Lawyered up: Trump, Biden raising money for legal fight



Joe Biden is raising money for a likely legal fight from President Donald Trump over election results in several states.

The website entitled Biden Fight Fund allocates the donations: $142,000/$60,000 to the Democratic National Committee, $2,800/$5,000 to the Biden for President Recount Account, and any additional contributions go to the DNC.

There are actually two Biden Fight Funds – one run by ActBlue, the Democrats’ monster fundraising machine, and the other by NPG Van, a big data service company that interfaces with the Democratic National Committee.

Potential donors are greeted with the following message:

“Your donation right now is absolutely critical to electing Joe, Kamala, and Democrats across the country, and we’re counting on a surge of donations to fund all that we need to accomplish.”

But the fine print says funds go to various accounts besides the legal fund.

In the past 48 hours, Biden’s official Twitter account has tweeted out a link to the ActBlue Biden Fight Fund four times.

At the same time, President Trump’s team has been pushing legal fight donations through the Republican portal:, as legal challenges over vote counting have been mounted by the Trump campaign in five states.

His fund allocates donations, matched 1,000-to-1, to retire campaign debt and for the legal battle now underway, all spelled out in the fine print.


  1. I sure hope this money is also used to help other candidates that believe they lost because of vote fraud. I’m very suspicious why other republicans who are behind aren’t claiming they were robbed. It would be impossible to have massive fraud in the presidential vote and have the down ballet votes unaffected. Any win by a democrat is very suspicious and must be investigated. Rudy to the rescue.

  2. While Trump is losing, Republicans have picked up six House seats so far. The Democrats have yet to flip a single state legislature, meaning Republicans will draw the district lines for the next 10 years of electioneering.

    The image of a possible future GOP emerged — a multiracial working-class party. Republicans made surprising gains among Latinos, African-Americans and Muslims. Trump won the largest share of the nonwhite vote of any Republican candidate in 60 years.

    This happened because of the party’s reputation for championing personal agency and personal responsibility, and for boosting small businesses and economic growth.

    Add 3 Supreme Court Justices and over 200 Federal Judges. Orange Man did well.

  3. Shocked, not shocked, at the amount of establishment hacks that rode Trumps coattails to many success, including some of their own re-elections earlier this week, that are now telling POTUS not to question the results..”for the good of the country..”.

    Let’s be real; these people hate him like they hate us. The establishment that isn’t out there fighting with the POTUS needs to be held to account. There is no GOP anything at this point, had it not been for Trump in 2016, and he drove all their numbers and secured the judiciary in 2020. These people have not changed one bit.

  4. The main problem with election fraud and ballot-box stuffing is the inherent inability to remedy the damage. It seems the only viable remedy is to re-do the entire election. This is, of course, a far-fetched proposition…. and the Democrats know it. It’s like the perfect crime; there is no correction or punishment to be given.

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