Kenai schools won’t have mask mandate


The Superintendent of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District said masks will be optional in schools when they open this fall.

Schools, which open Aug. 17, will continue with a “symptom-free” protocol (don’t go to school if you are sick), enhanced cleaning, air handling, and other measures, but will not force masks on children or staff.

The school board heard from about 140 parents who wrote emails on the topic, and more than a dozen who spoke at Monday’s night’s school board meeting. The board left it for Superintendent Clayton Holland to decide how best to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, the contagious virus that is raging across the globe.

“Human connection is vital to our students,” Holland said, and masks interfere with that connection.

Observers of the meeting said there is an overall change of tone for the better at the school district.

“They are at least listening to conservatives now,” one parent said.

Holland said that where there is local authority, such as tribal authority, he will leave the decision to the local school leaders.

He cited that when the district had mask mandates last year, not a single student in the Russian “Old Believer” schools attended school, Holland said. Holland said he would allow those decisions to be made locally in remote communities.

The previous Kenai superintendent John O’Brien favored the mask mandate.

Anchorage Superintendent Deena Bishop has said students and staff in Alaska’s largest city will have to wear masks when school starts. The same policy is in effect in Juneau, where they are masking.


  1. Good job Kenai! Hey Deena, pay attention. Quit trying to destroy our children. I refuse to believe that you are too stupid to recognize the truth. I don’t know what benefit it is to you to do such a harmful thing. These kids are going to be making decisions in your old age. I reckon you ought to be doing the right thing by them.

    • It’s not stupidity on Deena’s or all the other Branch Covidian’s part, Jean, the whole mandatory mask kabuki theater is a purposeful campaign of instilling compliance, submission and conformity in the minds of the young, inuring them to authoritarianism and loss of freedom.

  2. Nice to see someone in a place of authority finally having the cajones to stick to the actual science instead of the politically motivated “science”, i.e. just useng cases instead of hospitalizations and deaths.

  3. Or, segregate the children based on who’s been vaccinated like they are talking about here in Florida. If you don’t want to get the shot that’s fine but you’ll be in your own classroom with other unvaccinated kids while the school tries to protect those that care about themselves and others.

    • Yes, Greg! And make the non-jabbers (can’t say “non-vaccinated”, because the death jabs are not vaccines) wear a yellow star, too. And rescind their citizenship. And put them into walled ghettos. And it’s probably not a bad idea to start building some big camps with big showers and big ovens for them, while you’re at it.

      Ein Reich
      Ein Vaccine Status
      Ein Fauci

    • The shot is good for kids 12 and up……so any kid under 12 isn’t worth protecting? Do you even think before you type?

    • Hitler would love you…. Might as well keep going and separate further by race and gender while you’re at it.

    • Wait…what?
      So if you are vaccinated why are you afraid of non-vaccinated people?
      If the vaccine works, then you should be go to go…shouldnt you?
      Btw…you mentioned Florida, sounds like you live there. As a lifelong Alaskan I must tell you your opinion means nothing to us Alaskans.

  4. Mat-Su is doing the same as last year and making the mask optional.
    At least they stayed open all year and didn’t shut down like the rest of AK.

    • Wait until the infertility lawsuits start coming in from women of child bearing age.
      The first thing big Pharma will say is, “it’s your body, it was your choice.”
      As we know, this is all detailed on the disclaimer/warning insert the vaccination centers get isn’t it? You’ve no doubt seen what’s printed on that rather large sheet of paper, if not, go look it up why don’t you. #doyourduedilliganceandreadtheeffinginsert

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