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LGBTQ advocate tells Assembly that use of term ‘biological man’ is ‘transphobic’

If you want to know more about transgenderism, go to the Midtown Clinic and speak with medical professionals, Mercedes Curran said to the Anchorage Assembly on Tuesday night, targeting at least one Assemblywoman and members of the public who used the term “biological man or woman” during a recent Assembly meeting.

Curran, lecturing the Assembly and public in an angry tone, said the term “biological man or woman” is damaging. She is a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

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“Determining gender purely by the basis of biological sex is not as clearcut as one could think. The chromosomes, testosterone levels, the anatomical features arguments don’t hold weight, not with all the research that is out there that shows otherwise,” she said. “Go get current, get educated. Maybe talk to the members of the trans and queer community and listen.”

“There is no excuse to continue to spread harmful information and hateful ideology,” she said. She said there is no reason any woman, trans or otherwise, should be turned away from a shelter and that trans women were a protected class and that to turn away biological males is unAmerican, unAlaskan, and unconstitutional.

She was responding to the debate about whether transgendered men-to-women can be prevented from entering shelters for women. The Hope Center in Downtown Anchorage only admits biological women, and has said these women clients are highly traumatized by men and should not be forced to sleep next to men.

In May, the Anchorage Assembly, on a vote of 8-2, passed an ordinance that revised Anchorage Municipal Code Title 5, the Equal Rights section, to prohibit women’s shelters from barring men who say they are women.

Read: Targeting Hope Center, Assembly passes measure to force women’s shelters to accept biological males

At the same time, the Assembly is funding a shelter for transgender people called “Choosing Our Roots” using federal Covid relief funds.

“Any rhetoric protecting real women is just bigoted dog-whistling that intends to fear-monger and dehumanize one of the most vulnerable populations in our community. Trans women are real women, whether you like it or not, no matter what you say in your echo chamber.”

It was yet another contribution in an ongoing national conversation about who may use women’s bathrooms, women’s locker rooms and whether boys can “identify” as girls and compete against girls in sports.

“Get used to it,” Curran said during her three minutes at the podium. The Assembly had no questions for her.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. If you want to know what an “unmanned” biological man is …….ask Lorenna Bobbitt. By definition, she cut short John Bobbitt’s manhood by a few inches. Anything other than that is a fictitious creation of the Left-wing’s liberal wet dream.

  2. “The assembly had no questions for her.”
    Nice ending. No need to ask for clarification from someone who insults and threatens the very folks she is demanding certain behavior from. I hope she enjoyed her 3 minutes of rant to an assembly that is FUNDING a dedicated shelter for “all those” transgendered homeless folks wandering around Anchorage, taking money from those who might need it for Covid relief, no matter what their gender. What more could these folks ask for? Oh, a bit more, that’s what, as always.
    “Get used to it.” Yup, we are used to it.

  3. Maybe this person needs to go back to basic science class. There are but two choices in human anatomy — male or female no in between. If you want to identify as something else you can, but you cannot change basic human anatomy.

  4. It seems rather obvious that only a biological man and biological woman can procreate and continue to populate our world. Live how YOU want to live,, but, don’t expect me to call something that walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, flies like a duck and swims like a duck a bicycle.

  5. One cannot (yet) change one’s genes and chromosomes at whim (or at all), so “the science” says that there is no such thing as “transgenderism”. There are simply various degrees of mental disorder and dysfunction, and bodily mutilation in the attempt to APPEAR to resemble the opposite sex.

    Ironically, “the science” also upholds the fact that there ARE, biologically, certain rare individuals who are in fact genetically and morphologically of mixed or indeterminate gender, such as those men with XXY chromosomes (Kleinfelter’s Syndrome). But those rare individuals do not seem to be those who are leading the rigidly dogmatic and twisted “transgenderism” campaign.

  6. The LGBTQ “community” has become a dripping faucet, a Chinese water torture. Drip … Drip … Drip!

  7. Asking for a friend. Is there any longer a politically acceptable definition for the word pervert?

  8. ANDY AK you hit the nail right on the head. Also, the people running the nut house are running our country and educating our children.
    We in trouble, big trouble.

  9. If you truly believe that calling a biological man a biological man, is “hateful ideology”……then perhaps you should simply spend your life cowering under your bed, and having your meals shoved to you there, because obviously life out in the real world is just too scary and real for you to face on a daily basis.
    Just remain there, safe and sound under your bed, and let the rest of us take care of things.
    We got this…..

  10. That match didnt take long for the teen boy to win over his girl competitor. She had no chance getting up once she was placed on mat.
    Sports is going to have to change some rules that gives the girls a headstart as track runners start positions depending which lane they begin.
    Oh well! *Men are called to be the leader over women. This is just another way

    Two of his teammates are wearing non verbal expressions as ‘Give me a break, you being here is cheating and BS.’ Not even one smile coming from those girls. Hahaha

  11. Less than 10% of the population is trying to tell 90+% of the population that pure science is wrong on biological men and women? “The chromosomes, testosterone levels, the anatomical features arguments don’t hold weight, not with all the research that is out there that shows otherwise.” ???? That is a surprise to me. I will not “get used to it”.

