Kenai practitioner who is active in early treatment movement lays out some stats


Kirsten Giesler, owner of Be-Well Medicine & Functional Medicine of Alaska in Kenai, has been seeing hundreds of patients via Zoom (teleconferencing), and has been prescribing a course of treatment for Covid-19 that mainstream doctors have criticized.

Giesler, who is a prescribing nurse practitioner, last week published results that speak to the possible successes of the treatment protocols that she and other groundbreaking medical professionals are using, sometimes called Frontline Covid Critical Care Alliance protocols:

During a four week period, she saw 184 patients related to Covid-19, with most of them seeking help with Covid.

95 of the 184 total patients were seeking prophylaxis treatment, in other words, some advice and help before getting Covid. Nearly 52 percent of her patients were seeking this assistance.

89 of those 184 patients were actively sick with Covid, all now improving.

2 patients were suffering from Covid vaccine issues, both now improving.

62 patients came to Giesler for early treatment (less than 5 days into Covid infection) which is 33.70 percent of total seen or 69.66 percent of of the 89 sick patients seen.

20 of her patients came for late treatment (they had had Covid for more than 5 days) which is 10.87% of total seen or 22.47% of the 89 sick patients seen.

5 of her patients were “long haul” Covid patients, (having been suffering for more than 11 days), which is 2.72% of total seen or 5.62% of the 89 sick patients seen.

29 of her patients were sick and vaccinated, which is 15.76% of total seen or 32.58% of the 89 sick patients seen.

60 of her patients were sick and not vaccinated, which is 32.61% of total seen or 67.24% of the 89 sick patients seen.

54 of her patients were vaccinated, over 29.35% of total patients seen.

130 of her patients were not vaccinated which is 70.65% of total patients seen.

“Many of the Covid cases I’ve seen in my community are eating a standard American diet and little to no supplements,” Giesler said. She encouraged Alaskans to eat a plant-rich and paleo (unprocessed food) diet, and said the patients she has who are eating healthy are not getting as sick, and are recovering faster. Giesler advises that Alaskans load up on Vitamin D, Zinc, and other nutrients and nutraceuticals she has on her list to prepare their bodies for the attack that the coronavirus makes on their immune system.


  1. This lady has an eye towards holistic medicine and proper diet as defenses towards Covid sickness. Good for her!
    Medical doctors who graduated from American medical schools are not generally in tune with holistic approaches. Their western style of medical treatment is for lots of surgery, lots of pharmaceutical prescriptions, and following CDC protocols (mostly to safeguard from having their medical licenses pulled).
    This lady is courageous and she keeps close tabs on her data to verify her treatment. ????

      • Where is it indicated that this practitioner is against surgery when required, Greg?
        By the way, and on a different note, I posted a question to you twice now, in other threads which unfortunately went stale or were dropped from the lineup. So I will ask it again here: What is it that makes you consider libertarians as “fence sitters”? I have been a libertarian my entire political life (for 40 years now), and NOBODY would ever accuse me of being a “fence sitter”.

        • Hey Jeff, I was responding to that one guy that said her holistic way of life was anti-surgery eating good and that thing. Obviously eating good is sound advice and some of the concoctions although herbal are nothing more or less than a blend of compounds just like prescription medicine the body doesn’t know the difference. I apologize I didn’t see those other posts. We went out of town for the last 5 days and I don’t get on here as much as I used to. I didn’t mean to personally accuse you of anything if you are a libertarian. By that I meant that libertarians traditionally vote or do things based on what’s best for their own microclimate, rather than a more traditional ism like conservative ism that has one goal in mind versus traditional liberalism who has a anti-goal in mind. If I miss labeled you I apologize. For myself it would be clearer if everyone would identify with being either conservative or liberal. It’s my feeling that you can’t have it both ways. It’s kind of like liberals wanting gun control but yet they’ve got three guns in the closet. They see that gun control is a good thing or they feel that it can be under certain circumstances, but just like Hollywood actors, the big guy that follows him around probably has a Uzi under that big coat to protect them.

        • And his write-up, Ted was saying that most doctors like to prescribe lots of pills and do lots of surgeries. It appeared to me that he was trying to downplay their effectiveness and what I was trying to say was sometimes surgery is a good thing and since he was trying to say that holistic doctors seems to be a cure-all against Western educated doctors, you see where I was going?

