Kenai voters repeal mail-in election that was passed by Borough Assembly


Kenai voters gave a resounding “Thanks, no thanks” to the Borough Assembly majority, which had passed a “mail in election” ordinance for the borough.

The move to mail-in elections was led by Assembly Chair Kelly Cooper, who is also running against Rep. Sarah Vance for House Seat 31.

Cooper and Assembly member Tyson Cox had said they were elected to make decisions like this for the people, and that they knew the will of the people.

Apparently that was not the case. Some 67 percent of voters on the Kenai Peninsula rejected the mail-in election that Cooper had ramrodded through with little public input.


  1. 67% sounds like a mandate. Cooper and Cox should be removed from government (should resign in shame) and be banned from any public position of authority. Of course, egotistic narcissistic megalomaniacs have no shame.

  2. Congrats to Kenai. Smart move in my opinion.

    Hopefully, sometime before I go to the great beyond, Anchorage will do the same.

  3. Why doesn’t any news media point out the difference between mail in absentee voting and an all out mail in voting? I have voted absentee and it was easy and convenient. I prefer to vote in person tho. Much different than sending out ballots willynilly. Case in point; my mother-in-law passed away last month. So she still gets a ballot in the mail and just who gets to fill it out and send it in?

  4. Time to do the same thing in Anchorage. I bet we the people would throw mail in voting out the window. No Better time then now!!!

  5. Elitist politicians and leftists believe you and I are too dumb to know what is best for our family and community. They believe we are too distracted and stupid to know when we are being played. Make 2020 the year the political elite has to dust off their resumes and hit the street to find new jobs. Make sure to vote and encourage your friends and neighbors to vote in the general elections. This year we must get out the vote like never before in order to assure that those engaged in voter and election fraud will not achieve their goal to overthrow the will of the people, this great state, and the nation!

  6. Hal Smalley was a part of this vote-by-mail scam. Certainly this was a big part of why Hal got spanked in the election.

  7. The Municipality of Anchorage’s “ Vote by Mail “ is a fraudulent Scam. All Elections, Municipal, Organized Boroughs, State and National, in Alaska should be under one tent, Alaska’s Division of Elections…

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