Legislators in Juneau silent on ‘Occupy Wasilla’ takeover



Legislators in Juneau have been actively explaining themselves to the public and their voters about where they stand on the governor’s budget vetoes and why they oppose them.

On the floor of the joint House and Senate, Rep. Steve Thompson described his feelings this way: “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!”

He may have been paraphrasing a movie script from the 1996 movie “Network.”

The “mad as hell” scene from the movie “Network.”

But Thompson was also channeling the anger of the anarchist-led mob who took over a legal meeting of legislators that was being held in Wasilla at the same time.

A protester continues yelling while Rep. Lance Pruitt takes a selfie in Wasilla on Wednesday during the anarchists’ takeover of the legislative meeting.

No legislator in Juneau has yet condemned the takeover of the Wasilla meeting by the radical, screaming mob that came from other communities to occupy a legally assembled Wasilla legislative meeting.

The Democrat-led House Majority seemed to want more disruption:

“We will keep fighting until this assault on our economy and state ends … but our efforts will only succeed if everyone disturbed by these reckless cuts continues to raise their voice,” the House Democrat-led Majority wrote.

The Senate President today issued a long explanation of why she supports a veto override, and she, too, made no mention of the “Occupy” group that illegally invaded the Wasilla meeting — a meeting she does not recognize as legitimate.

Her words are newsworthy and deserve wider readership. Here’s Giessel’s letter in full:

Sen. Cathy Giessel, Senate President


On Wednesday, July 10th, the House and Senate met together in order to consider overrides to the Governor’s vetoes of the Operating Budget. That override was not successful.

Alaska has, in its Constitution, the highest requirement for a veto override vote of items struck from a budget- ¾ of the Legislature need to vote in order to undo the actions of a governor. All other states require 2/3, 3/5 or simple majority.

We did not have 45 legislators present for the vote. The missing members equate to a NO vote on the override. That means the override was not attainable.

We have recessed the joint session until today. We are hopeful that the missing legislators will decide to come to Juneau to participate in this critical vote.

The Finance committees have been meeting. One of the missing Senators called in to participate in the Senate Finance meeting on Tuesday morning. Clearly, Senators understand that the work being done in Juneau is legitimate and urgent for the state. 

The Constitution of our country and of the State of Alaska clearly defines a representative form of government. In fact, the Alaska Statehood Act, the compact the people of Alaska voted into existence, states that “the State of Alaska shall always be republican in form.” This means that the people elect representatives who bring their ideas to bear when government decisions are made.

There are 3 branches of government – Executive, Judicial and Legislative. James Madison, in the Federalist Papers, noted that the most powerful branch is the Legislative. His reason? The Legislative branch is elected by small groups of people, and so it is therefore closest to the people. The Legislator brings the voices of each smaller area into the larger discussion of what should become law.

Legislators represent the diverse opinions of people across our state. The 40 Representatives and 20 Senators are different. With all the different life experiences, professions, families and cultural backgrounds, hailing from communities in the Arctic, in the temperate rainforest, in the tundra, and in the Pacific swept island chains, how could we not be different?

When you see big divides in the Legislature, understand that this represents a multitude of opinions across our state. An example of this is seen in the contrasting views on the budget and the Permanent Fund Dividend.

Operating Budget – The Legislature held lengthy meetings, full of debate and disagreement. At the end, we constructed a budget that reduced spending back to 2004 levels of unrestricted general funds, resulting in the largest real education in state history. At the same time, legislators worked cooperatively with organizations affected to negotiate reductions. The reductions were about $250 million. The Senate voted unanimously on that budget.

Operating Budget Now – The Governor made reductions of $444 million more, above and beyond what the Legislature has done collaboratively as 60 lawmakers. We now face destruction of key parts of the state’s economy.

Mental Health Budget – This budget is never controversial…until this year. The Governor has vetoed some of the funds in this budget as well.

Vetoed Items:

University – The University of Alaska is a key research facility. It is known, world-wide, for Arctic research. The U.S. is an Arctic nation because of Alaska. 

