Lani Kass: Media is sowing the wind with Orwellian ‘newspeak’ about dangers of ‘white nationalism’



The presidential election is eight months away. Yet the campaign to preclude a second Trump administration is already in high gear. In the course of two weeks, the public was given a preview of the undemocratic, uncouth, racist dystopia MAGA America is doomed to become.

Against the backdrop of the most virulent antisemitism sweeping the U.S. in the wake of Hamas’ savagery, the media has chosen to pillory “white nationalism” as the clear and present danger.

First, a new tome, “White Rural Rage,” is hailed by the New York Times as “an important book that ought to be read by anyone who wants to understand politics in the perilous Age of Trump.”

Next, Politico’s Heidi Przybyla proclaims that people who believe human rights come from God are “Christian Nationalists.” She triggers an uproar. Yet she doubles down in an even more incendiary piece

“Christian Nationalism is a political movement. … The thing that unites them … is that they believe our rights as Americans and as all human beings do not come from any earthy [sic] authority. They don’t come from Congress, from the Supreme Court, they come from God.” 

Evidently, people who have read America’s founding document – the Constitution – are a mortal threat to our very survival.

Then, on March 3, CBS’s “60 Minutes” broadcasts a segment about “Moms for Liberty” waging a “campaign to ban books on race and gender from school libraries.” Could “Fahrenheit 451” be far behind?

We are witnessing what Hannah Arendt calls “the atomization of society.” It is a well-tested tactic: Shatter every natural connection in society; twist the language; isolate people from each other. The individual is all alone – an atom. No family, no community, no solace.

Totalitarianism of all stripes finds fertile ground in frightened, isolated individuals. 

Technology accelerates this “atomization.” We relate to each other in “virtual reality.” Our “friends” are on Facebook. 

Truth itself is erased, because the Internet offers “facts” to fit any narrative. We have access to unprecedented amounts of information; yet our knowledge and intellectual discourse are beggared. The free market of ideas gives way to mutually reinforcing opinions, shared in closed echo chambers.

To disorient the “atomized” individual still further, “Political Correctness” takes hold. Things which were acceptable yesterday will get you a reprimand today. You’ll be censored online. You learn to obfuscate, because you need your job; you don’t want to be “canceled”; and, most of all, you dread being labeled “racist.” You self-censor – just like in the U.S.S.R. 

Soon, a new language takes hold. Not only our pets can be “groomed”; so can our children. We ask about “preferred pronouns.” We learn new words: “cisgender,” “woke,” and “micro-aggression.”

We’re taught that “the only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination.” And thus, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

The term “Newspeak” originated in George Orwell’s novel “1984.” “Newspeak” is a controlled language, designed to limit critical thinking.

In Orwell’s dystopia, “The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies. … These contradictions are not accidental; they are deliberate exercises in doublethink.”

“In today’s Department of Defense: Diversity management calls for creating a culture of inclusion in which the diversity … shapes how the work is done. … Although good diversity management rests on a foundation of fair treatment, it is not about treating everyone the same. This can be a difficult concept to grasp, especially for leaders who grew up with the EO-inspired mandate to be both color and gender blind. Blindness to difference, however, can lead to a culture of assimilation in which differences are suppressed rather than leveraged. Cultural assimilation, a key to military effectiveness in the past, will be challenged as inclusion becomes, and needs to become, the norm.”

That statement is from the 2011 report of the commission on “Military Leadership Diversity.”

Orwell would be proud.

The report – and the implementing law – are breathtaking in scope and implications. MLDC calls for a fundamental “transformation” of our military – making racial and gender representation a “top defense priority.” This effort continues with a new Defense Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion.

We know that accentuating what is different among us fosters division and erodes cohesion. Yet we’re told that it’s “diversity” – of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation – that makes our nation prosperous and our military strong.

We try to reconcile this with our motto, “E pluribus unum.” But we can’t reconcile the irreconcilable. This inevitably leads to cognitive dissonance – disorienting, disconcerting, and further “atomizing.”

A new Utopia emerges, wherein there are 57+ genders and men can give birth.

We know that is inconceivable, but it’s all around us – and suddenly we can’t talk to our children anymore. They think we are racist, sexist, transphobic bigots. We feel like aliens – from outer space, not from across the Southern border. “Up is down, war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.” We are atoms, untethered, disoriented, disconnected.

“And, thus, they had come to a time when no one dared speak his mind.”

Dr. Lani Kass served in the Department of Defense for 30 years. These views are her own. This column was originally published by RealClearPolitics and made available via RealClearWire.


