Klatt Elementary School closed after boiler fails


Parents of students at Klatt’s Elementary School were notified today that students not picked up immediately were being sent to Ocean View Elementary School for parents to pick them up, after the Klatt Road school boiler’s developed a problem.

The district said in a text message that the school’s boiler in South Anchorage is “down” and cold temperatures made the classroom environment “unsuitable” for students.


  1. Maybe the school district should’ve given the maintenance guys the same contract they gave the bus drivers…..

    “If you don’t schedule time for maintenance, your equipment will schedule it for you.”

  2. There should be more than one boiler but the admin needs all the money so non for heat.
    That’s how smart your school board and assembly are.
    Remember you taxpayers voted for it.

  3. The librarians are busy filling the shelves with gay manifesto and the nurses don’t know who is male or female…..done.
    Now, can we get back to the facts? ASD has shorted the maintenance dept for years, you can’t get good trades people when the people at McDonald’s make more per hour, I’m sure you’re a tradesmen….how much is your years of experience and training worth?

    • Show me where employees at McDonalds make more than a Teamster tradesperson with ASD. That is simply untrue. Now you’re going after the trades people. You are pathetic.

      • I am a tradesman and was a teamster. I speak from knowledge from the inside. How ‘bout you?
        I speak from years of experience, I speak from what I’ve seen and been a part of. What is your particular occupation? Are you a union member? Do you work for ASD? Do you have any clue? Or are you just full of leftist ignorance and hate? I’ll wait….

        • Yes I am a tradesperson, yes I am a card carrying member of the Teamsters, and yes I have a clue.

          A Quick Look at Indeed show Crew Member positions at McDonalds starting at 16 dollars an hour.

          A heat and vent technician job in Indeed has a starting wage between 24.67 and 28.71 an hour and a heat and vent specialist starts between 27.09 and 28.81 an hour.

          So, the way I learned math was that the numbers 24 and 27 are both greater than 16, thus meaning that an entry level Teamster tradesman with ASD STILL makes more than an entry level person at McDonalds, thus proving your statement to be false.

          Now that’s just one example, and the Teamsters, as you know, have 3 separate contracts with ASD, one for bus drivers, one for food workers and one for warehouse and maintenance employees.

          If you’d said food and cafeteria workers, then yes, a person could potentially make more money at McDonalds. The lowest classification for Trades is an M3 Step 1 which starts at 19.58 an hour.

          So, feel free to refute me with facts, not hyperbole.

          • You’ve become so focused on trying to prove you’re right that you missed the whole point of the argument.
            ASD maintenance people are underpaid…..that was the point. Look at your reply..how much time did you put into that?? For what? All it really does is reinforce my point. Take those same numbers and compare them to jobs where the trades person is working for their respective union and not ASD. The numbers move into 30-40 dollar an hour range. The way I learned math 40 an hour is more than 27 an hour.
            ASD maintenance staff are represented by local 959. All the trades. ASD maintenance staff who pay into the teamsters for “protection” and contract negotiations haven’t gotten a raise in years. They’re not even keeping up with the cost of living. Also ASD maintenance people do not get any pension from the teamsters union that they pay into. Yeah, not a great deal.
            If you want to keep the heat going, the lights on, the toilets flushing, the water running, the parking lot clean and the building secure the people who do those jobs should be paid a competitive wage to do so. I’m not attacking the trades people I’m attacking the representation. I can tell by your handle that critical thinking skill is not an asset that you posses. You appear to be comfortable with the bit in your mouth. You are pathetic.

  4. Wonder how old the boiler was, what part “failed”, why did it “fail (lack of maintenance, Act of God, or consumable part??), when was the last major maintenance done on it, who did the maintenance and were they qualified/certified to work on said boiler brand?

    Can’t put that much into the typical 2 sentence news release. We’ll never know the full story.

  5. Thought these schools had back up (oil burning) plants.
    The High Schools do & the State built schools in rural AK do also.
    Somethings fishy here Suzanne.
    Is it the greenies don’t want the oil furnace turned on, so they send kids home
    (while they are still paid themselves)

    • When things don’t switch over or close off completely (Roof Loovers for fresh air intake) you get super cold air into the system and the laws heating fluids take over. You can only get -30*F air up to temp so high without blended air, and the downward spiral starts of things getting cold (read on Delta T and heating temperature difference). Klatt is a vintage early 1980’s school in need of major upgrades and I am asssuming the original Weil McClain 88 boilers that were installed in the 80’s are still there. You mix that with univents in those older schools and a mix of crappy pneumatic and electric control valves and again you see the issue compounds quickly. Most older schools (Klatt, Fire Lake, Trailside, Ravenwood) built 1980-1986) only have room in the boiler room for a lead and a lag boiler shoehorned in and then add a water heater and storage for a few hundred gallon hot water tank, not alot of room in there, and no telling if one was down awaiting major parts. Like someone pointed out ASD has been skimping on maintenance of their nearly 90 buildings for years, for years it was defer the maintenance and prioritize the ones that were on their last legs. Basic HVAC maintenance is not glamorous and it costs big money, which the ASD board hates.


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