Landslide: Bryce Ward easily wins reelection as Fairbanks borough mayor


Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor Bryce Ward won by a landslide in his bid for reelection on Tuesday. In unofficial results, Ward has 11,376 votes, with Robert Shields, a Green Party activist, taking 1,387 for second place, and Chris Ludtke, a Libertarian candidate, with 946 for third place.

For Borough Assembly, David Guttenberg appears to be edging out Kevin McKinley, 7,581 to 6,328 for Seat A; Savannah Fletcher has 7,908, with conservative Patricia Silva earning 5,911 for Seat F. In Seat G, Kristan Kelly edged out conservative Lance Roberts, 7,808 to 6,144.

Although liberals won Assembly seats, the governing body ends up with about the same liberal-conservative balance as before.

The liberal Assembly candidates did much better at fundraising for this election. The latest financial report shows the liberal candidates raised over $100,000, while the conservative candidates raised $40,000. Lance Roberts was out-raised by Kelly 2-to-1, Silva was out-raised by Fletcher 3-to-1, while McKinley was out-raised by Guttenberg 3-to-1.

For School Board Seat A, Erin Morotti has won with 7,223 votes; Andrew Graham got 5,593 votes, and Sally Gant got 796 votes.

For School Board Seat B, Chrya C Sanderson won easily with 7,334 votes, while Jeffrey Rentzel got 6,256.

Fairbanks City Council seats were won by Jerry Cleworth and June Rogers.

North Pole’s city mayor will again be Michael Welsh, who first won in 2018. David Skipps won for North Pole City Council. Only 243 people voted in the North Pole election.


    • It is pathetic, people complain but don’t bother to vote and we had decent candidates. School Board is critical for our youth but parents are too lazy to lift a finger for their own children’s benefit. End up with ignorant and indoctrinated leftists by default.

    • I’ve already gone over this elsewhere. Low turnout numbers can’t be taken at face value when Motor Voter forced the Division of Elections to change the way they prune voter rolls. Even so, the 23% turnout figure is incorrect, as the borough clerk combined borough and city ballots when compiling that report. Actual turnout was 18% in the borough and 14% in the cities. At the precinct level, turnout was as low as 11% on Badger Road, versus 33% in Ester. That latter figure makes it obvious that conservative candidates lost because conservatives didn’t vote.

  1. Unfortunately the Fairbanks elected are the same class of elected officials as the rabid Anchorage Assembly members.

  2. The Hopkins warlock group and their master brewer, Elyse Guttenberg, defined the Interior races with a special concoction of hate and contempt. 21st Century witchcraft is the new art of political infiltration and insurrection by the radical Left. She has cast her spell and dodged the Stake.

  3. One fact that is rarely mentioned is that FNSB assembly members are not elected by district. All seats are “at large”, meaning all borough residents vote when a seat comes up for election. I believe that conservatives in FNSB would do much better if seats were voted on by district. – M.John

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