Yet, the U.S. government has little expertise on Arctic topics outside of the work pioneered by UA. The University prepares our professional workforces. In fact, the presence of the University was one of the reasons that the military decided to deploy fighter jets here.

Head Start, Adult Dental, Senior Benefits, WWAMI (medical education scholarships to bring doctors back to Alaska), University of Alaska Performance Scholarships for high school seniors, behavioral health and homeless grants and more have been targeted by the Governor’s red pen  over 180 items vetoed that impact Alaskans of every age, geographic area, demographic.

I am asked if I am a fiscal conservative who wants to reduce the size of government. The answer is yes; just ask the many folks who criticized me for most of my time in the Legislature for being a “rabid right winger” on fiscal issues. I voted for a fiscally conservative budget in the Operating Budget this year. The Legislature performed careful surgery. The vetoes are reckless amputations.

Veto Override Session:

As I presided over the Joint Session, I could see each legislator’s face as they spoke about the impact of the various vetoes. Many strong men and  women had to fight back tears as they spoke about the damage caused by cuts that undermine their communities. These lawmakers were seeing the faces of the men, women, and families in their districts. They were envisioning their neighborhood streets with ‘For Sale’ signs in front of homes and ‘Closed’ signs on businesses. It was heart-felt grief for our Alaskans and our economy that drove those remarks on the floor yesterday.

Some people think Legislators are aloof, wealthy, detached elites. Fake news!!! We are Alaskans, citizens just like all of you. We worked hard to meet the need to reduce spending without creating mortal injury to our families, businesses and jobs. We came together, as Alaskans of different backgrounds, in this Special Session, to repair Alaska from the impacts of these vetoes. Sadly, 22 of our colleagues didn’t share the same level of concern.

Thursday, July 11 – Rescind Action and vote again to override

We have made allowance for our absent colleagues. There is a motion to pull back the failed vote to override and return to the Joint Session on Thursday to vote again.

The time for that last vote will be at 10:30 AM. This allows our absent colleagues to arrive in Juneau and get to the Capitol. There was a flight last night available, or they could come down on this morning’s early flight. We are offering them every opportunity possible to do the right thing for Alaskans.

Click here for legislators’ floor speeches on Tuesday, June 9th.

Kind regards



  1. The smug look on Pruitt’s face is immature, telling, and disheartening given the critical issues at stake.

    • Or could it be that the mob who pushed their way into Wasilla Middle School to disrupt the real special session, performed antics worthy of Monty Pyton’s Flying Circus … guaranteed to bring big smiles to anyone’s face. He caught the craziness on his phone for austerity and historical reasons.

      • The teenager posing over his shoulder looked pretty threatening! Indeed, who can imagine the pressure that poor man must be under.

    • Smug look? Looks more like the whatever-you-want grin of a person who is not going to be pushed around by a screaming mob. Sort of “do your worst. I’m not going to cave to a bunch of bullies.”

      • The method wasn’t appropriate but come on, this isn’t antifa, these are kids concerned about decisions legislators aren’t making. Regardless as to who is in the right or wrong about location the legislature is not serving the good people of Alaska. That’s wrong, and these kids are handling it in an immature way, but no worse than the immaturity shown by representatives of the people.

    • Commenting that “The smug look on Pruitt’s face is immature…” when taken in context, and ignoring the screaming child-like protester’s antics (my apologies to 1) children, many of whom actually behave far more maturely and 2) to those who chose to protest but do so in legal and constructive ways) is like a cop taking time to ticket someone for going 3 mph over the speed limit while ignoring a bank robbery happening 20 feet a way. It is at best irrational and highly subjective. I commend Rep. Pruitt for maintaining his calm and a sense of humor. Since the “protesters” would not engage in mature adult conversation with people who disagree with them, and the Law Enforcement personnel on hand apparently lacked the willingness and/or authorization to keep order, there was not much else to do.

      And as to Sen. Giessel’s rather hyperbolic letter… There are many critiques that could be made of her actions and positions of late as well as those documented in the letter, especially in light of her previous campaign statements, but I will settle for two.

