, there some 14 states where sodomy is in fact a crime. So, being gay is not a crime, but acting on that sexual attraction to the same sex is.

        • Jeff,
          Bill has been clear, he’s in favor of child molestation but anti-pedophile. He has studied the difference and will gleefully let you know the difference. While the general public understanding of a pedophile is someone who sexually preys upon children, Bill draws the distinction between pubescent and prepubescent children. A prepubescent child is a no go for Bill, but a pubescent child is sexual fair game for Bill. That’s how he explained it anyways, feel free to correct me if I misunderstood you Bill.

          • Another forked tongue speaker here Steve-O.
            I really have no idea how you could have come to your conclusions as I’ve never said anything like that. All I did was point out to you the difference between these two child abuser types. You and most of the folks on here didn’t have a clue about the difference and now you insist on misrepresenting my position.
            You’ll have to point out where I’ve said I’m in favor of child molestation. Go ahead and try that and get back to me. Try to point out where I explained pubescent children are fair game. You can’t, of course, so just admit you are full of shit.

        • That’s because “what’s in it for me” didn’t work out like he planned. Now he’s stuck with knowledge about people who raped kids, and got away with it. It’s not who you know, it’s what you know. Right cman?

    • I think they are already pushing that narrative.
      MAPs are getting some press lately. Something about “there is nothing wrong with sexual attraction to a minor, as long as you do not do anything illegal.” Next step is going to be redefining what constitutes the age of consent.

      • Bill got kicked off a jury for that, you can read his idea of the age of consent in the comments here ‘’ his limit is a teenager…13.

        • I was not kicked of a jury and my thoughts on the “age of consent” are that it’s great at keeping many folks, interested in younger kids, away from those under that “age of consent.” There are some issues with it-namely if the child misrepresents his/her age then there is no crime. Also there is no crime if the older party is within (I believe) three years of the child. And the “age of consent” is a couple years older if the older party is in some sort of authority over the child (teacher, coach, etc.).
          In other words it is not just one line in the sand.

          • Bill,
            If you forgot what you wrote you can follow the address I provided to remind you, it’s saved on the tubes for ever.

          • Steve-O, we both know that I didn’t write anything about my favoring child molestation and if you think I did then produce it or shut up.
            For some reason you’ve determined to attack the messenger when you were shown to have no clue as to what a “pedo” was and insisted that our schools were full of pedos to boot. You are one sicko IMO.

          • OK Bill, I’ll play your game.

            Bill Yankee said “not all sex offenders are pedophiles”
            Bill Yankee said “nobody said a thing about one being “bad” just that they are different”
            Bill Yankee said “plenty of folks get convicted of having sexual relations with those under 16 but most of those are not considered pedophiles, just sexual offenders (big difference).”
            Bill Yankee said “Frankly, sexually exploiting minors could include those over 16 as they are surely minors-are you starting to get my drift”
            Bill Yankee said “These crimes were mostly against prepubescent alter boys and differ much from the child sex crimes committed by adults against teens earlier than 16 years old”
            Bill Yankee said “When teachers are involved that age of consent goes beyond 16 but that is really just semantics”
            Bill Yankee said “I was a potential juror in jury selection for the trial of an adult who was accused of having sex with a 14 year old and the sticking point was whether/not I had a problem with Alaska’s age of consent”
            Bill Yankee said “I thought a specific age for all teens was absurd”
            Bill Yankee said “Prosecutor bounced me”
            Bill Yankee said “pedophiles differ immensely from these other child sex offenders”
            Bill Yankee said “Nothing disturbing about my views that not all 15 year olds are cut from the same cloth and that many other states even use 14 years as this age of consent”
            Bill Yankee said “the issues with nearly all of the Catholic Priests involving children were pedophiles and not merely sexual abuse of children”
            Bill Yankee said “sexual abuse in schools is rarely pedophilia”
            Bill Yankee said “There is rarely pedophilia in schools but lots of sexual abuse”
            Bill Yankee said “The options for teachers, especially high school teachers, are many and some just can’t turn it down-that, by the way, is sexual abuse and because teachers are involved the age of consent (16) doesn’t work. What that says is that the act wouldn’t be a crime if the perp wasn’t a teacher yet becomes one due to that one fact.”

