Kavanaugh confirmed, in spite of eardrum-splitting shrieking women



Over the eruptions of ululating women protesters in the Senate gallery and halls, the vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court proceeded 50-48, with just one senator withholding her vote: Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

Murkowski, the only Republican to ultimately oppose Kavanaugh, voted “present,” declaring that her vote would offset the absence of Sen. Steven Daines of Montana, who was at his daughter’s wedding. He would have voted to confirm, and if Murkowski had voted, it would have been a “no.” But she is technically not a vote.

Murkowski was once a staunch defender of the late Sen. Ted Stevens, who was also wrongly accused, and who vociferously defended his honor against the Department of Justice’s witch hunt against him.

But this time, she would not defend a wrongly accused man — she said Kavanaugh’s efforts to defend his and his family’s honor showed he didn’t have the temperament for the high court.

The shrieking of women shouting “Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!” and “We believe survivors!” could be heard throughout the Hart Office Building as the protesters were eventually arrested and removed after heckling senators and their staffers. They each face the equivalent of a $50 fine for their theatrics.

On social media, the vitriol went even harder left, but the entire hysterical exercise ended up reminding the conservative base of the country of just why they voted against Hillary Clinton for president. It also drove home the point that the Left will use any means to destroy any person who gets in their way.

“Fascism almost always comes from the Left,” noted one writer to Must Read Alaska, who quoted President Ronald Reagan: “If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.”

Several writers expressed fear that if they express their opinion, they will be hounded and harassed by the militant progressives in Alaska.

Thus, it’s no surprise that Supreme Court officials said Kavanaugh would be sworn in later Saturday in a private ceremony, allowing the new Justice to begin working on Tuesday when the court begins its Fall session. He will likely have heavy security around him for years to come.

Kavanaugh gives the high court a somewhat conservative majority with 5-4, something that was a driving reason for many to vote for Donald Trump for president in 2016. One more justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is 85 years old, will lock in a conservative court for a generation. Ginsburg is likely to attempt to remain on the court until the 2020 election to attempt to maintain that fourth liberal vote.

Kavanaugh is Trump’s 69th appointment to the federal bench.


Today, gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunleavy released the following statement:
“Judge Kavanaugh is a highly qualified public servant who has dedicated his life to faithfully applying the law as it is written, not as he wishes it to be. With his addition to our nation’s highest court, Alaska gains a powerful ally in the defense of our individual rights, including the right to think for ourselves, to keep and bear arms, and to pursue happiness without government interference.
“Judge Kavanaugh will also be crucial to decisions affecting Alaska’s ability to develop its natural resources. His adherence to the text of the Constitution means he understands the current imbalance between the state and federal government, and the importance of recognizing the federal government’s clear limited and enumerated powers.
“As for the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh, the Senate Judiciary Committee did the right thing by taking them seriously. They reviewed the evidence and arrived at a fair conclusion, holding firmly to the bedrock American principle of due process and the presumption of innocence.
“I have faith in Judge Kavanaugh’s strong record of impartiality and commitment to the law.”
Neither Gov. Bill Walker nor Democrat gubernatorial candidate Mark Begich, who both oppose Kavanaugh, issued a statement. However, the chairman of the Alaska Republican Party remarked on Friday that Sen. Murkowski’s opposition to Kavanaugh would come back to haunt her with her base of Republican primary voters.
The social media post by Alaskan Magdalena Oliveros, above, was responded to by Cindy Spanyers, who said that Sen. Dan Sullivan, (who is a Marine colonel reservist who has served in active duty in war-zone Afghanistan) should be removed, and didn’t look well — “pale and sickly,” she described him.
Spanyers was evidently unconcerned that the senator had just had his appendix removed a few days earlier and yet was showing up for 12-hour days and meeting with dozens of women like Oliveros. Spanyers is an employee of Alaska Public Employees Union, one of the largest public employee unions in the state, which opposed Kavanaugh.
Alaska State Rep. Harriet Drummond, who is part of the Anchorage Indivisible group, chimed in on that discussion by saying she always wants to wipe the “smug grin” off of Sen. Dan Sullivan’s face:
Oliveros had last month organized a GoFundMe fundraiser to make a pinata in the likeness of Judge Kavanaugh, something that could be bashed to pieces by protesters in front of Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s office. It “would be so much fun,” she wrote.
In front of Murkowski’s office in Anchorage on Friday, protesters held signs calling Kavanaugh a serial rapist.
This is why conservatives are afraid to speak — the looming sense of violence and personal threats feel very real for anyone with a conservative opinion. But Must Read Alaska has received more than 250 letters from readers who have been angered by Murkowski’s votes on Kavanaugh. Many of the writers state they have sent letters to Alaska’s senior senator to express their disapproval. Few, if any, Kavanaugh supporters from Alaska flew to Washington, D.C., unlike those opposing his confirmation, most of whose trips were funded by liberal pressure groups.


  1. I wonder if the ACLU will fund Grief Counseling for those saddened and triggered State Lawyers they Astroturfed.

  2. Dear Lisa

    And so in the end, it was all for not, and a good man was nominated to the highest court of the land today, even after you played a role to try and destroy him and his family.