      First, Sen. Giessel seems to want to use the fact that we are supposed to be electing representatives who will act in our behalf by doing what they believe is best, even if we sometimes disagree, as a defense for her actions/positions. I wholeheartedly agree with and support the founder’s (State and National) design of representative government vs. a pure democracy (aka mob rule). However, that only works when those running for office have the transparency, integrity, and courage to honestly represent their positions, regardless of the political and personal cost, before and during the election and then stand by them as they govern. Unfortunately in this day and age where politicians feel free to “evolve” in their positions, the founder’s design is greatly undercut. As one of her constituents, I do not feel Sen. Giessel has represented me in a way that can be honestly reconciled with how she represented herself in recent campaigns. I regret voting for her and will not do so again.

      Second, Sen. Giessel chose to begin her letter with a comparison and critique of the Alaska Constitution’s standard for over-riding a governor’s vetoes. Ironically, in light of her later statements on why she should be allowed to govern as she sees fit, she seems to be complaining that the protections allotted by the State Constitution’s writers to allow the Governor the same authority are wrong. Perhaps she should consider resigning and moving to one of those states with a lower threshold for over-riding the veto of a governor duly elected by the people of this state as their representative at the executive level.

      • AKTom, perhaps God sent the immature, child/young adult protesters as a symbol to the legislators who are neglecting their DUTY to serve the good people of the state of Alaska. I haven’t read Sen Giessel’s letter but will look for it.

        • OK no surprises in the letter. Except she should have said “DONNA AND The Governor made THOUGHTLESS reductions of $444 million more, above and beyond what the Legislature has done collaboratively as 60 lawmakers.”

    • Yes, legalize marijuana, give away a 1.9 BILLION dollar ENTITLEMENT each year, increase homelessness, pull benefits to senior citizens, and defund public education. Alaska is just the place law abiding conservatives will want to live.

      • Oh, and I forgot, and erase distinctions between genders when it comes to using restrooms in schools. What a great place we are creating for the next generation.

  2. The Lawless ones claims of actually being Lawful are at best LAUGHABLE! Cathy “The Wiesel” Giesel needs to comply with the Law and go to Wasilla. Period. End of Story.

    • There are some choice nicknames for Governor Dunleavy that involve OMB Donna Arduin but I try to resist from ad hominems. Although name calling is sometimes effective it degrades civil discourse. Can’t we disagree about facts and be kind?

  3. EL, Please describe for readers “smug look”. Please differentiate smug look from simple smile. Could it be that Mr. Pruitt is saying “no matter how loud this ignorant piece of garbage next to me screams In my ear I am going to maintain my decorum because I am acting in my official capacity”?

    • Well Will, the 16 year old “piece of garbage” is a human being. She’s upset that legislators aren’t doing their duty and is taking it out in an immature way. No more immature than the antics of the “representatives of the good people of Alaska.” Why take selfies in this situation, it’s immature and degrading.

      • EL – she’s 16 years old? Do you know her? She looks to be in her 40s to me. Most of those ridiculous, screaming protesters look to be 40s/50s (and maybe older, with that grey-haired woman in chains at the door). They ALL should be old enough, to know better than to act like children throwing tantrums.

        • Well maybe”teen” would have been more accurate. Wonder woman chained to the door sure looked intimidating but probably not more than 25.

          • Maybe EL prefers, “A nation of men,” to, “A nation of laws.” When lawlessness is advocated as the only way to achieve one’s desired ends, one cannot also demand civil discourse from those who’s right to, “equal protection under the law,” is being violated by the actions of uncivilized and unlawful protesters… just saying.
            Pay no attention to man behind the curtain. The Great and Powerful OZ has spoken!

          • Yes the immature protestors we’re delaying the immature representatives from pledging the flag, singing the national anthem, humming amazing grace (o the irony), and adjourning to claim a full days per diem. A real impediment to civil discourse. The adults in the room elected to serve the people should be hanging their heads in shame.