            Your comments speak to a disturbing world view. I don’t blame you for trying to walk back what you’ve said, the problem you are having is that you wrote them and you did so under your name on a public forum. I stand behind what I write on public forums, but I’m not so foolish as to use my name while writing the twisted stuff you’ve written here.

          • Paul, they may well be but all taken out of context for sure. If you want to see them in context then read the post but you participated in that original post so why the interest now?
            I stand by my comments, by the way, and as you know they were primarily made in reference to clarifying the difference between pedophiles and other child sexual crimes.
            That said, if there is a comment you object to then let me know. Steve-O is still trying to recover from his ignorance in knowing what a “pedo” is.

          • “Just more gibberish Steve-O”
            Billy boy, I am glad that you are willing to admit that your self-damning and conflicted comments supporting pedophilia constitute “gibberish”. (They actually constitute a whole lot more than mere gibberish, as well.)

  10. I don’t care how you are in your private life but don’t come into my neighborhood and think that I will bend over backwards for you. Keep your sh t private and all will be good.

  11. Why should a sexual perversion, which is done by choice, give anyone special rights or protections? We all have inalienable rights. No need for extras. Here’s a tip: Your mom thinks you are special, in in that case she is right, but the rest of us are also special to our moms, but not so much to anyone else.

    • I’m sorry that no one outside your mom thinks you are special.

      Lgbtq+ just want the same rights.

      • Have you ever considered the likelihood that people just don’t want to be anywhere near you for a number of reasons quite apart from your grating insistence that healthy society needs to put up with flagrant degeneracy, Maureen?

      • Maureen, I demand the inherent human right to discriminate openly against the willfully mentally deranged, the perverted and the evil among us. But you have thrown in your lot with them, and admire them, and celebrate them, and honor them. That is one of the fundamental differences between you and me: you elevate evil, rather than the good.

      • They are not acting like they want the same rights.
        They are acting like they want to dominate for a bit in order to overcome the bias they have suffered in the past. As if wronging someone today will erase a wrong committed in the past.
        Who else thinks like that… Oh, I know, toddlers.

  12. It is not enough to accept it.
    One MUST celebrate it. Loudly, energetically, and for an extended period of time.
    Anything less means you are a bigot.

    • Happy wedding anniversary CBMTTek. Happy baby shower. Happy baptism, confirmation, first communion, etc.

      Yeah, that loud energetic extended celebrating really gets one.

      • Y’know, Maureen, if you’d just done your hair like you cared, watched your weight, took care of your teeth, maybe even applied a little makeup, and comported yourself like a decent woman instead of a sorely disgruntled and bitter eyesore prone to seething and railing in support of crimes against nature, decent men might have shown a little interest in you back when it mattered and we wouldn’t be seeing you act out like this now.

        • Those aren’t decent woman characteristics. Theyare kept woman characteristics.

          Right now my teeth are literally falling out from dry mouth from 6 years of chemo, I’m down concerningly in weight because it is hard to eat with the meds. Luckily I have hair, having lost it twice to treatment. I keep it under a hat as it all leaves me chilly and in need of extra layers. I’m gonna die next year. Maybe think what you are spewing Aunt Sally.

          I’m dying and using my last energies to right against the religious take over of our schools, and government. Like the warrior woman I have been my whole entire life.

          • Perhaps your time is better spent making peace with the demons in your soul than waging a non existent war against a non existent enemy.

            You fight battles only occurring in your mind, not reality.

            Spend your last days happy, not angry and bitter over things which don’t exist.

            It’s not too late to make peace with God. But somehow I suspect you’d rather go down fighting.

            A very sad way to end a life.

          • I AM happy and at peace with dying, why would you think otherwise?

            Religious beliefs becoming state or local law is very much a real life, not in my head, occurance presently.

            I’m good.