  12. How about genetic identification? With very few genetic disorder exceptions, everyone is XX or XY. From now on just refer to people as X or Y, or will this also upset the snowflakes? ‘When everyone is special, no one is special,’ Dash Parr. How about we all just accept what we are and not spend our lives seeking to be offended.

  13. That delicate little flower’s mission is to capture attention by annoying productive people. Will you take the bait?

    And that pronoun… did anyone do a Crocodile Dundee trust but verify check? Would it have been accurate?

  14. Words need to have meaning, we need to be able to communicate. They are changing the meaning of words and our language. This is by design, sow confusion, get offended at facts, call something science when it isn’t. We must resist. We cannot be cowards in any of this. We will be called names and some will try to “cancel” us, but resistance is a not a choice, we must do it!

  15. The party of “science”……they need to thank a straight person. Without them they would not exist.

  16. Get a grip! If you are a man that wants to wear dresses go ahead, your choice. What other people think is none of your business.

  17. To Mercedes Curran we say, not unkindly, “Get over yourself, you got a problem hormone tinkering won’t fix.”
    Self-loathing narcissism with tantrums… maybe a lobotomy would help?
    Our time-tested English language works just fine: “he”, “she”, “it”, “moron”… pick one, go with it.
    You want to be a walking talking self-made disaster, then be one… might as well get grant money for performance art, be set for life, run for office, pass laws and taxes against the masses who failed to treat you with reverence and proper forms of address to which you’re entitled. This could work, yes?
    Sure it suc(hey!) to be you but that’s not, and never will be, our problem to fix or subsidize, no matter how many or how loud your tantrums.
    That said, make the most of it while you can… never know when your Assembly buds could get replaced by conservatives… worst nightmare right?
    May we reverently suggest, do not expect, much less demand, the rest of us to take you as seriously as you take yourself.
    Stay the bloody hell out of shelters and children’s bathrooms where you don’t belong.
    Get a real life.
    Then, who knows, we might just get along.

  18. “Trans women are real women, whether you like it or not… get used to it”.

    People should not be cowed into believing either of those assertions. The first is patently unscientific, and the second violates thousands of years of history. No society can last that “gets used to it”.

  19. No amount of voluntary genital mutilation, accompanied by a life-long dose of artificial hormones, will EVER turn that, or any, man into a woman. The same goes for women who are deluded into thinking they are men. I will not enable their pretense, nor I will call “transgender’s” the pronoun of their choice. I don’t lie, I’m not going to start now.

  20. Why does HER-HE-SHE-IT or whatever opinion worth more then mine? Biological man or woman is correct in my book. Are you going to spend co vid funds on a building for blacks and a shelter for LGBTQ? A man is a HE and a woman is a SHE- get used to it.

  21. “Trans women are real women,”. …no, they’re NOT real women. They’re mentally ill. If you can accept the lie that a man can turn himself into a woman through surgery, drugs and belief then you’ll believe any lie that the liberals spew out. Live in the reality of the real world.

  22. I for one, would like to see birth certificates changed to:

    Does the newborn have a Y chromosome, Y or N?

    That is all I need to know when attempting to determine someone’s gender, not what they feel , not what they believe, just simply do they have a Y-chromosome.

    I am a full supporter of science, it is the pursuit of natural truth, not a statement of what is true. However, I find it very weird that the political party that has always been about science over religion (as a basis of fact versus theory) is choosing to ignore basic biological science in this situation.

  23. You’d think feminists would be all over this trans “movement.” Putting males into female sports is the epitome of everything feminists have been complaining about for decades. Confusing.

  24. When will 99% of the population stop allowing 1% of the population to push us around because they are “offended?”

  25. Kemosabee:
    But John Bobbitt never went LBGTQ. He got sewn back up and reports say he turned out better than new. He ended up in Vegas, first as a minister in a marriage chapel, and later owned his own cat house. Goes to show that you don’t have to switch gears when you have a temporary tranny problem.
    A good mechanic can keep you running straight.

  26. One thing I don’t get… when someone like this disagrees with you, why does that make you the “hurtful, hateful and phobic” one?

    I have strong opinions about “Trans” people too. But there’s no logical syllogism leading from my premises to a conclusion regarding their character.

    The Perpetually Offended need to find a remote island to live on, and get a few decades practice. When they’ve mastered shaming the rocks and trees … I hope they stay there.

  27. How about, it is hetero-phobic to make us call men or women by a different name. There are more of us than them. Why do they expect the majority to change for them. I really never thought it was a big deal until the left made it into a big deal. I also refuse to go by “birthing person”!!! Sorry!!!

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