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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Letter to the editor: A time to fight for our republic


This is an open letter to Must Read Alaska in response to one article in your End of Decade newsletter, Dec. 30 edition, specifically the “Dozen in drive-by protest at acting mayor’s house.”

You stated: “This is not among best practices for conservatives; Must Read Alaska believes lawmakers should feel safe anywhere they go in the city, and especially in their own homes. Harassing them at their homes is not appropriate and could lead to unfortunate escalation. This is something we’ve come to expect from Antifa or Black Lives Matter.”

My opinion on your statement:

First, a peaceful protest of honking horns is not what anybody expects from Antifa or Black Lives Matter. What we expect from Antifa and Black Lives Matter would be a violent protest with destruction of property in the mayor’s entire neighborhood. The peaceful protest of honking horns was funded by the people whose businesses have been all but decimated by the mayor’s and Anchorage Assembly’s direct, unconstitutional actions. The gas was all paid for by those citizens of Anchorage, not by dark money funding Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Second, I will quote Thomas Jefferson:

“What country can preserve its’ liberties if its’ rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.”

“The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Patriots and tyrants.”

For a second opinion to the above; from Benjamin Franklin: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

I am in absolute disagreement with your statement that driving by the mayor’s residence and honking horns is “not among the best practices.” I also completely disagree with your statement that the mayor, or any other lawmaker in this state, Anchorage or elsewhere, who is blatantly taking away our individual freedoms and openly enacting laws that are in direct violation of the Constitution of the United States, have the right to feel safe in their own home or anywhere else.

This nation’s democracy, our individual freedoms, the right to bear arms, the right to assemble, the right to participate in government were not all “granted,” they were fought for with the “blood of Patriots and tyrants.”

We need to remember our history and stop thinking that we can solve government’s blatant disregard for the Constitution of the United States without “taking up arms.” People have tried to do things legally, but judges have thrown the Constitution under the rug as well.

These lawmakers, judges included, need to know that the people that they are responsible to and serve “preserve the spirit of resistance” and these lawmakers should be living in absolute fear, otherwise they will see no consequences for their unconstitutional actions. They can redeem themselves, but if there are no consequences, they have no reason to redeem themselves.

Remember that “taking” as a word with meaning. It does not mean to start randomly shooting. Those who value freedom must be willing to fight if it is necessary to preserve those freedoms, if “taking up arms” does not force those lawmakers to act in accordance with the Constitution or resign from office.

COVID-19 does not trump the United States Constitution. The citizens still deserve the right to choose for themselves.

Signed, A.C., Palmer, Alaska

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  • Why? Trump is a crook nothing less

    • I’d love one example of fact that shows Trump is a crook. Please get real!

    • Everyone has the absolute right to feel safe, secure, and peaceful in their own homes. Any protest or demonstration that targets anyone’s private residence crosses the line, regardless of party affiliation.

      Suzanne got this one 100% right.

      • I disagree, if a politician blatantly violates the Constitution of the United States and their oath of office and then locks the public out of hearings, like the Anchorage mayor and assembly did, these people have no right to feel safe.

        You like living under communism? Those of us here in Alaska, especially in Anchorage, have had just a little taste of it.

        Read the letter, look at history and how freedom in this country has been preserved throughout our country’s history.

        If there are no consequences for politicians locking people out of hearings and silencing our voices then they have no reason to change.

    • And that remark has what to do with this opinion piece?

    • What does this have to do with Trump? A poor comment from someone who obviously can’t see the truth and just has to say Trump is bad. Comments like this make us all wonder what the IQ of the person is making a comment like this on an article that has nothing to do with Trump. Amazing at how easily you are, obviously, embracing socialism when you say “Why?” Do you truly not understand why we have to defend our freedom?

      • It’s like a bumper sticker I saw once……..”Hire a teenager why the still know everything.” Some trolls on here have that mentality. Probably would have been one of Manson’s people back on the day from all their pent up hate. I’d like to help relieve them of it.

    • Facepalm.

      Let’s get a doll and show us where the bad orange man hurt you.

      I can’t imagine what life is like in a world where everything is Trump related when it isn’t.

      Rain on Sunday? Girlfriend dump you? Bad food at the restaurant? Parks highway closed? Of course Trump’s at fault.

      How will some of the people function when Trump isn’t around to blame things on?

      Thinking it through or owning up to personal failings obviously isn’t on the table. Ah, AK public education at its finest.

      • I thought everything was still Obama’s fault.

  • Thank you for a solid letter; well worth the read. Sentiments expressed are shared by many, and time will tell as to whether our republic will survive the socialist/communist/anarchist push presently being presented.

  • Hear! Hear! Well stated. If every legal, law-abiding, gun owning, American citizen would take up their arms and literally stand behind those who are elected to represent us, there would be a lot more honorable and law abiding representatives; for they would be backed by the citizens who back our 2A. Those elected representatives who are crooked, corrupt or otherwise dishonest would tremble with fear of those same armed citizens. Our citizen militia is what keeps those would-be tyrants in their place, which is NOT in a position of authority and/or power over We, The People.