          • But yet, Maureen, you are fine with, and are actually fighting for, the institutionalization of the religion of ‘woke’ ideology, and forcing it down everyone’s throat. You are the very enemy you claim to be fighting against.

          • What in the heck do you think the Christ was teaching about J? Perhaps reaquaint yourself with the parable of the Good Samaritan.

            Then reaquaint yourself to the religious tyranny this nation was founded against, and most basic documents address.

          • Maureen, you are still not addressing the salient point there, that it is YOU, and the small but loud minority of your so-called ‘woke” bedfellows, who are the ones pushing and forcing a religion down everyone else’s throats. Your rank hypocrisy is positively breathtaking.

      • Do you think families should be allowed to raise their own children, or do you think the institutions should? That is, do you even recognize having a family is a right unto itself, and worth protecting? Or perhaps you resent families? I’m liberal myself, but your social advocacy is unwanted in schools. Just saying, We’ll worry about our own kids, hands off — this ain’t Catholic school.

        • You are absolutely correct this isn’t Catholic School-it’s public school. And you are wrong about my social advocacy IS wanted in our public schools. YOUR religious oversite is not wanted.

          I don’t resent families. I resent parents who limit their children’s education. Especially to a religious belief.

          A child’s start is in their family. My family paid taxes that supported public school, while paying extra for my and my siblings Catholic schooling because they considered it extra to what government provides so it was my parents responsibility to pay it, as much as their faith belief that got us there. Go for this in your family. You want bible beliefs to underscore all? Pay out of your own pocket for that extra learning.

          The community has a vested interest in the welfare of its members. An educated community will support the viability of the community through imagination, planning, and problem solving.

          It’s not either or, rather both and.

          • You work hard to promote homosexual propaganda as educational material.

            It is not.

            It is also not true that anyone wants it in the public school system (or the Catholic school system excepting perhaps a few regressive priests). Degeneracy is not education and all of the historical societies that were accepting of and promoted degenerate behavior are gone. Historical Rome, historical Greece, the jewish center of the Weimar Republic, etc. All of them – gone. History confirms that when a society is tightly focussed on upholding primary forms of degeneracy you can expect to also hear their death rattle soon.

            It is the way.

          • I’m not the least bit religious. And to correct you again, understand that society exists to serve families, and not the other way around — as you seem to think. I doubt you even have or want kids.

            Here’s a real problem for you to worry about: 70% of the American population is illiterate. How do you think that’s going to work out for society?

      • You do not have to celebrate any of that Maureen. Not a single bit. There is no push to pass laws that require you, or anyone else to participate.
        Please tell me a single person who is demanding the public at large celebrate their anniversary, baby shower, etc… Name them?
        Is there a bill in front of a legislature anywhere in the world that is demanding businesses provide goods or services for a religious celebration, even if it goes against their religion to do so? I am not seeing one, but I am seeing a LOT of crap about how it is some kind of hate against LGBTQWERTYWHATEVER+ to deny their business.
        Who is demanding that you celebrate, Maureen?

          • And, because someone announces it means that you, Maureen Suttman, has to celebrate it? How does someone paying to post an announcement impact you in any way? I am capable of reading the newspaper without getting worked up about something that does not impact my life in any way, but apparently you cannot. If I were to post an announcement about my personal life in the paper, apparently that diminishes everyone else in some way? That seems to be your assertion.
            Tell me, what newspaper refuses to post announcements from the LGBTQWERTYWHATEVERWHOCARES crowd? And, no… naming a church paper is not cutting it, that is just demanding that a religious entity bow to your wishes. Does the ADN refuse to post these announcements? How about the Washington Post?
            I do not see the demand that you celebrate. Neither do you, if you were to stop being such a woke scold. You know… the schoolyard bully writ large. The one that demands everyone submit to their way of seeing the world. The person who’s first response to everything and everyone is to look for a reason to be offended.
            If the LGBTQWERTYWHATEVER crowd wants to post announcements, I am good with that. This has nothing to do with that. Be who you want to be, I do not care. Stop showing up in the Legislature demanding special treatment.

