Laundry operation: San Francisco group donates funds to Alaska Center, which spends it to support Dunbar, Rivera


Outside money is an outsized factor in the race for Anchorage mayor, and also in opposing the recall of Felix Rivera effort.

The Tides Foundation Advocacy, a George Soros-funded group that has been described as an organization that “washes away the paper trail between its grants and the original donor,” has donated $55,000 to the Alaska Center, which in turn has spent the funds to elect Forrest Dunbar for mayor, and retain Assemblyman Felix Rivera.

Both Dunbar and Rivera are part of the the extreme left-wing of the Anchorage progressive bloc that runs Anchorage government.

 According to, Tides “specializes in directing grants to center-left activist groups, making it one of the largest pass-through funders to left-wing nonprofits.”  The Washington Examiner characterizes Tides as a “dark money” organization. Tides supports Black Lives Matter, gun control, and open borders.

If Tides is dark money, then the Alaska Center is its dark money funnel in Alaska.

A review of the Forrest Dunbar financial report at Alaska Public Offices Commission shows that more than 19 percent of his campaign’s funds come from out of state, with 18.5 percent of his donors nowhere near Alaska. He has 431 out-of-state donors, for a total of $60,010 coming from the Lower 48.

“Our campaign has outraised Bronson and every other candidate in the race by tens of thousands of dollars thanks to contributions from more than 1,600 individual donors. We’ve earned exclusive endorsements from the Anchorage Democrats, the Alaska Center, the Alaska AFL-CIO, more than a dozen labor unions, and a broad coalition of progressive groups and community leaders,” Dunbar writes in his most recent plea for donations, not mentioning that the Tides Foundation connection.

To compare, Dave Bronson, who is running for mayor as a conservative, has 45 out-of-state donors out of 1,298 donors, 3.74 percent.

Then there’s the Tides Advocacy-Alaska Center focus on Rivera, who is facing a recall.

“Wondering how the Recall opposition can afford to run non-stop TV and digital ads to keep Rivera on the Assembly? Because the Alaska Center is funding it, and at least 50,000 from the Tides Advocacy organization is funding them from California,” wrote Russell Biggs on Facebook. Biggs, an Anchorage midtown resident, is one of the drivers behind the Recall Rivera effort.

He said he stumbled on the funds transfer between the Tides Advocacy group and the Alaska Center by combing through the financial reports at APOC, where the Alaska Center had misspelled Rivera’s name, which made it nearly impossible to find the contribution from the Tides Advocacy group.


  1. Well I’ll be! The same Democrats complaining about Koch brothers and outside big donors supporting Republican campaigns all the while the same complaining Democrats take big money from the outside too. Democrat Hypocrite!

  2. These are dishonest, arrogant people. They hide the faces and names of their leftist outside contributors, then brag about their grassroots support. And they are all ideologues hellbent on controlling the rest of us. They crave status, recognition and power.
    More likely than not, the powerful unions with their heavy turnouts, along with a few sleepy, ignorant or resentful Anchorage voters will be enough to push these destroyers over the finish line.

    Our city is transforming into a mini version of failed, decrepit Seattle. Sick.

  3. I know banning money from outside is a violation of the 1st Amendment, so I don’t support that. But still, when your campaign is funded largely from places outside of where you’re campaigning, it does beg the question of where your motivation is coming from…

  4. Yes, just like Portland too. Next step start burning buildings, blocking off the streets.

  5. Can we get a new picture of Dunbar? This one is a little much, especially the guy in the back round with the pooka beads on and wearing the hideous little shorts. To think children are around, yuck. If Democrats didn’t have outside money, they would have no money at all. It funds their campaigns, fake news, their housing (which is often lavish), and a myriad of other dubious activities. Time to end it.

  6. It used to be the Alaska Center for the Environment but they changed their name in an attempt to fool people that they’re not a far left wing group.

  7. Sure, the photo is beyond merely nauseating. But so necessary to keep it clearly in view as to what Funbar is all about.

  8. It used to be the Alaska Center for the Environment, but they apparently saw a need to appear a bit less leftist.

  9. I agree we need a new picture of Forrest too. But maybe for different reasons. To splash him on the story with an overt gay parade is a little too much gay-baiting. Suzanne should avoid this and not appear to be anti-LGBT. Even if not true. Appearances.

  10. BTW. I have a great column forthcoming on gayness. No I still identify as a male heterosexual. But I tell women I am gay so it becomes a greater challenge for them to seduce me. Among other takes. lol

  11. Suzanne I am unable to use the individual reply button – not sure if my end or website issue.

    Jen, I agree. Ironic except hypocrisy seems to be part of the list of leftist (non)virtues to include relativism, dishonesty, deflection, illusory truth principal, misplaced (false) compassion, economic disconnect as well as selective science.

  12. Politics aside, if the only thing you have is the appearance of the photo, or subjects in it, you may want to re-examine what you’re doing.

    Focus on issues. If you can’t think of any, go on ahead and sit back down and finish watching your Nickelodeon program.

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