  4. Probably bad form by Pruitt. Lance Pruitt, you can do it, for our future!
    And, she went there…. Cathy Giessel touched all the liberal talking points in this piece, didn’t she? The Senator’s letter is what’s fake news. What is she talking about? Whether they are in Wasilla (where they all should be) or the 22 go to Juneau where she wants them to be, there will be no override. They don’t have the votes and they know it. They never have and they never will. It doesn’t matter what city they are in. The votes aren’t there.
    Does she think that Alaska is the only state that has different people with different needs and different backgrounds? Jeez. She is trying to placate us on how “hard” they worked and somehow the “22” colleagues didn’t have the same concerns as those in Juneau do? How “hard” you all worked? Are you serious Cathy?
    If you all worked a little harder, you would have sat down a long, long, time ago and went through this line by line by line and come to some middle ground. Made some compromises instead of acting like a bunch of clowns. The sky is falling approach, with “tears in grown man eyes” is a tired, old story. That doesn’t work Cathy. Maybe when your 5-year-old is standing at your feet wanting more ice cream it does, but not now. The sky isn’t falling Cathy. What is happening is the ship is sinking and we need to plug the damn boat.

  5. First, thanks for the civics lesson Ms. Giessel. I believe that you are a perfect example of all that is wrong with the Republican party in Alaska, and a primary reason why conservatives like myself should favor a strong Independent party. If you were truly a conservative, and not married to self-interests that keep you tied to Juneau, you would respect the Governor’s called session and be present to voice and represent your concerns.

  6. Quite obvious to everyone: the CHICKENS went to Juneau. The COURAGEOUS went to Wasilla. Voters will not forget who are the CHICKENS.

  7. Please stop calling these people anarchist. They are more Bolshevik communists than they are anarchist.

    • Yes, these immature teens and young adults are acting like antifa and we need to send in the National Guard. I’m surprised it’s only been fist fights, molotove cocktails, baseball bats, and beatings and that nobody has been shot.

      • YOU told them to, Elstun. You called for violence against conservatives. Now you are hiding back in your cage? Own up to it, coward. Or can you not do that, without an armed antifa MOB, behind you?

  8. “…but our efforts will only succeed if everyone disturbed by these reckless cuts continues to raise their voice.”
    Apparently the Democrats forgot about 2016 and how loudly Alaskans expressed their contempt over the garnishment of half the PFD for their government salaries and per deim $ ?
    Raising our voices then did not work as it will also fail for them…
    It seems the old adage of “what comes around goes around” is most appropriate during this “tit for tat” government upheaval in Alaska.
    Republicans will not be concerned over the state of the economy until their homes are worth 1/3 of what they once thought they might get.
    At this point we will all be counting “life boats” and trying to decide who makes it out and who gets to ride the ship down into the “belly of the beast”.
    Till then I would stock up on “N95” masks because it looks like the smoke in our air is not going away anytime soon and that is more detrimental to our health than poor government.

    • Yes, can you imagine “your PFD” being “garnished.” The dividend is not a constitutional right, it is an ENTITLEMENT like food stamps. Unlike food stamps, you don’t qualify for the PFD based on income you qualify just because you suck Alaskan air. The boom times are over, and unless we start a war with North Korea or we discover a Prudhoe Bay the “free-ride” is over.

      The voters in 1976 did not approve a constitutional amendment for a Permanent Fund to provide a permanent entitlement. They established the Permanent Fund to save and then to use the earnings from the Permanent Fund for basic government services. Go look it up….