  13. Im sure our elected officials (MISrepresenting us all)will do the wrong thing for 97%of us. After all, this is Alaska politics, home of Lisa, Mary and Dan….
    The 3% wack jobs with big mouths and deep pockets get our politicians ears, not us.

  14. I call bull, protection for citizens against COVID overreach was rejected by those officials whom we elected, now this fringe group wants protection? We’re looking at a double standard if this garbage is approved.

    • There’s a clause in most of the laws of the land that allows for special consideration when the law is broken. Don’t be so fearful of these people. Like CB and Jeff and some on here, don’t walk around with a big old chip on your shoulder daring someone to knock it off. Don’t draw a lion in the sand and dare someone to step across it, or put a piece of firewood down and challenge someone to spit across that load. Forget about all that and let the fire die down. Pretty soon people get tired of yapping when no one’s paying attention to them.

      • Greg:
        I am not doing any of those things. If you actually read/understood my example about the bar fight, you would understand why these special protection laws are not acceptable at any level.
        In fact, if the law is upheld equally across the board, as it is the overwhelming majority of the time. (Cue the example/exception that does nothing to disprove the rule.) Declaring that a hate crime was committed because one individual in the altercation met the definition of protected class, when there was no prejudice or bias demonstrated, is the problem.
        And, it is also the avenue for abuse of the justice system. One that should not exist.

  15. Our country may be beyond saving if these types of demands continue to be met. This will give this class of people more authority over those of us who stick with Natural law and God’s Creation that define our lives. We will become the class of people needing protection, as our views and voices may be silenced and our children’s innocence corrupted. Let’s do a massive campaign to those sponsoring this and object to it. And pray for those to see the truth of what they are doing!

    • George Orwell’s Animal Farm taught us the meaning of ‘all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others’.

      • You realize Animal Farm is about, checks notes, animals, right? And Communism.

        Steve-O you prefer communism?

        • Yet, his reference is absolutely correct here.
          Perhaps you should actually… I do not know… read Steve’s comment, and spend a few seconds trying to understand it. At least take an equivalent amount of time trying to comprehend the other person’s point as you would writing a response.

        • Maureen,

          To quote the principal from the iconic movie Billy Madison, “what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

        • Maureen, I can only echo Steve-O here: that was one of the most profoundly stupid AND ignorant comments ever made on MRAK.
          “You realize Animal Farm is about, checks notes, animals,”
          I am still laughing out loud at that one!
          You probably think that Orwell’s other famous book, “1984”, is about a calendar.

  16. In the ‘Natural’ order of life we go about living as we are designed, which is productive for all. Suddenly those needing obtuse labels require protection? Haven’t seen many bears, salmon or eagles demanding ‘protection’ lately,,,

  17. Protected classes as they are defined now are readily identified by race, gender, age or handicap. The real problem with adding LGBTQ people as a protected class is that they are not readily definable. For example, a person is denied a job for legitimate reasons, but then subsequently claims LGBTQ status. It is the ultimate race card.

  18. An interesting thing: how does one claim they just want to be treated the same and receive “special protections”?

    The very concept is self negating. You can’t be equal and special at the same time.

    If someone can list very specific, legal things the alphabet people aren’t getting, address those. I imagine most examples are actually already covered by existing law.

    Regarding the vapid equivalency towards civil rights. Alphabet people can go about their lives easily enough providing they don’t go out of their way to make a spectacle of themselves to get attention. Black people during segregation never had that option.

    The attempt to create linkage is beyond intellectually stupid. But classically progressive.

    • That’s pretty easy ma. A person can want to be treated civil, normal or the same as everyone else however you want to call it. But knowing society, they know that’s not going to happen. It’s the same thing with elder law. You commit a crime against someone 65 or older, it automatically gets escalated to a felony. Advocates of the law back in the day may have found themselves in the same position as the rainbow coalition. Laws are on the books all over the place similar to this. Why should kids get special treatment? If you sell drugs within 500 ft of a school, it gets escalated I hope by offering some examples it helps you understand

  19. Nice move! But back to article! The LEG lol something! Like
    Alphabetical soup! Is it a pronoun? My grammar is horrible! I did mis spell the acronym! Oh my spelling and grammar? I need a special box for me?

