Kenai Aviation hands off Homer route to Aleutian Airways


With Ravn ending a couple of its Kenai routes at the end of October, and Grant Aviation picking up some the slack, Kenai Aviation sees opportunity in its home turf, but it will mean ending service to Homer.

Kenai Aviation will focus its energy on the Kenai aviation needs at the end of December. Aleutian Airways will pick up the Homer routes that Kenai Aviation serviced, in a cooperative agreement between the two airlines, the announcement said.

“Facing increased demand and the challenge of connecting more people to more places, we recognize that the current flight services must evolve. Kenai Aviation is rising to met this challenge head-on, adapting our offerings to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our community’s travel needs,” the company said in an announcement on social media.

When Ravn scaled back in Kenai, Kenai Aviation said it would add 14 more flights per week. Meanwhile, Aleutian Airways had added several flights to Homer this fall.

“In a collaborative effort that celebrates the best of Alaskan air service, Aleutian Airways will now take the controls for the skies of Homer. Their proven excellence in aviation ensures a seamless transition, while we at Kenai Aviation set our sights on expanding and refining our core routes. This change is a win-win for our community and air providers alike, ensuring top-tier service no matter where you’re traveling,” Kenai Aviation said on its website.


  1. Kenai Aviation must be doing a great business . I’ve heard over the years that the route between Kenai and Anchorage was highest seat value in revenue in Alaska . Says a lot when a typical Barrow-Anchorage round trip is near $800 .

    The new Cessna is a $12M plane . Should be well suited for the quick trip between Anc and Kenai

    I was buying one way tickets between Anchorage and Fairbanks this summer and anywhere from $220 to $250 and the 737’s were full and seats weren’t always available . I was shocked that many folks were flying between Anchorage and Fbks . We need more competition and looks like Ravn not adding it or for that manner going to be able to sustain ?

  2. I rode Kenai Aviation for the first time a few weeks ago. The only complaints I have are that the Tecnam is quite noisy, there was quite a bit of felt vibration in the cabin, and with a full load of passengers the pilot elected to make an intersection takeoff.

    • Randy,
      If you are sensitive to noise and vibration I suggest that you steer clear of the Beech 1900’s as well. A 400 mile flight in one out to Bethel would demonstrate my point!

      This being Alaska some of us get stimulated by the roar of a Pratt! I cannot wait to fly in the new Cessna.

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