  1. Thankfully Joe Biden has delivered on his promise to “unify America” in time for his reselection.

  2. These people are desperate to divide the country even more than it already is. They are relying on self-hate by enough white, Left-wing Democrats to tilt the Marxist agenda in their favor. Is this really possible?
    The answer can be ascertained by examining the products of our public education system during the past 25 years. Wokeism, LGBTQ+ , climate activism, racism, etc…..are all working byproducts to advance Marxism. If enough self-hating white people can be rounded up, and forced to fall into line, then the answer is yes.
    Next up will be Christian nationalism, where self-hating Christians will be forced to admit the errors of their ways.
    This is all part of the Marxist agenda to tear-up the USA into such fragmentation that order can only be restored through the dictatorship of a uniparty and a thorough socialist “cleansing” of American lives.
    Otherwise, Civil War will be the end result.

    • I am waiting for the last straw to fall.
      Bring on the needed change and let’s do it right this time.
      Ted your right on.

    • Your last line sums it up with what will happen. But this is all a part of the 100year war that Communist China has been implementing since the late 50s early 60s. They will divide u from within because a divide people or at least some will not defend our Freedoms.

      Yes our Freedoms come from a higher being and not of this world. The current Political Class know this but work to circumvent the basis of our Nation Born 248 years ago with the one singular assessment that all men are created and endowed by their creator to certain unalienable rights.

      I can hope that this may or not happen in my life time, which is closing in on completion. I hate to say my Children and Grandchildren will have to bear the burden of trying to carry on the legacy that is the Greatest Country to exist.

      • The Left hates Christianity so much that they are willing to sacrifice their own children to transgenderism and mutilation. Sick b—–s. Too much LSD and marijuana fermented in their brains.

  3. The representative republic experiment is almost over. Seems that BHO’s sinister efforts to fundamentally transform America is going as planned. Just one more Joe Biden term and the transformation deal is sealed. Has America fallen…sad day in Mudville.

  4. Add “white” to anything and suddenly it’s the new scary boogeyman. What communists are afraid of is Americans coming together and saying “no more”. Before “greg” gets triggered and flips out while residing in Florida, Americans come in all shapes and colors. It’s not about the color, it’s all about the character.

    The unifying force is how much American’s bills have gone up, to how their pay checks have stagnated. Americans are getting angry with being told they have to sacrifice, by those who sacrifice nothing. Americans are watching their tax money being laundered and squandered by other countries who don’t even like us. America FIRST is ringing true now, as it had in the past. Don’t anyone tell you different.

  5. That’s a funny comment. You could replace “left-wing democrat” with “right-wing republican”, swap out the products to include such things as banning books in libraries, etc., etc., and you would have the exact same cohesive argument for the other side.

    • No, you cannot.
      There is a case to be made that between Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump there were basically neo-liberals running the show on both sides, but say what you want about Trump, he broke the mold and the republicans are now the working class party of the new right.

    • Liz, go back to your marijuana or alcohol, whichever stupifies your soul. Your argument is far from cohesive. You’ve been indoctrinated and therefore thinking is not your strong attribute.

    • No, you cannot.
      Sorry, but “right wing Republican” is all about being left alone.
      Banning books in libraries? Maybe not so much, as the books they are talking about are the ones in grade school libraries with graphic representations of sex in them. IF they were trying to ban them across the board, you might have something.
      One side, the leftists, are all about authority. The other side, the right wing nutjobs, are all about letting you make choices for your family and life with little interference.

    • I just went back and re-read your comment. Let’s see.
      Change the subject and the object of the sentence, but, leave the verb alone, and it means the same thing.
      Lisa hit the gym.
      Carl hit Sally.
      See, they are identical.

  6. So in a nutshell they are saying after a Trump victory Democrats are sowing discord before going unhinged. . .
    The Democrat ancestors did that before when the South separated and declared war

  7. Orwell was a naive optimist.

    Dennis Prager said he would rather live under “Christian Nationalism” than the Secular Progressive state we are sliding toward.

  8. Oh those horrible white people. We make up 6% of the world population. We live mostly in first world countries. We fought a war to free black folk in this country, and we fought another one to keep the Nazis from overrunning everything. We pay taxes that support millions of illegal aliens of all shapes, sizes and colors. We work for a living and don’t complain all that much, as a group. None of us considers ourselves victims. Sometimes we work to keep everyone free, but other than that, well, we just sit back a live off our white privilege (which isn’t a privilege since we earned it).

    How perfectly awful.

  9. What is wrong with white nationalism?

    I suspect that the rabidly pro-globalist radical leftist extremists among the powers-that-be (which is most of them) hate the “white” part as much as the “nationalism” part.

    I propose starting a new political party: the “Trump White Nationalism Party”.
    It would be fun to see the radical leftist elitists choking on their own mouth foam.

    • “ white” is becoming the new “Jew”.

      If the left makes it easy to hate us just because we exist, it makes it easier to try to get rid of us.

      People like Grandpa Bloodstains think they can stir this pot yet somehow be above the results.