          • Greg, yes, I do see where you were going there in regards to surgeries and other allopathic medical practices, but I think that you were both making a bad assumption, as well as falling for a false dichotomy. It’s not an either-or situation with following sound nutrition and taking supplements, along with pursuing non-‘mainstream’ medical practices, vs. following officially approved (and not always effective) ‘best medical practices’ that in practice are sometimes not really the best.
            As for libertarians, again I think you are falling into the false dichotomy trap, of assuming that libertarians somehow must fall into the narrow and false left-right political so-called ‘spectrum’. In fact, the beliefs and principles of any real libertarian fall completely outside that false left-right political line, and cannot be categorized within it.

        • Jefferson
          Sean and I need your help.
          Common sense goverance that puts Liberty and Freedom ahead of centralized power and debt servitude is in short supply.
          Your comments provide us with a bit of hope.

      • Get off your high horse so you can see to read the article. She isn’t “healing” people with “herbs.” If you have to put up straw men to make your point, then you don’t have a point.

        • Many times holistic doctors do use an alternative pharmacy to mix up some creams and ointments and such. I myself went to a podiatrist with pain in the back of my heel. My achilles tendon was calcified, actually turning to bone where it connects from repeated straining and healing. I went to a holistic pharmacy as prescribed by him and got some ointment to rub on there. In some cases holistic medicine can be just as and maybe even more effective than traditional options. But if you read what I was writing about it was about the guy that said that holistic medicine is against surgery and then he went on to list a whole bunch of other things and I was putting the jab on his writings. But everybody’s so quick to jump on somebody these days whether it’s in an airplane or on a blog so have at it if it trips your trigger.

      • Lots of medical marijuana does the trick, Forkner. Please pay closer attention to your Commie medical friends.

        • Of course she does. I was being sarcastic about Ted saying that holistic doctors were somehow better suited than Western educated doctors who prescribe too much medicine and perform too many surgeries to solve problems. Sorry it misled everybody.

      • Seriously the stupidest repudiation I’ve ever seen. A prescribing NP encourages people take good care of themselves, has a protocol that appears to be working (since none of her patients are landing in hospital or dying) and you decry her methods because……? I don’t understand the connection you’re drawing between appendicitis and Covid disease. But whatever it is, be sure and let the state medical board know about it. She should be booted out for her quackery!!!!! (Not!)

      • Greg, there is an appropriate purpose for various types of medical care. Allopathic doctors tend to treat merely the symptoms of chronic, systemic problems by only prescribing the indefinite use of chemicals. Your comment indicates you fail to understand this fundamental concept.
        After all, doesn’t the attire and styling of the practitioner in the above photo instill confidence in her professionalism? It always amazes me how seemingly intelligent people can often be so clueless.

  2. Can any of those ‘medical experts’ that are snipping at her post a record of results even close to her..??

    • There is a doctor who has written a letter to the medical board. She has included a lot of other doctors names. She is fighting against at least two doctors who attended the treatment summit in Anchorage. They are supporting Invermectin and Hydroxichoriquine(sp). These doctors don’t like having other doctors prescribing these drugs. Apparently, it must affect their pocket books as I believe I have read they are paid to do the jab. They would rather have the covid persons die–this has happened twice at Providence Hospital.

    • Probably most of them since as many on here who claim to be mentally experts say that 99.7% of people who get covid recover from it. As a result a dog catcher who’s treating the people can take credit for saving most of them. Half of her patients didn’t even have covid. 1/4 of them were well beyond the 7 to 10 day crucial period one that if you survived that long you’re probably going to make it. It’s a good idea for everybody to supplement their diet in Alaska. D is good, zinc has been well known for decades. My grandpa used to have a little 10 of those zinc lozenges. I used to eat them like candy when I was a kid. They were the kind that were really thin and dissolved in your mouth and we’re kind of peppery tasting. Bottom line is everybody knows what they’re supposed to do for good health. Unless your mom didn’t teach you right.

