Legislator Andrew Gray asks for scientific proof that men are really stronger and faster than women in sports


Rep. Andrew Gray, who won his seat with the help of the LGBTQ Victory Fund, distinguished himself with a question to Rep. Jamie Allard, sponsor of House Bill 183, which seeks to protect girl athletes from having their competitive sports taken over by boys identifying as girls.

Gray used the gender slug “cis-gender” to refer to biological girls, when he asked for proof, during the House Judiciary Committee hearing on the bill.

Allard said there was plenty of proof, but she referred to Riley Gaines, the swimmer who was forced to compete against a male swimmer known by his transgender name as Lia Thomas, during her collegiate swimming career. Thomas, who is 6-foot, 1 inches with broad shoulders and masculine upper-body musculature, stole the trophy from an actual woman swimmer during the NCAA Division I national championship, winning the women’s 500-yard freestyle event in 2022. Thomas had competed as a male just two years earlier. While on the men’s team, he ranked 554th in the 200 freestyle.

Read Swimmer’s World analysis of Lia Thomas’ undeniable physical advantages.

Gaines spoke to the House Judiciary Committee by teleconference, reminding the committee that at no time has the committee considered the unfair advantage of girls competing in boys’ divisions, because everyone knows that doesn’t occur, which is why it is not controversial.

While the Alaska Board of Education and Early development and the Alaska School Activities Association have banned boys from competing in girls-only athletic competitions, HB 183 expands the ban and puts it into state law. Private schools with teams competing against public school teams would be covered by HB 183.  

“Do you have any studies that show that trans-women have physical advantage over what I’m gonna call cis-gender girls, what you call biological girls, in sports?” Trans-women are men who have taken chemicals to suppress their male hormones and who typically have undergone surgeries to make themselves look more feminine. They typically maintain their stronger bones, muscles, and physique that goes along with athletic prowess.

Watch Gray ask the question and hear Riley Gaines’ answer in this video clip of the committee hearing:

Gaines pointed out to the committee that in basketball, the ball is smaller because women’s hands are smaller. In golf, women’s clubs are shorter and the women tee from a different spot to account for the difference in ability to drive the ball for the same distance.

One study showing the athletic superiority of men over women is found at the National Library of Medicine at this link.

The study shows that “without the sex division, females would have little chance of winning because males are faster, stronger, and have greater endurance capacity. Male physiology underpins their better athletic performance including increased muscle mass and strength, stronger bones, different skeletal structure, better adapted cardiorespiratory systems, and early developmental effects on brain networks that wires males to be inherently more competitive and aggressive. Testosterone secreted before birth, postnatally, and then after puberty is the major factor that drives these physiological sex differences, and as adults, testosterone levels are ten to fifteen times higher in males than females. The non-overlapping ranges of testosterone between the sexes has led sports regulators, such as the International Olympic Committee, to use 10 nmol/L testosterone as a sole physiological parameter to divide the male and female sporting divisions. Using testosterone levels as a basis for separating female and male elite athletes is arguably flawed. Male physiology cannot be reformatted by estrogen therapy in transwoman athletes because testosterone has driven permanent effects through early life exposure.” 

Gray wrote of his thinking: “Yesterday in house judiciary I attempted to table Rep. Jamie Allard’s dangerous HB 183 which could require genital exams on our children before they can play sports. Unfortunately, I was ruled out of order, but I will not back down.”


  1. Look at the fastest 100 yard dash times. If you compare men to women head to head. The fastest woman ever is outpaced by the fastest 5000 men. 5000! The argument that men and women are the same is the epitome of insanity.

    • The 100m female world record was set by Florence Griffith-Joyner in 1988 at 10.49 seconds. In 2023 there were more than 20 high-school boys who ran the 100m in less than 10.49 seconds.

      We can go through all the track and field distances and events and we will find the same results, high-school boys are faster and stronger than grown women who have spent a lifetime training and competing at the highest level.

      • Facts, also when you compare woman to men , they cannot play pro football , they cannot play pro basketball , they cannot play pro hockey , every sport if put them in that identical sport it’s not even close.

      • 100-200 high school boys would have beat FJ’s time in 2023 if she hadn’t used steroids to set the record.

    • The basic approach of Common Sense, Logic, and Reason in presenting Facts in this debate is ultimately flawed with these unhinged and fanatical individuals. They simply won’t accept the Facts and will only continue with their own personal agenda. Unfortunately, and sadly, these “Air Thieves” (ie: sucking up good – fresh air) hold prominent positions of power and influence that can and will affect those of us whom are sane.

  2. This one is “special”.

    Here is the future these people want for you >

    Free housing.
    Free healthcare.
    Free food.
    Free education.
    Free utilities.
    Equal economic outcomes.
    A racially diverse population with whites in the minority.
    Lots of homosexual sex.