    • Random nonsense. Do you actually think that you, with your black guns, can overpower the forces of the US military if they are called into action to suppress an armed action against the US government? Let’s hope it never gets to this, but nowadays, who can tell?
      On the other hand, are you going to stand behind Joe Biden when he legally and lawfully is sworn in as POTUS, and when the true tyrant is escorted out of the White House?

      • Our fathers, mothers, other relatives, and lifelong friends in our military will not turn against us.
        The most probable course of events coming up wouldn’t trigger a military response anyway.
        First, the occupation of DC and state capitols, with the occupiers dispersing in failure.
        Second, every politician getting a share of the blame, may get censored … restaurants, stores, and etc may refuse to service them entirely … hanging a badge of shame on all of them.
        Third, Covid-19 has shown the power of any across the board work disruption … so national strikes will be an obvious next step. Not any general strikes, work stoppages … but rearranging a few things to target the Oligarches behind the socialist, greening, NWO , censorship nonsense.
        The biggest action our rebellious government will try is censor all social media … which will be the people’s first line of organization.
        Sales of CB and short wave may skyrocket, but there’s enough independent legacy communication equipment in attics and basements that we will manage anyway.
        To repeat myself: Our fathers, mothers, other relatives, and lifelong friends in our military will not turn against us.

      • Biden: not MY (legitimate) president. Nor anyone else’s.
        The fe(de)ral government has now sunk to zero legitimacy. It is long past time that it be overthrown. But of course, that would only work, and have a positive outcome, if the majority of Americans still valued freedom, and understood the libertarian founding principle of this nation. Sadly, very few do so today.

      • No and hell no.

  • You’re right A.C. Bless Suzanne for helping us get the message out, but it seems adopting attention getting tactics is a good way to get past the liberal media. I don’t want violence – from either side – but hiding behind an “emergency” to trash our Constitution and destroy America is intolerable.

  • Give me a freaking break!

    • Give us back our freedoms, Greg, or you are just part of the problem, and complicit in the fostering of tyranny (which we here have already recognized).

      • Go for it. I’m right there.

        • What is it that you want me to “go for”, Greg?
          As is so frequently the case, you make no sense.

          • I realize some people in Alaska have a very low IQ but please try to follow along.

  • This is a refreshing piece. The writer supports his statements and positions with clear, understandable facts built upon a foundation of credible references.

    • Forgive me if I misread this, but my initial reaction is, “good one!” You are being sarcastic, no?
      The only thing refreshing I got from this piece was the sensation of getting a sardonic icicle up the wazoo.

      • Greg, that is because you are a diehard statist and propagandized sheep, unable and unwilling to think for yourself, but content to merely regurgitate the pro-establishment talking points of the power structure elite and to unthinkingly follow their capricious, illegal and immoral dictates. You have my full contempt, and none of my pity.

        • I’m good in my own skin. You live your own life.

          • The problem is, Greg, that rabid statists and control freaks like you will not ALLOW me and others to live our own lives. You and your ilk demand total obedience and conformity to your own narrow and intolerant viewpoints and actions.
            You are my enemy, and you are evil.

          • And you are not a true Alaskan. Just because you live in Alaska doesn’t make you an Alaskan in my book. You snuck in by way of Seattle or Portland but you don’t have the mindset to be a true Alaskan. That ability never took root in your mind. Just another leftist socialist liberal.

  • Thank you Mr. Palmer for a very well written response. I am 100% behind what you say due to our elected officials who are now repeatedly ignoring the facts and their constituency. Once elected officials act according to what is politically expedient for them to maintain office rather than support and defend the Constitution and give credence to all the citizens they represent, not just their lobbyists, they become useless to the defense of freedom. We are currently seeing a corrupt government system where the highest bidder gets the legislation to fill their coffers and the cycle begins anew. The current insurrection taking place from politicians in bed with Big Tech & China have destroyed the public trust and effectively shredded the Constitution since no one is following it (with the exception of President Trump)! In effect it turns all citizens into compliant sheep either willingly or unwillingly. What recourse is left to the American people if their elected officials no longer adhere to their oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic? What happens when all branches of government brake down? The Supreme Court is currently abdicating their solemn duty to protect the people and our Republic from obvious voter fraud in an attempt to steal an election. It is past time to make a stand!

  • Maybe if she made better decisions, or better still, was actually elected this wouldn’t be an issue.

    Anchorage is in a bare knuckle brawl for its political and economic survival. Killing off the economic future for a generation is gonna ruffle feathers.

    My main concern is how it might inconvenience people who happen to live next to her. Don’t do it daily and be mindful of people living their lives.

  • I was told a few years ago by a Leftist activist that “You need to learn from the Left” or you will lose. Feeling good about oneself is not a good strategy. Get smart, get motivated, then get active–everywhere to include Assembly, school boards, community councils.

  • AC is absolutely right! I would take it one step further and refuse service to those members of the Assembly that have voted to lock our city down. If a leader rules by tyrannical methods, then they should expect pushback and be held accountable for their actions. We lost our civil disobedience when they decided to destroy the livelihood of our community.

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