Kenai teachers union elects new president after sex-scandal


After the recent president of the Kenai Peninsula Education Association was arrested for child sex abuse, former KPEA president LaDawn Druce has been elected as the new head of the teachers union on the Kenai Peninsula.

The announcement was made by the KPEA on social media last week, revealing the outcome of a special election.

Druce begins her one-year term as the head of the KPEA on June 20. She takes over from Tamra Wear, who has served as the acting president since May 22.

The election was called following the dismissal of former president Nathan Erfurth, who faces charges of sexual abuse of a minor.

The KPEA’s executive board, consisting of nine members, unanimously voted on May 22 to remove Erfurth from his position and appoint Wear as the acting president pending a special election.

The process for selecting the interim president began in late May when the association started accepting nominations. Among the candidates was Amy Dawn, a dedicated individual who has worked for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District for 12 years. Dawn currently serves as the association’s rights chair and represents Soldotna on the executive board.

Union members were given the opportunity to cast their votes between June 1 and June 15, with both Druce and Amy Dawn, a longtime union member, vying for the position.

Druce’s election marks a new chapter for the KPEA, as it navigates through the aftermath of the recent controversy. Her experience, dedication, and commitment to improving the educational landscape on the Kenai Peninsula are expected to guide the union towards a brighter future.

As she assumes her role as the head of the KPEA, Druce is expected to address the pressing issues facing the local educational community, advocate for the rights and welfare of teachers, and work collaboratively with stakeholders to enhance the quality of education provided to students.

The Kenai Peninsula Education Association and its members are looking forward to the leadership of LaDawn Druce, trusting that she will usher in a renewed sense of unity, stability, and progress for the teachers’ union in the region.


  1. So, how does any school district expect the public to trust the welfare of their children to pubic schools???

  2. The teachers union has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of education. They main goal is to keep the teachers happy little democrats and to support the democrat party.

  3. It’s a funny thing. Every time we speak of the Alphabet gang and their behavior, the usual suspects engage in rampant whataboutism regarding the Catholic Church.

    Yet when we get our nearly weekly story regarding sexual predation by educators, they stay quiet.

  4. Bob Dylan once said, Unions were a Good Thing until GREED got in the way. I was a union member for many years, in my local if a guy was a pervert we didn’t defend him much less elect him to be our Representative. But times surely have changed. Come to think of it, Bob Dylan sang that tune too, “the times they are a changing”, albeit not always for the better.
    Get your kid out of the Public School System.

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