      • I’m no dog catcher, but I was the one taking care of friends and family with bad China virus.
        You may have forgotten, so here goes.
        My brother was in a bad way. O2 sats dipping into the 60s for 2 days when we started HCQ (couldn’t get ahold of ivermectin, which is better) and antibiotics.
        He couldn’t get out of bed.
        Less than 12 hours after starting treatment he was back to mostly normal. In 1 week he was back to normal.
        What is your big hairy problem with inexpensive, safe, and effective drugs helping people away from death’s door?

    • Charlie- I wouldn’t hold your breath. Those folks blew their hot air with a letter of jealousy and destruction to the bureaucratic machine.

  3. I like the quality of the data in the report. I don’t see any bias and all the distinctions are included. Maybe some opinion but the data and pertinent statistics are there. Its everything in the data one needs to make their own informed decisions. Mainstream doctors should take notes and make similar reports to give what their picture of reality looks like.

  4. Wow, a medical practitioner who actually advocates healthy eating and taking nutritional supplements?
    HERESY! Quick, somebody pull her medical license at once! This evil person is obviously just spreading more dangerous “medical disinformation”, and must be censored and stopped spreading her unapproved lies by any means necessary!
    When in doubt, one should always ask oneself: WWFD? (What would Fauci do?)

  5. Michael Pollan said eat food, mostly plants, and not too much. Great advice to me. But Downing’s story about Giesler doesn’t link Covid responses to healthy eating, so there is no scientific conclusion to draw from this.

    • Evan, you had Covid-19 yet? It’s not a question of “if” but when. Essentially it is up to the patient to decide which treatment protocol they will pursue to recover from the Fauci/ Chi- Com bioweapon. My advice is to begin loading up on Vitimin D and educate yourself about treatments prior to infection. This nasty damn bug drains your energy significantly making boneing up on Treatment Protocols difficult when you are coughing your head off. Wishing you Good Health.

      • I am one of those people who was supposed to die if I caught the Wu-flu, because I have most of the co-morbidities they speak of that make me a prime candidate to die from it. However, I’ve been being treated for Lyme disease and I’m on a boatload of particular supplements to help strengthen my immune system and the attack it is under from the treatment to get rid of the parasites. When I got covid, I didn’t even go to the doctor. I was pretty sick for about a week, and it was what I imagine having a really bad cold would be like (I don’t usually get colds), I’ve had pneumonia and influenza and bronchitis that was much worse than covid for me. I think I got so lucky because of all the supplements. So…many of the researched holistic medicines/supplements can and do make a difference. Even Vanderbilt University Medical Center has a complementary medicine clinic. Oh, and I was told, under NO circumstances to let anyone talk me into taking that Fauci-ouchie!

        • And now you have natural immunity which is at least 27 times better (I am now saying “at least” because the big Israeli study can’t predict the damage from the clot shot years from now.)

  6. This is good information, it begs a few questions though.
    Out of the 95 patients who were seeking prophylaxis treatment, how many caught covid?
    Out of the 89 patients who were actively sick with Covid, how many were being treated with prophylaxis, and how many were hospitalized?
    Out of the 29 patients who were sick and vaccinated, how many were being treated with prophylaxis, and how many were hospitalized?
    Out of the 60 patients who were sick and not vaccinated, how many were being treated with prophylaxis, and how many were hospitalized?
    Out of the 62 patients who sought early treatment, the 20 patients who sought late treatment, and the 5 patients sought “long haul” Covid patients how many were being treated with prophylaxis, and how many were hospitalized?
    As far as the diet and supplements, this is well known and medical professionals have spent decades saying exactly what Giesler said. Comorbidities, and particularly obesity caused by poor diet has been talked about as a major contributing factor in covid related hospitalization and death since the beginning of the pandemic.

    • Ralph, what would fauci say or what would fauci do. We will never know the answer to the question of what would he do. I’ve read that many in congress have taken Ivermectin and keeping it on the low down.

  7. In other words!eat right! Stay away from McDonald’s LMAO

    Oh! Wait! They got a vegan burger!
    For us! Drunks and Pot heads! Smiles!

  8. How Refreshing … K-Giesler is offering sound advice here. Hopefully, others will listen and pay attention. Keep forging forward with the advice and publishing the resulting stats. Good Job!