    Where is this leftist utopia?

    The answer is prison. The ideal leftist society.

  3. Once again Senator Grey flaunts his level of intelligence (lack there of). He is the same Senator that also believes he and his legislative colleagues know more about your healthcare needs than the medical professionals. See Must Read April 7 – Democrats’ week of grandstanding: Enabling school truancy, advocating for Viagra for bush rats. I wonder if his constituents pay attention, or perhaps they do not care?

    • Gray’s last statement summed it all up for me in just a few words.
      He wants his ignorant constituents(which are many)to think he is concerned about children’s safety.
      Notice how He mentions children to be subjected to “required dangerous genital exams on “OUR” children”
      Using that as a false hoodwink to table the “dangerous” HB183.

      The only “danger” would be from the fine Dr Gray himself doing the exams.
      Not to any of my children grand children great grand children in ANY public school sports program.

    • Just the fact that He is labeling that aspect of the subject as “dangerous” and not the risk of boys in girls locker rooms or girls being injured on the field from competing with stronger males is very troubling and telling of his intentions.
      He actually cares nothing about the mental stress being forced upon young aspiring female athletes which is Jamie’s main focus of protecting.
      Shame on Representative Gray and his supporters.

  4. Gray is lacking in gray matter. What was that old lyric, “Insane in the membrane”?

  5. In other news, Representative Gray also asked Jamie Allard for proof that the sky is blue, and that the earth revolves around the sun instead of vice-versa.

  6. I wonder how anyone could have voted for this delusional fool? People get the government that they deserve. Hope you enjoy an extra cricket leg for dessert.

  7. I question grays sanity ? Maybe he’s never watched NFL game ? Not one tranny playing professional football . Simple answer !

  8. What would happen if you tossed a woman in the ring up against George Forman. Surely he isn’t serious. Most idiotic thing ever asked possibly. Lord have mercy our society is sinking into a hole.

  9. And the winner of the lowest IQ in the Legislature goes to Rep. Andrew Gray. Congratulations sir for your accomplishment.

    • Not so sure about that one….
      He may still be fighting it out with Forrest Dunbar or Zach Fields and Jenny (sorry I just got here) Armstrong is running for at least honorable mention!

  10. Ignorance is curable.

    Stupidity is forever.

    The latter phrase applies to this one in particular everyday. I will bet his mommy and daddy are very proud of him.

    • The writer of this article and commenters just don’t get it. Senator Gray is neither stupid nor insane. Rather, he is testing us by further moving the boundaries of his perverse ideological agenda. When he talks foolishly the other legislators should not engage in stupid debate but rather demand he stop wasting everyone’s time with nonsense.

      See foolish commenters on here doing the same; arguing how males are physically stronger than females. As if we don’t already know? See how they dodge the real issue: why do we tolerate a fool speaking nonsense in our legislature? Answer: fear…. of being counter-attacked; accused in the public arena of bigotry, etc. However, to save our republic, we must overcome our fear and press back–with truth.

      • You are undoubtedly correct, Wayne. This malicious Rep. Grey is obviously just pushing here to get more people to accept, whether consciously or subconsciously, the lies of the radical left in order to further derange their thinking in general.

        I cannot help but yet again think of the old quote by Voltaire: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”. And clearly, both the believing of absurdities AND the committing of atrocities are the goals of the radical left.

      • Quite correct. Our legislators need to stand up and drive out lack of substance and decorum, or pay for their lack of intestinal fortitude with the chance to rot in Andrew’s “Castle Grayskull”. Its dark in there.

      • He is a special kind of stupid, but he’s doing what he’s told for a reason.

        In the last 100 years the left won politically by inching their way towards victory. Far too many on the right want to be Mickey Mantle and win the game in one swing.

        Doesn’t often work that way.

      • Wayne,

        Which is it, you say “to save our republic, we must overcome our fear and press back–with truth”, but you prefaced that comment by saying “When he talks foolishly the other legislators should not engage in stupid debate but rather demand he stop wasting everyone’s time with nonsense. See foolish commenters on here doing the same; arguing how males are physically stronger than females. As if we don’t already know?” So you think people should press back with truth, but not actually do so?

        There is no debate it is a matter of science, common sense, and reality that as a whole men are physically stronger than females. By calling those who point that fact out foolish you are part of the problem. In order to bring the truth to light you need to call out those who are wrong, each and every time.

    • Like many on here, you contend this guy is ignorant and stupid… as he brilliantly plays us like a fiddle….. establishing new frontiers of perversion right on the floor of our legislature? Rather than ignoring him, or shutting him down, they actually debate his nonsense. Commenters on here do the same…. as if it’s actually necessary to argue males are stronger than females. This so-called idiot has brilliantly wrapped everyone around his finger. They cringe in fear rather than fight back. In this respect, we are an entire nation of losers.

