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Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Ketchikan mayor: Civil rights and privacy must prevail with vaccines

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A draft letter by Ketchikan Borough mayor seeks to assure the public that their civil rights will be respected, and that any use of the COVID-19 vaccine in Ketchikan will be purely voluntary.

Mayor Rodney Dial says citizens should never be required to disclose personal health information, such as whether they have been vaccinated, in order to access goods and services from either private entities or the government.

Dial will introduce a resolution to be heard at the Dec. 21 meeting of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly meeting.

Dial said his resolution is in response to a number of concerns he has heard from citizens that the vaccines will eventually be required for things like traveling on aircraft or ferry between islands, or health procedures such as dental work.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy has also declared that vaccines are optional, but Mayor Dial is addressing the possible use of coercion, such as if a businesses requires proof of vaccination to access goods or services, or requiring tourists to show proof of vaccination before disembarking in Ketchikan. He wants an affirmative resolution in Ketchikan that reasserts constitutional protections.

Mayor Dial views this as a civil rights issue, and said the resolution he proposes seeks to reassure the citizens of the First City that their liberties and privacy are important and will be protected.

He stressed that this is not his statement on the vaccine, either for or against. He wants the vaccine to be made available to all who want it, as quickly as possible. His resolution to protect the civil liberties of residents of his community is being offered to the Assembly for their approval, he said.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Mayor Dial is spot on. This is one of the fears of the anti-vaxxers – that refusal to do what we’re told (which might or might not be good for us) will have unacceptable consequences. Perhaps someday a “mandatory” vaccine will come with a mark – perhaps a tattoo? a microchip? – proving that we have received the vaccine – without which we will not be able to buy or sell (Revelation 13:16-17). This vaccine might be a good idea – but please protect our civil rights. Stop sneering – this could easily be the mechanism by which the mark is forced on us.
    Don’t take the mark.

    • Have you ever heard of the small pox vaccine? It left a scar on your arm.
      Small pox was eradicated in the United States. Many adults of today remember it well, including the Salk vaccine DPT and more.

      Mayor Dial, in addition to revelations, you should study history and how vaccines saved lives and perhaps enabled you to be here to profess genocide as a solution to vaccines.

  • So nice to see an elected official actually standing up for our civil rights instead of trampling over them. Rodney is spot on that there will be efforts to push this vaccine on everyone and limit those who are not willing to take the shot. It is time a good time to bring these discussions to the table and get some resolution that our constitutional rights will be protected going forward. This is not just about a vaccine that was pushed through it’s trial period, this is about protecting the medical freedom for all Alaskans going forward…big brother should not decide how we choose to maintain our health.

    • Good to see more pro choice people advocating for the right to choose what procedures happen to their bodies. And the anti discrimination aspect is spot on. It’s a big reversal for Mayor Dial after he veto’d the last anti discrimination efforts Ketchikan tried.. Same Mayor that begged Gov Dunleavy to do his dirty work for him and close Ketchikans airport this spring to keep the virus out. So he’ll interfere with peoples ability to travel and hold them hostage on the rock, but won’t keep nonvaccinated kids home from school.

  • Yet our liberties and privacy regarding face coverings, business operations, and church attendance continue to be fragrantly abused.

    • Flagrantly abused.

      • I think “fragrantly” was proper, since the whole matter stinks. If you hadn’t corrected it, I would have suspected you of being a member of Mensa International.
        Maybe it was a Freudian slip, and you’re smarter than you think.

    • I was once fragrantly abused by a very sloppy septic pumper.

  • Good on Mayor Rodney Dial, one of the few public servants who honors his oath to defend the Constitution. However, the flagrant abuse of liberty and privacy over masks, business operations, and church attendance still runs rampant and unopposed in Alaska. Our leaders are MIA.

  • Finally. Watching Dunleavy?

    This is what “standing tall” looks like.

  • It’s not mandated within one of the two big Anchorage hospitals for their medical staff. Something to do with potential comorbidity issues and HIPA privacy. You do the math on that one.

  • Mayor Dial is one of the top serving Mayors in Alaska. Great Work!

  • We deserve what we permit. The NWO won’t like what that Mayor is doing, good man.

  • Nope. I know this Mayor Dial. He’s a genuine Alaskan, and if he is looking out for the rights of Ketchikan people in a certain way then I hope elected officials statewide follow his example.

  • It’s not vaccination to be feared.
    It’s the authoritarian Little Hitlers who have sprung up like mushrooms.
    Those who would seize the opportunity to create “classes” of people .
    Those who wouldn’t be against mandatory tattoos on the wrists of those who had been vaccinated.

    Don’t fear the vaccinate the authoritarians.

    Very thankful to see ONE Alaska leader dig in heels and say NO.

    How many more will be as able to resist the delicious taste of raw power?

    Ketchikan – you have a jewel! Cherish it.

  • Meanwhile, your children must be vaccinated for a long list of diseases before they can receive the services they are entitled to from your government school system. And, the Ketchikan mayor has no record of objecting to that. Always the hypocrisy.

    • That was happening before the mayor was even born. Also, he has stated he isn’t against vaccines for all who want them.
      The more you know….

      • Right, and 360,000 Americans died fighting in the Civil War against slavery which existed “even before they were born.” And your point is?

        I agree the constitution allows those who want vaccines to obtain them. However, it does not allow for requiring your children be vaccinated prior to receiving education they are entitled to.

  • Proof of vaccination against communicable diseases has historically been standard for travel between countries. It makes sense. We do not someone coming into our country if they are carrying a serious, infectious disease. Had China been a bit more forthcoming about Covid, and had Trump not allowed 40,000 people to travel to the US under what he called his border shutdown with China, we might have been able to get this disease under control while there were few cases. Didn’t happen.
    And now we have the major(sic) of Ketchican saying it’s unconstitutional to try to control the spread of disease from people entering AK. Ridiculous.

  • Whenever I think of Mayor (retired Lt) Rodney Dial, I think of Troopergate, preppers, and tattoos. Somethings just won’t flush.

    • Do elaborate.

      • Guys like “Mike D”, “Greg R” and poor Little BW can’t because they don’t have anything to elaborate upon. They’re nothing more than one-track minds… Make people obey government mandates they support (think masks) and decry and belittle those who think differently and speak out against things they support.

  • If only we could clone Mayor Dial and send these clones to run for may in all the leftist enclaves in Alaska. Well done, Mayor Dial!

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