      • Partially wrong, EL. The PFD was established as a reimbursement for giving up our property rights to the state. If the PFD keeps getting cut, I want my property rights to mine and drill back. No property owner in this state actually owns their property, the state does. The PFD is not an ENTITLEMENT to property owners any more so than seniors getting Social Security and Medicare if they paid into those programs through their working days.
        I don’t have strong feelings on the PFD one way or the other, and I don’t mind paying all those state and municipality taxes for BASIC government services (yes, we all pay state taxes in some form. Check out your phone bill is just one example). When Alaska has more state employees per capita in the nation, that is no longer BASIC services.
        I didn’t vote for our current Gov (I voted 3rd party) but I’m not losing any sleep at his budget cuts. I think he should have made more specific cuts, like specifying the university’s top-heavy administration would be cut. Same with the every single other department, even his own, has too many over-paid chiefs. Basic services are one thing. Over-paid Commissioners, Presidents, Chancellors, Vice-Chancellors, et al. Add in 51 individual school districts (way more than any other states) with their own administrations, 3 (mostly) independent universities in a state with less than 800,000 people with their own administrations and duplicative degrees, and many other departments that should be consolidated. Gov Dunleavy could have done a better way going about his cuts.
        Alaska has gone way beyond BASIC government services from what the 1976 voters wanted (like my and my partner’s parents). Services, yes. Top-heavy, unaccountable bureaucracy, no.

        • S Evans, thanks for your thoughtful and civil reply. I disagree on several points. First, the fact that there isn’t enough private land is not a State problem and the State of Alaska does not owe anyone an entitlement to offset the lack of property rights. This is a Federal problem, as you know the Feds own about 60% of the land. One could argue they offset your potential property right via MASSIVE federal subsidies to Alaska. Personally I would like to see more of that land go to the private sector but managing that land is costly – Eg the Feds are shouldering the bulk of costs fighting the 40 or so wlidfires.

          Second, the dividend is an entitlement because it is a transfer from government to individuals without any service / work being provided – just like food stamps or housing assistance. The means test for food stamps is income based and the means test for the PFD is a residency requirement. They are both ENTITLEMENTS. Voters didn’t support a constitutional amendment in 1976 to generate an ENTITLEMENT, they created a Permanent Fund the earnings of which were to go to the general fund to support basic government services.

          Third, if administrative costs are the problem at the University, why implement a cut 3 times the size of the entire administrative unit’s budget (UA statewide) – the cut is about equal to the size of UAAs entire budget…. And try to leave smaller less efficient rural campuses untouched? This is pure politics and an attempt to deconstruct public higher education in Alaska.

          Last, maybe if you were one of the 5,000 or so people forecast to lose a job you might be losing some sleep. This will drive good people out of Alaska and put us back in an economic downturn. Unless there’s a war or big discovery oil and gas won’t save us and the Governor had better step as a leader, fire his Rasputin, and lead the legislature to some consensus or things will get pretty bad.

    • Steve, I don’t think either party is terribly concerned about the state economy. Both parties are more concerned about their donors, whether it’s the oil companies or the unions or other well-funded donor. If they cared about the economy, they would revamp some of the most ludicrous state permit requirements that make it difficult for entrepreneurs to start working or ending all the subsidizes giant companies receive so local small companies get a fair playing field to compete. Neither party is addressing our civil assets forfeiture, either.
      I’m not going to say it’s “Republicans” issue, like your post. I’m going to say it’s a Republican and Democrat issue. Sure, it’s easy to blame the Republicans right now, but the Democrats are just as guilty as allowing the state to rack up the debt we currently have. See my response to EL about the PFD for further evidence.
      If you’re curious, here’s a “Freedom of the 50 States” produced by CATO every year. https://www.freedominthe50states.org/overall/alaska

  9. Giessel is spouting leftist rhetoric. She is blaming the ineptitude of those supporting her ‘political’ stance, on other legitimate representatives of the citizens of Alaska. The budget cuts by the Governor must be made, and now. Else, the State of Alaska will be bankrupt in short order. What fiscal/fiduciary responsibility does Giessel not understand? All of it? The entire legislative fiasco is due to leftists wanting deficit spending, at the expense of Alaskan citizens, to promote and continue policies put in place by a leftist administration (walker’s) and continue that deficit spending until Alaskans are completely deprived of their ability to financially survive in our State, to further those policies of the prior leftist administration. The military moved advanced fighter jets to Alaska to counter aggression/attack by hostile foreign governments, not because the UA is here. Giessel’s assertions are unsupported by reality, fact and common sense. Her desire to spend Alaska into oblivion is beyond the pale. UA has been operating on a budget of nearly $1 billion annually. Absolute nonsense, especially for an institution (UA) that has lost national credibility/accreditation. Giessel’s ambitions to secure citizens’ $$ to support her leftist idealism is abhorrent. Vote her out and replace her with a “representative” of the people and for the people.

