‘Legalized kidnapping’ bill heads to Inslee’s desk for signature



 A Washington bill that would allow youth shelters, host homes, and state agencies to not report runaway youths seeking abortions or irreversible gender surgeries has cleared the Legislature.

SB 5599 initially passed in both chambers, but was sent back to the Senate for concurrence with several House amendments, receiving an 29-20 vote on April 19.

The bill has sparked strong controversy for what critics say is a direct assault on parental rights and due process due to how it adds a new reason to not report runaway minors to their parents or legal guardians that does not involve neglect or abuse.

While bill sponsor Sen. Marko Liias, D-Mukilteo, says the proposal “it is simply about housing an emergency shelter for young people who are unsheltered in our state,” it tacks on another “compelling reason” for shelters and host homes to not alert parents or legal guardians of their child’s whereabouts as otherwise required.

An existing state statute allows them not to do so if there are “circumstances that indicate that notifying the parent or legal guardian will subject the minor to abuse or neglect,” both of which are classified as crimes.

SB 5599 adds “when a minor is seeking or receiving protected health care services” to the compelling reasons to not notify parents that their runaway child is at the shelter or host home.

There already exists a state definition of “gender affirming care” that includes but is not limited to the following procedures:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Chemical peel
  • Dermabrasion
  • Facial feminization surgeries
  • Face lift
  • Facial masculinization surgeries
  • Forehead brow lift
  • Genital modification
  • Hairline modification
  • Hair removal by electrolysis or laser
  • Hysterectomy
  • Lip enhancement
  • Reduction thyroid chondroplasty (chondrolaryngoplasty or tracheal shave)
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Liposuction
  • Mastectomy
  • Penile implant
  • Voice modification

Under existing state law, minors can get abortions or irreversible gender surgeries without parental notification.

One of the House amendments requires that the Department of Children, Youth, and Families offer the runaway minor services that include “accomplish a reunification of the family.” Another amendment requires a state agency collect data on the number of unsheltered homeless youth in the state.

Senate Republicans rejected the bill due to what Sen. Matt Boehnke, R-Kennewick, described as “issues with the parents not being a part of this, the family members as well.”

Conservative Ladies of Washington President Julie Barrett described it in a tweet as “state sanctioned kidnapping,” saying it would allow “the state taking your kids with no wrongdoing on your part.” The bill does not state when and if the parents or legal guardians must be eventually notified of their child’s whereabouts.

SB 5599 will now be sent to Gov. Jay Inslee for signing. The bill takes effect 90 days after the Legislature adjourns.


  1. I see alot of procedures here that are elective. Non of it covered by insurance. These trolls think they can keep health information from parents?? Who is paying for these nutso things? LGBT?? Parents are eliminated then who is responsible when things tank and the kid dies from an elective “grooming” procedure?? I wouldn’t live in Washington for all the money in the world…. Let them rot in hell. Parents with children, get out now.

    • medicaid is paying for this mess. so basically the federal reserve is paying for it through inflating/devaluing our money

      • Medicaid may pay for it initially but you can be sure the state will go after the parents for reimbursement. Basically a child support cause initiated by the Dept of Social & Health Services. And if the state determines there is a danger to the child the whereabouts of child may not be revealed. Or only supervised visits allowed in a neutral location if the child is not traumatized by the visits. I paid child support down there for 16 years to a mom on Medicaid, some of it going to reimburse DSHS. And her share going to Budweiser & Wild Turkey. But that’s another story.

  2. In 2018, Ashley Johnson Barr went missing in Kotzebue, Alaska.

    There was NO AMBER ALERT for her or any child in the State of Alaska in 2018.

    Look at all the years that Alaska has had the Amber Alert available-how much has it been used???

    There are resources available that are NOT being utilized.


    It does not cost money-it has already been put into place.



  3. Inslee’s next move is to let 10-year-olds smoke cigs, buy booze, get face tattoos and consent

  4. Items in conflict with the US Constitution are never legal and void from inception. Sorry, Inslee. No. No. No.

  5. Why don’t we send all of our RINO legislators to Washington? They would be much better suited to living in a blue state and they might even win liberal votes. They can send us their patriotic Republicans.

  6. Peltola would be a good transplant to washington. She could be a cheerleader for this warped thinking while encouraging boys to switch over just to dominate sports.
    Brilliant thinking there peltola you have gone overboard on this one. What a disgusting excuse in congress

  7. Guess what folks? Washington is very close to Alaska. The infection is moving north from Cali at a rapid pace. Mark my words. The Anchorage Assembly is celebrating this milestone marker for Washington. Felix Forrest Chrissy and the rest of their gang are setting up the framework for the same legislation in Alaska. “Let the grooming begin” as we toast! We wont be such misfits if we can just convert more of the vulnerables! Soon we will be the majority rulers.

    • You’re right, Alaska has been in the crosshairs for a long time. Just look at Murkowski and Peltola, true radical Democrats who advocate for this cruelty.

  8. Federal Law the Indian Child Welfare Act is ignored as usual but is not a suggestion says family (kin) must be given the process of keeping the child unified to its kin with tribal health care rights. An American Indian child has tribal rights to awarded health care in lieu of restitution for land taking where “the taken land” from the Indians is not going to be returned and paid fair market value to the owners Indian family groups. The unconstitutional law the idiots in WA wrote ignores the Indian Child Welfare Act. It is completely ignored in the State of Washington now and always had been. Why? Woke cult (satanic worship) takes precedence over everything else and it is too hard for the lawyers in Washington to practice. The lawyers don’t know how. They think the Indian Welfare Act was “for Alaskans’ needs” which it is permissible for them to not even read. It is a federal law which is too hard for Washington lawyers to read, understand and apply for the native children living in Washington. The professional practice in the State of Washington is an actual shambles which no one will talk about in polite, professional societies but is well known. Washington by it’s proximity to Alaska is a threat to the quality of guaranteed, US Constitutional adequate counsel. The law schools are disappointing in the quality of well-meaning available legal redress to those passing through for health care or family reasons because of the shoddy practices or no legal representations in many of the counties of the State of Washington. If the true state of legal representation in Washington was known it would impede meaningful investment in that key west coast state that bears the great name of Washington.

  9. Their state constitution is an incredible mess and is getting worse. They should demand a constitutional convention.

  10. Heck, I see on the gender affirming care list for free procedures for youth penile implant. Why don’t they offer some of these procedures to anyone. After all, that would tremendously help my self esteem. Taxpayers are paying for these, then I want my fair share!!

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