  10. I am reading it. eye opening, the fact that I am reading it before commenting. 2nd generation immigrant.

      • that any many others. two classics from the seventies; “darkness at noon”, written in the 1930’s. also “the geopolitics of information” two interesting perspectives in different formats. any Kevin Phillips books would bore you, highly predictive of the current political outcome tho.

        the idea here: I’m reading it before commenting. since 95% of Americans don’t read anything upon graduation from high school and/or college. hhhmmmm…..

        remember, the Pledge of Allegiance is to the Flag and the Constitution, not an orange demigod of questionable character and substance

        • At the risk of sounding like Ted Kaczynski, the Anti Communist Manifesto by Jesse Kelly shouldn’t be missed.

          I wouldn’t know about reading after high school or college as I dropped out of school at 15. I suppose that makes me an outlying outlier. Please post when you are finished and let us know your opinion. I refuse to read or watch anything that enjoys abusing Whites.

          He is what we have to work with. I’m not going to dump Trump over his supposed questionable character to become a slave for a globalist death cult.

          • father of my friend in high school, taught ted Kaczynski at U of M as a 16 year old, before he headed off to Berkley. sadly mental illness destroyed his productivity before he could contribute to society. genius and madness are close, often seen throughout history, but I digress.

            my friends father said ted was the smartest student he ever saw, outstanding physicist. maybe the pure math at Berkley was too much.

            his basic conclusion on the direction of American society sadly seems to have come true. people think he is the illness, not the underlying intellect describing the issues and societal problems. easy mistake for the intellectually impaired.

            when I grew up, you read books, articles, listened to counter view points to broaden ones viewpoints, find new viewpoints and areas to explore further. arguement and debate was collegial, not an intellectual doom loop to the bottom

            like Hemingway used to say about Oak Park Illinois, “broad lawns, narrow minds”. like Alaska now

            • My
              Grandfather, Master of Linguistics UofM
              StepFather, Juris Doctor UofM
              Brother, MBA UofM
              Cousin MBA UofM

              Kaczynski sent 16 bombs of which only 3 detonated. So I’m not seeing the intelligence. He also enjoyed hiding in the woods and drawing down on his neighbors including their young children. I keep waiting for a parody film of his life to come out. I don’t believe Kaczynski was intelligent. I believe he was passably cunning and a megalomaniac. He certainly could not build a better bomb even with 16 tries.

              Hemingway was whining about his safe midwest middle class neighborhood and home like an ingrate. Like you now.

  11. What the Leftist is Pro-Choice for:

    Unfettered access to killing babies.
    Mandating experimental medical treatments.
    Mutilating children’s genitals.
    Pedophilia, (don’t believe me? Then explain why the Epstein guests lists haven’t been published)
    Arson, ( especially police stations if it’s done by ANTIFA or BLM)
    Desecrating Public Monuments.

    What the leftist is rabidly anti-choice about:

    Speech. (any speech unless it’s in conformance to the party narrative)
    Self Defense.
    Police Protection, especially in minority communities.
    Privacy, ( flown lately?)
    Consumer decisions, especially if its a car you will be purchasing.
    Medical Care

    Given the above, remind me why I should be afraid of the Christian Nationalist?

  12. “….endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights…” I’m not seeing anything unclear or ambiguous there. I’m also not seeing anything about government. If they want to change the constitution, they should just come out and say that, instead of claiming that it means something that it doesn’t.

  13. They have IT ALL WRONG. IT IS NOT ALL WHITE RURAL RAGE: It is all ‘RED Blooded Americans” who believe in the Constitution of the UNITED STATES. What THEY are professing is the Russian Communist Propaganda that we have been fighting ever since and before WWII.. IT is the red blooded Americans and others who have come to America for the freedoms we have.

  14. Dementia Hitler’s latest attempt to call Christians Nazis. Projection at its greatest, accusing others of doing what you and your regime have been doing for years. Cheers –

  15. Stop me if you’ve heard this one.
    Two broke Jews walk into bar.
    1st Jew: I’m really broke.
    2nd Jew: Me too.
    Bartender: Well I could use some help here. Waiting tables. Cleaning up.
    1st Jew: Ewww! My soft white hands have never had a callus and I’m not going to start now.
    2nd Jew: Me neither!
    1st Jew: We’re supposed to be really smart people.
    2nd Jew: I know! We should write a book.
    1st Jew: What about?
    2nd Jew: Anything that makes us the most money.

  16. Leftist ideology always, and history is abundantly clear on this, ALWAYS ends up with genocide.
    When you are striving to achieve things for the “common good” it is always inconvenient to have people who do not agree with what you think is good for the common people. Therefore, eliminating them is a path to achieving the common good. And, those who want authority to carry out their plans for the common good, know that a certain amount of people will require re-education, imprisonment, or death.
    The first step in perpetrating a genocide is the dehumanize those you want to eliminate.

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