  20. Treat everybody the way you would like to be treated. Didn’t your mama teach you the Golden rule? If you’re a butthole, do you deserve to be treated well? I think not.

  21. Why not add White people as a protected class so no one is left out? Sounds like this equal protection before the law for all citizens is a thing that could catch on!

  22. What a complete waste of time. This all boils down to a bunch of whiners complaining about imaginary problems and a group of so-called Legislators trying to pacify them in exchange for their vote. We have all seen the disgusting way they the LGBTQ group uses this type of legislation – see the Colorado cake baker who didn’t want to make a cake that had explicit LBGTQ messaging that conflicted with his religious beliefs. After years in court and $$$$, SCOTUS ruled in his favor, but now the LGBTQ group are coming after him again. If the LGBTQ folks get their way with this proposed legislation in Alaska, they will force you to comply and accept their twisted way of life as “normal,” while sneeringly stomping on your religious freedoms.

      • I am in charge of my own life.
        Then again… every 12 months I have PRIDE shoved into my face at every turn. Oh, I know… Christmas is shoved into everyone’s face every 12 months as well. Curiously, I do not see Santa Claus in the Capital building demanding special protections…
        If only everyone else would get along with their lives, without making an issue of it. If only the news would stop making anything LGBTQWERTY a big deal. If only TV shows and ads did not think they had to cram non-binary characters into every show, especially when it has zero bearing whatsoever on the story. If only…

  23. Protecting classes of people who elect to live particular lifestyles is absolutely ridiculous. Where will it stop? Anybody and anything can toss themselves into this pool of insanity, receiving special treatment for being weirdos. Please let me off this ride. Make it all stop!

    • All the free housing and no taxes paid by those pastors at the Mountain Church. I hear you Bess. You might want to look at whose ride you are on.

      • Churches receive special tax exemptions. They’re largely parasitic and in time that will be fixed. In the in interim you believe that because churches get special tax considerations homosexuals should be able to prey on school kids.


  24. I believe the statement that if you give a person or entity the child for the first 7 years, they will be changed for life. Although I don’t remember for sure who first said it, I believe it applies here. Between the brouhaha over a simple parent’s rights bill that sought to return some of their rights to the parents and this latest special protections bill, it is apparent that the 3.4% are dictating to the rest of us. This is a far cry from the signs I saw as a kid that said “this establishment has the right to refuse service to anyone.” The more special rights we grant to fringe groups, the more we will pay in lawsuits and fines. As for the sponsors of HB99, it is apparent that they don’t want to lose any votes in 2024. In the end, how you live your life is no business of mine, but that also goes for me choosing how I live my life. Live and let live, or respect for all rights doesn’t need more special protection laws.

  25. The main reason one starts their own business is so that they can make their own decisions on how it is run. To be able to control their own destiny. If their product is not good enough, they fail. If they don’t have enough support from the community they serve, they fail. Not like government at all. When the government steps in and dictates how they must do business, other than safety concerns, then it is overreach. A business desires an employee that will show up and do the job without distraction. A person who wears their preferences as a challenge to others probably would not be a good choice, especially to customers who prefer to keep their beliefs private and only seek the services offered in peace. Depends on what type of business you have and who your customer base is. That should be up to the owner. If your goal is a hipster place, you hire accordingly. Your choice, your investment. If you don’t want to serve people who are loud and disruptive or just smell bad then that too should be your option. Why would you want a law to cater to a small minority that would drive your business to the ground by eliminating your customer base? Our society has ever-changing norms, but government should steer clear of forcing it onto private enterprise. They are self regulated. People who need to shout out their personal opinions are only seeking attention, much like the war protesters in the 60-70s who didn’t have a clue about the war. Hair was used as well back then to draw attention. If parents put down their electronic devices and paid some needed attention to their children, then maybe they wouldn’t be so deprived.

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