Letter: Vote for Kelly Tshibaka, support our military



Many TV ads falsely credit Sen. Lisa Murkowski with helping the military. Because of her voting approximately 90 percent of the time with Obama and Biden, 

Murkowski supported:

  • Punishment and removal of Sergeant Phillip Monk for his views on traditional marriage.
  • Technica Sergeant Layne Wilson had his 6-year re-enlistment reduced to one year because of simply voicing a moral objection to homosexual “wedding” in the base chapel.
  • Navy Chaplain LCDR Wes Modder quoted a Bible verse during private counseling and was terminated of his award-winning career and was relieved of duty.
  • Marine Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling was given a bad conduct charge and reduced from a rank of E3 to E1 because she posted a scripture, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper” Isaiah 54:17
  • Air Force Colonel Leland Bohannon was denied promotion and removed from command for refusing to sign a marriage certificate.
  • Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt lost his 16 year career, millions of dollar pension, his home and the honor of serving his country because he dared to pray in Jesus name. Thanks to a wave of support formed across the heart of America, Congress later struck down reversed and rescinded the Navy’s unconstitutional policy restoring the rights of chaplains to freely express their faith and to pray in Jesus’ name.
  • (Documentation from Chaplain Gordon James Kingenschmitt, Ph.D. PrayInJesusName.org, Colorado Springs, CO 80970)

Vote for Kelly Tshibaka.  She’s is the daughter of a Vietnam veteran and comes from a family of true patriots. 

 She can be trusted and has integrity, applying our original U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence when decision-making.

Jon and Ruth Ewing | Fairbanks, Alaska


  1. Kelly is the daughter we always prayed for. Attractive, intelligent, honest, conservative, kind, generous, and not always looking for a freebie from Dad, or another government handout from her Democrat masters. Instead, we got completely hood-winked by the Princess.

    • Frankie is so right. We both had to go into hiding down here in Petersburg. Lisa’s campaign is not what elderly parents look forward to. We have enough enemies as it is, without looking over our shoulders to see a bunch of left-wing Democrats trying to suck-up to us and invite us out for crackers and Syrah.

      • Frankie and Nancy:
        Everyone wonders why you aren’t on the campaign trail doing TV ads for your little daughter Lisa? With the kind of traitorous disrespect and arrogance she demonstrates,
        the answer is now clear. Petersburg is a perfect place for elderly parents to take refuge from this mess in the Alaska US Senate race. But don’t forget, Frankie and Nancy, you both started it when you wanted to make history by appointing your unqualified daughter. The blame still falls on you. We hope you enjoy your new hideout in Petersburg.

        • If Frankie and Nancy run out of places to hide, they can always stay a spell on John Binkley’s new yacht in Ketchikan……..
          M/V Malaspina.

  2. Lisa did not vote with Obama and biden 90 percent of the time. Millions of dollars of pensions? What a load. Suzanne, why would you print this? It’s rubbish!

    • Really?
      What percent of the time did Lisa vote with 0bama? 89%? 87.5%?
      Over the past 18 years Lisa has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that she is all about Lisa, nothing else. And if being a RINO is what helps her remain in her Senate seat, she will vote in line with Satan himself. Her “Present” vote for Brett Kavanaugh demonstrates this clearly. It was the only vote she could cast that would not result in her losing 50% of her voters. it was the best option to preserve Lisa, and she took it for that reason.

    • Did Lisa vote for Biden because of her hate for Trump? It’s really sad when a person hates another so strongly that it undermines good sense! Or did the Democratic party pay her well to vote democratic??

  3. Lisa supporters your so fake and exposed. List Lisas accomplishments of for and by the people ZERO. You wish me to start listening her evil accomplishments. Rank choice voting, shes the republican who backs the democrats over and over, trump impeachment Jan 6 and she shut our oil down BOOO to Lisa and dominion flat out evil exposed.

  4. Was Kelly in support of the Bush Chaney Iraq War disaster ? Does Kelly now support Trump’s assessment that the Iraq War was a error in judgment ? Troops want honest leaders. Doubt they would have much use for huge moving expenses on the state and high paying special jobs for their spouse on the state dime.

  5. There is a group of 7 US Senators who vote regularly w/ the Dems.
    2 are Lee & Romney from Utah.
    #1 is Collins from main …. who voted w/ Dems 32% of the time
    #2 is Murkowski I believe, who votes w/ the Dems about 28% of the time.
    These 2 women both have “ranked choice” voting in their state.
    Maine had ranked choice 1st to protect Collins – Lisa’s people saw that & conned AK into this bad system
    The point man on ranked voting in AK was Scott Kendall, Murkowski’s lawyer.
    Lisa will stay in power because of this election scam …. so it worked for the Dems as planned.
    God help us.

  6. We need Kelly. She’s the only one willing to solve our most dire problems. Heck she’s the only one who is willing to even SPEAK about them in these today times. She will stand up for ALASKANS. She will solve our problems with illegals and immigrants, she will STOP the rampant grooming of our children by these cross dressers and gays spreading their pox around, and she will stand up for our PRESIDENT Trump and stand against the thief BIDEN!!

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