Last day to file for Anchorage elected office


The final day to file for an elected position in Anchorage is Friday, Jan. 28, at 5 pm. While some people have filed a letter of intent with the Alaska Public Office Commission, as of the close of business on Thursday, the following people have officially filed with the Anchorage Municipal Clerk:

Anchorage Assembly

District 2 – Seat A – Eagle River/Chugiak

     Cross, Kevin​ – Filed 01/21/2022

District 3 – Seat D – West Anchorage

     Perez-Verdia, Kameron​ – Filed 01/24/2022

     Williams, Nial Sherwood​ – Filed 01/14/2022

     Vazquez, Liz​ – Filed 01/27/2022

District 4 – Seat F – Midtown Anchorage

     Zaletel, Meg​ – Filed 01/26/2022

     Henslee, Kathy – Filed 01/18/2022

District 5 – Seat H – East Anchorage

     Taylor, Stephanie – Filed 01/14/2022

     Dunbar, Forrest – Filed 01/18/2022

     Hall, Christopher​ – Filed 01/19/2022

District 6 – Seat J – South Anchorage

     Colbry, Darin – Filed 01/24/2022​​​

     Weddleton, John​ – Filed 01/25/2022

     Sulte, Randy – Filed 01/20/2022

School Board

School Board Seat A

     Murray, Cliff – Filed 01/20/2022

     Bellamy, ​Margo – Filed 01/19/2022 

     Cox, Mark Anthony – Filed 01/24/2022

School Board Seat B

     Murray, Cliff – Filed 01/14/2022 – Withdrawn 01/20/2022

     Lessens, Kelly – Filed 01/14/2022

     Baldwin, Benjamin R. – Filed 01/18/2022

     Darden, Dustin​ – Filed 01/27/2022

     Ries, Rachel – Filed 01/18/2022

Service Area Board of Supervisors 

Bear Valley LRSA – Seat B

Birchtree/Elmore LRSA – Seat C

     Lees, Adam​ – Filed 01/26/2022

Chugiak Fire Service Area – Seat C

     Stoltze, Bill – Filed 01/24/2022

Girdwood Valley Service Area – Seat C

     Wade, Guy​ – Filed 01/18/2022

Glen Alps Service Area – Seat C

Glen Alps Service Area – Seat D

     Marks, Roger​ – Filed 01/19/2022

Homestead LRSA – Seat A

     Parret, David​ – Filed 01/20/2022

Lakehill LRSA – Seat A

Mt. Park Estates LRSA – Seat C

     Redlinger, Bob – Filed 01/21/2022

Mt. Park/Robin Hill RRSA – Seat E

     Leary, Collin – Filed 01/20/2022

Paradise Valley South LRSA – Seat A

Rabbit Creek View/Heights LRSA – Seat C

     Pexton, Scott R. – Filed 01/27/2022

Raven Woods/Bubbling Brook LRSA – Seat C

Rockhill LRSA – Seat C

Section 6/Campbell Airstrip Road LRSA – Seat D

     Brown, Lonnie – Filed 01/25/2022

Section 6/Campbell Airstrip Road LRSA – Seat E

     Trueblood, Ted B.​ – Filed 01/18/2022

Sequoia Estates LRSA – Seat C

     Valantas, Robert A.​ – Filed 01/19/2022

Sequoia Estates LRSA – Seat D

     Mikko, Dagmar​ – Filed 01/19/2022

Skyranch Estates LRSA – Seat C 

     Wallow, Brian​ – Filed 01/27/2022

South Goldenview RRSA – Seat D

South Goldenview RRSA – Seat E

SRW Homeowners’ LRSA – Seat B

Talus West LRSA – Seat C

     Jorgensen, Lawrence – Filed 01/25/2022

Totem LRSA – Seat A

     Jensen, David​ – Filed 01/14/2022

Upper Grover LRSA – Seat C

     Dwiggins, Leon – Filed 01/14/2022

Upper O’Malley LRSA – Seat C

Upper O’Malley LRSA – Seat D

Valli Vue Estates LRSA – Seat C

     Strand, Paul​ – Filed 01/20/2022

Villages Scenic Parkway LRSA – Seat B​


  1. I know we all tend to complain about how far downhill Anchorage has slid, but truth be told, conservatives did let a lot of this happen, either by not supporting good people for office, or worse, not running anyone at all for these seats. In a vacuum, liberals will come in and tear the city apart. It’s not too late to change- good people can still win in Anchorage. Dave Bronson is proof of that. But only if conservatives actually engage, persuade and inspire. Talk to voters, get them excited and willing to show up. If enough of us show up, we should at least be able to break the veto-proof liberal majority on the assembly. There is a way to win- if we have the will.

  2. Looks like there’s a conservative (or at least, someone who isn’t a left-winger) running in all the assembly seats (not sure about the first school board seat). Not a bad start. Now let’s go elect them!

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