    • Yes, leftist deficit spending, like the $1.9 BILLION dollar entitlement. Is there one conservative / libertarian economist / politician in any other state who thinks a $1.9 BILLION dollar entitlement this year is a good idea?

      • Oh ! “EL” – got it. You are Elstun Lauesen. Now your stupid remarks make sense. You are a flaming liberal, biggest Anchorage fan of antifa types. Why don’t you use your real name when you post here, coward? Hope Harriet enjoys her LAST term in office.

        • I thought the point of this forum was to discuss ideas-news in a civil fashion, not to level ad hominims or to try to guess who’s who. Personally I would never advocate violence, I don’t know about the person you mention. Sincerely, El Pollo Loco

          • Oh, and by the way, if my name was Elston I would have changed it a long time ago (no offense intended to any Elston’s out there)

  10. They’re literally doing this right now; pleading with their fellows to come to Juneau. Your timing is… interesting.

    • I say, send in the National Gaurd, coordinate with the White House, and send all of our legislators, the Governor, and especially DONNA, to North Korea for the special session. Donna will like this because North Korea is considering privatizing their Gulags.

  11. Do a handful of these people leave the state if we make the cuts? If so, I say watch out for that swinging door on the way out. Good riddance.

    • Or how about, use earnings from the Permanent Fund as voters intended when the Fund was created and “good riddance” to the free-riders who leave because they don’t get a dividend.

  12. It would be nice if Sen Giessel would come to her district and listen to her constituents. Or maybe just answer the phone at her office.

    • I’ve gotten a personal email from her and other legislators who are meeting in Juneau, but crickets from the gang in Wasilla. The emails were personalized but basically the same. I’m a nobody but the difference in response between the two groups is telling for me.

      • I get crickets from the “antifites” (Anchorage bunch especially – I’ve called, emailed your WIFE Harriet Drummond and you, Elstun – no response.) The conservatives I voted for, always answer my emails.

  13. Well, the state budget mess should have never gotten to this point to begin with. The weak politicians in Juneau just kept spending and spending with no regard for the future. Well now the future is here.
    Oh, bad economy, no problem we will prop it up with government money. Oil prices down, oh no problem, we will just “withhold” the PFD checks and spend it elsewhere, and on and on.
    So many of these people in Juneau have zero clue as to what is really going on in Alaska. Most of them do not have the mental capacity to even comprehend how basic financial principles work.

  14. If these legislators had just gone to Wasilla as proclaimed by the Governor half of this turmoil would not exist. They could have voted to change the site to Juneau or Anchorage once they met. Instead they wanted to stick their collective thumbs in the eye of the Governor. Well congratulations you accomplished the task. As a result I hope those legislators in Wasilla stand their ground and all my sympathy for the effect of any of the Governor’s vetos (including on me) is gone. After seeing those people take over the legislative session in Wasilla by stealing one group’s freedom to assemble/speak so they could impose their will I’m done. Now THAT has become the point. No more.

    • Yes, Dave I’m frustrated too. As I said above, send in the National Guard and move the special session to North Korea (making sure Donna and the Governor attend).

      • el,
        Do you have something in a wad? Is something caught in a wringer? You seem very conflicted in your ‘solution’ to our Governor and Representatives of the people actually following the law, and what you would have happen to them for doing that (following the law). Would you rather have the constitutional law of Alaska ignored so you and other dissenters can have their way? Remember, it’s not polite to answer a question with a question.

        • Ben, the whole lot are a bunch of Pharisees. It isn’t spelled out in detail about the Governor’s right to choose a location so both groups are claiming a ‘holier than thou’ right to not be doing the people’s business. They need to act like adults and do the jobs they were elected to do in some location. The Governor is miserably failing in leadership and he will never see another 4 years.

          • EL / Elstun ~ oh yes he will! Just like President Trump will win 2020, you liberals have gone too far left and the USA is going to shake you all off, like a bad case of fleas.