      • The only losers are people who refuse to bring truth to light and would rather prefer silence to fact. I’m sorry that Representative Gray has you wrapped around his finger.

    • Genius has limits; stupidity has no limits. And Wayne is spot on, this guy should be ridiculed and shunned.

      • Sounds to me like Wayne wants to allow Representative Gray to be allowed to share his beliefs without anyone daring to question them. He’s literally saying that people shouldn’t even point out how absurd what Representative Grray is saying.

    • He is not clueless. He knows exactly what he is doing. He knows hapless fools like us will figure he is clueless and therefore tolerate his nonsense without serious push-back. In that way, he can continue to press the boundaries of his perverse ideology. Indeed many of us are clueless in this game; but he is not one of them. He is very calculating.

      • Wayne, I agree with you.
        Just like his stunt with the “$7 billion/year state run health care” demand, this is to delay, obfuscate and sidetrack to stall the bill long enough to run out the clock. This allows for more time to either convince or cajole more legislators or hope for more of his political leanings being elected, so this bill never sees the light of day/governor’s desk. It is similar to the environmental groups tactic of lawfare to delay long enough to make a project financial unfeasible.

  11. What’s truly frightening is that Representative Gray is or was licensed to practice medicine. It makes me wonder if he recommended a pap smear for any of the old Bush rats he prescribed viagra for?

  12. Of course some women may be taller, heavier or even stronger than some men. That is not the point. The point is female athletes, in the aggregate, do not have the muscle mass and the bone strength of male athletes. Women, particularly those in interscholastic sports, can be hurt by males pretending to be women, playing on a woman’s sports team. Every male pretending to be a woman who gets a podium finish or even gets playing time is stealing from a woman who could have been playing in his place. it does not matter that these pretenders constitute a very small percentage when compared to the total of female athletes; one is too many.

  13. If you want this to stop, quit paying attention to the mouthpiece. Stop paying attention to the organization that gave money to this mouthpiece.
    Start paying attention to the transgender billionaire heir that lives in Chicago and funds all of the transgender legislation across the country. You can Google “transgender billionaire voice for change” and find out the exact individual using money to force this across the country

  14. Sure …
    I say let the trans-women compete against the real-women, in …
    a scrabble game …
    a rubik’s cube contest …
    or a checkers match.

    And you work in the medical-field … c’mon Andy, get it together!

  15. When a boy plays computer games, watches tv, and snacks in front of the screens of course a girl can beat him, he’s out of shape.

  16. Well.. Employee “andrew”, simply look at a army APFT test score card. Males have to run faster, do more situps, do more push-ups; than females. There’s your “proof”.

    • That is likely more of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” look pretending to be passionately concerned about young girls being subjected to “dangerous genital exams” but ultimately excited about the possible interactions of the “transgirls” in the girls locker room if the bill fails.

  17. Representative Gray is a joke. He is everything woke. He is just another puppet of the progressive left! He is an educated man so I know he knows the answer to his question but he does not speak truth just woke philosophy! He would have not be elected if a national LGBT group had not poured millions into 2022 races for him and 3 others to be elected only because they are LGBT! Doesn’t matter who or what they are only one thing needed and that was he was gay!!

  18. This guy speaks truth ! There hasn’t been a better leftist state so plainly about a system (education)
    “Rep. Andrew Gray April 8, 2024 At 4:30 am
    For the record, my amendment to establish single payer health care was multiple pages, not “seven words.” Don’t trust what you read, folks. Get the facts.

    Fact: Alaska has the highest health care costs in the United States.

    Fact: Alaska’s health care outcomes are some of the worst in the country.

    Fact: when you are paying more than everybody else and getting less, you’re in a bad business model.”

    He was just on the wrong playing field!!

    • Not long and then the rot will engulf the rest of the state/country as long as care less citizens sit on their thumbs and bitch about what happened to America.
      What America once was…too good to last.

  19. Well, Masked, I see they have you pandering to their ideology by your submitting to using the soft, misleading, term “gay” rather than the clinically descriptive term “homosexual.”

  20. The members of the party that always screeches about how science is real, do everything they can to outright ignore science at every turn.

  21. Have you all really forgotten how tiny you were when you were little boys? This is not about men and women. This is about little girls and boys. Get over your bullying and hate. I was faster and stronger than almost all the boys in school. I still hold records in my school.

    • Was the conversation about when kids are little??? I missed that somehow. Can you point me to the portion of the article where it explains that we are talking about little kids?

  22. Hopefully his adversary in the future election to occupy the position that he is in, makes a meme out of that picture-

    “The NEW Gray’s Anatomy”
    In support of complete reconfiguration of society.

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