  9. The practitioner’s recording of data is a very appropriate and informative procedure on her part. Every doctor would be well-advised to compile data in the same manner.
    We all must acknowledge that the practitioner’s manner of style, attire and presentation in the above photo instill great confidence in her medical professionalism…. as well as that of a night club singer.

    • Let me connect the dots for you wannabe conservatives. We have a well-functioning conservative commentary site here ( run by a respectable lady. Our purpose is to serve as a rational voice of opposition to the foolish, destructive, communist agenda seizing our nation. As you all know, we are outnumbered by the communists. Every time we exert our patriotic defense of our republic and its Christian origins (which definitionally allow for other religious views), we are viciously attacked by the leftist/communists. The attacks on this naturopathic doctor are an example.
      If we fail to present ourselves with credibility then our opposition takes full advantage to exert ad hominem criticism. We thereby hurt our own cause. I agree the lady is very attractive; which is the basis of my point. She should not leverage her appearance but rather subdue it with conservative dress… say a sweater that does not expose all her skin. There is a time and place for everything. That photo is inappropriate for captioning an argument regarding Covid treatments. What would it take for you to see my point? Facial tattoos? Nose rings? How about her front tooth missing.
      What is truly sad is that I find it necessary to explain this to the lot of you. Remember, we are engaged in a (so far non-bloody) war.

  10. Question? I am all for whole good foods but… Why do NBA stars that grew up on Welfare and Government overproduction of staples diets at the peak of physical ability and health???

  11. They aren’t ‘possible treatment successes’. They are bonafide, demonstrable successes. The witch hunt against doctors who don’t kowtow to the medical orthodoxy has begun. They are prescribing medication which make The Vax unnecessary and expose it’s dangers. You never need a vaccine when you have drugs which cure. It’s time to silence the lying medical community who tell people to go home until they can’t be saved, rather than use treatments shown to be effective in other countries. Insanity!

  12. And yet the vaccines perform better, and don’t require daily regiments, and have clinical studies to back them up rather than holistic claims that never standup in trials. It’s a no brainer.

    • Speaking of no brainer.
      Your comment is 180° out of phase with the truth.
      The news on the clot shot just keeps getting worse. No wonder the FDA wants to hide the truth for 55 years.
      Newly subpoenaed info from first few months of Pfizer clot shot release.
      158,893 adverse events and 25,957 nervous system disorders.
      And that is only what the corrupt FDA and lying Pfizer are admitting to (although trying not to) in the first few months.
      Unsafe AND ineffective.

    • “Let’s put some Israeli numbers together: “Some 43% of the new cases registered in the past week have been recorded in the cohort 5-11 years of age”; “Another 7%…recorded among children between 0-4”; “an additional 8% among 12-15 years old” — so 50% of the new cases are age 11 or younger — virtually all unvaccinated; and 58% of new cases age 15 or younger. Put those aside and let’s look at the other 42% of cases — those are new cases age 16 & up. “Overall, unvaccinated individuals make up over 75% of new patients, with another 11% recorded among people whose vaccine is considered expired.” Take out the 50% age 11 & younger, who are all unvaccinated, and that means that of the remaining 50%, half are unvaccinated, so half are vaccinated. Take out the 8% age 12-15, assume mostly unvaccinated (estimate 75% unvaccinated (or 6 out of 8). So of remaining 42% overall of new cases — the new cases over age 15 — overall 23% vaccinated and 19% unvaccinated. Now, again, ” Overall, unvaccinated individuals make up over 75% of new patients, with another 11% recorded among people whose vaccine is considered expire.” So, overall 14% of new cases are fully vaccinated, meaning presumably with 3rd shot, which equates to one third (33.33%) of all the new cases over age 15!!! And the overall 11% percent of new cases double vaccinated, but vaccine expired, equates to another 26% of all the new cases over age 15! Together, the double and triple vaccinated are some 60% of adult cases!”

      Together, the double and triple vaccinated are some 60% of adult cases!”

      I would bet that any breakdown of American statistics would be comparable.

      • What?!?! Someone that can act do the math and parse the numbers (and has the patience to do so for the unteachable)?
        Sincerely, great work.
        And yes, the numbers should match here if they aren’t lying, but considering that they want to bury the truth for 55 years, I don’t give them high marks for transparency on the data or their ability to hide it or twist it.

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