  15. Speaking of answering the phone … a few days ago I called my State Senator, Click Bishop’s office, and lo and behold, it was answered by one of his aides, named Chris. I asked if Click was there, was told yes, and I said, “Oh, he’s in Juneau?” And his aide said of course he was. I asked why he wasn’t in Wasilla where he was supposed to be and Chris told me that Click was where he was supposed to be, doing the work he was elected to do. I said, “Click is in the wrong city, that he isn’t doing the work I elected him to do!” I was told to have a nice day and got hung up on. Seems rude and pretentious, if I say so myself. Like the rude mob in Wasilla …

    • Isn’t it sad to be treated with such contempt and disdain by those who are supposed to be serving you, the very people who made it possible for them to be in the position they are currently serving? Or, should I add “supposed to be serving”?

    • Your telling his aid that Bishop wasn’t where he was supposed to be is what was pretentious, Jeff! Think highly of yourself do you?
      Mark Twain once said, when you start to think uppity of yourself: Try bossing someone’s dog around.
      Well you are starting to think pretty uppity of yourself IMO.

  16. Wait.
    Protestors that want more government
    funding than the legislators in Wasilla are “anarchists”?

    Suzanne, is this a doublethink experiment or are you entirely stupid?

    • I could have used the phrase “poorly behaved brats,” but that seemed strong. – sd

      • Well, one is an incorrectly used political term, as I’m sure Kropotkin or Proudhon wouldn’t consider the protestors to be anarchists.

        “Poorly behaved brats” is a somewhat valid, yet subjective, idea as direct action and protest for political purpose is an American tradition shared most political sides and always disdained by those being protested against.

        • joe,
          Lenin and Stalin didn’t consider the Bolsheviks to be anarchists either. Look what happened there. Turned into a real workers’ paradise called the USSR. Legitimate protests are intended to turn a wrong into a right. What’s happening in Alaska is leftists/dims trying to turn a ‘right (by our Governor) into a wrong’. You know, like good little socialists.

          • Ben, I’m missing the connection you’re trying to make. Correct, Lenin and Stalin, or any Bolshevik, did not consider themselves anarchists – they even killed anarchists. What point are you making?

  17. So my wife and I noticed on the local “news” coverage of the “tale of two legislative groups” on camera last evening a glaring disparity; one group of legislators were mingling with non-legislators (constituents not protesters) enjoying civil discourse and in the other location appeared to be legislators grouping up with each other and perhaps a few lobbyists for discussions without those “bothersome things” called constituents. I’ll assume you can figure out which group was in Juneau.

  18. The disrupters didn’t allow the legislators to “meet” to even be a part of the vote. Thank you! You succeeded in keeping an override vote from happening!

    • Wasn’t that the point of the Wasilla strong coalition? The protestors didn’t have anything to do with the deriliction of duty.

  19. And the sanctimonious language about”upholding the Constitution” is found to be empty. At least the low income seniors whose benefits were unexpectedly cut are happy the “Wasilla strong” stood up for what was “right.”

  20. The Governor ran on the platform of paying the statutory PFD and cutting the budget. The legislature failed to do either in the regular session and a special session.
    The Governor used his legal authority to cut the budget half as much as he wanted to.
    Now people are losing their minds because he is actually doing what he said he would.
    The majority of registered voters in this state elected the Governor because we hoped that he would actually KEEP his campaign promises. (unlike Sens Giessel, Kopp, and Rep Knopf).
    The failure of the legislature over the past 10 years to shape the state budget in a responsible manner is what is responsible for the drastic cuts of today, and it will be worse in the days to come.
    If you truly believe that cutting $400 mil out of a $5 bil budget is the end of days, I say leave now, move to California (where you likely came from) and enjoy the blessings of government largesse.

  21. Giessel’s gotta go.
    The so-called senator’s contempt for constituents is too much.
    Maybe it’ll come back as a consultant/lobbyist/contractor.
    But as Senator for District N?
    Oh hell no! No way!

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