    Lisa you blew it this time, and Alaska is done with you. It’s time you go back to your people. You know. Back to the Democrat Party, and their supporters, the DSA, REVCOM, CPUSA, and the rest of destroyers of our great nation. This day will not be forgotten for what you have done. You are a Traitor-to-the-Republic along with the rest of your progressive friends.

    • Lisa,
      You receive a paycheck to do your job of legislating , which requires you to vote for senate matters concerning this nation and state. What you did on the Kavanaugh vote is nothing but political stunt that neuters Alaska’s vote on this matter.

      Respectfully Submitted, Evan Wheeler

  3. I am beyond caring about personal threats based upon my own standing, and I shall use my real name just as I always have. Should the cowards of the left wish to come after me personally, well, more power unto them. Bring it on. I, for one, am unafraid, and shall remain so unto mine own last breath.

  4. She hurt our state Her stance negated bills that have to go through Mitch McConnells hands,, half or Senate team was taken out due to her being purchased by another entity and not loyal to her constituents. Nepotism has its price tags and we shall feel the Murky burn,,,

  5. Ms. Magdalena Oliveros needs to learn some manners. She gets an appointment with our Senator, most likely knowing they aren’t on the same page politically, she tells him how Kavanaugh would negatively affect her and she cried to prove it, and I am sure he respectfully listened. She smiles for the camera, and when she didn’t “get her way” – I guess she thought this was going to sway his vote – she now claims he voted to hurt ALL Alaska women. Well, Ms. Oliveros, I am an Alaskan woman, and I am not hurt all. I am relieved by the fact that Sen. Sullivan voted in favor of innocence until proven guilty. Against mob rule. Against an obvious “hit” job, with no basis in fact. The hate that spews from these people is just horrible. There is no civility. Ms. Spanyers go-to line is to comment on Sen. Sullivan’s appearance? Regardless of the fact that he just had emergency surgery, this is her adult response. Incredible. If he, or anyone, or particularly a man had commented on her appearance, it would have been a downright war. And shame on Harriet for chiming in. Ms. Oliveros, according to public records, is only 21 – almost 22. It doesn’t give her a pass to be impolite, but Ms. Oliveros should tread lightly, very lightly when speaking of the dangers that lurk. When she cleans up her DUI mess in the courts, (much more dangerous on the roads than Kavanaugh) she should reconsider the pinata’s that she wants to break, the stones she wants to throw, the friends she wants to keep and the mentors she wants to follow. There is still a chance.

    • Thank you for you’re response to that imature girls tirade against Sen. Sullivan, These people are apoplectic in their hate. And Harriet what a disgusting women to want to slap Sen. Sullivan.And she is in public life sucking off the public teet just like that aforementioned girl biggest union support. Again thank you for setting her straight. Annemarie

    • Very well stated Garnet. We have five adult daughters with their own families now and they are all grateful that Justice Kavanaugh is now on the Supreme Court to protect the Rule of Law and Due Process.

      • Ms. Oliveros is also a state employee, and from “search a state employee” from the alaska.gov website, it appears in the legislature. House District 19. Geran Tarr’s district. Nice.

      • When she was arrested for DWI, she received and is still receiving I believe, due process. It would have been a shame if people would have lined the streets, perhaps Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, and called her a killer, a murderer, and held up bloody posters of dead people, dead children and babies. Hmmmm. Never giving her another chance in life. Another chance at a job or a future. Tarnishing her forever. And never knowing if she was actually intoxicated. Never giving her an opportunity for her due process.

  6. During this last week Lisa the Loser has aptly demonstrated that she does not possess the temperament, demeanor and intellect to occupy one of only two US Senate seats given to the State of Alaska guaranteeing equal representation on the world’s greatest deliberative body.

  7. Erak, exactly. Lisa takes those votes seriously- as she should! So seriously she plays the mystery dance to the 11th hour, only to vote NO then to vote “present”. Super serious stuff for a SCOTUS seat that was a political hit job from the start. She is weak. They know she is weak. They circled her like the wounded animal that she is and they pounced upon her. She does not have the goods. Drop the mic.

    • She gets the serious part from her father…I’m referring to the sham process he put us through when he walked away from 20 years of US Senate seniority so he could run for Governor (what?) in order to appoint his daughter. After all, it is a family seat. He abused dozens of people in the fake interview process and then – wait there’s one more candidate – surprise! She had no plans to support Trump’s appointee. Now the only question is how badly do we get punished for her irresponsible actions.

  8. It is my understanding the ACLU (generously funded by George Soros) paid for a large number of people in opposition to Kavannaugh’s confirmation to fly to DC. Many hecklers were also paid. Those in support of Kavannaugh did not receive such funding and most actually have jobs so could not attend. In regard to the shrieking yodelers – the left have worked tirelessly to make rudeness and lack of dignity two of their virtues.

  9. All of the chickens that we let into the henhouse during the 2010 election have now demanded their money’s worth. Planned Parenthood, federal contractors, native corporations and others that financially benefit from her waffling on conservative issues just presented their invoice for funding her after she lost the general election. A successful attempt at this nomination block would have left the SCOTUS at a 4/4 split, leaving Alaska at the mercy of the 9th Circuit.

    • Kevin, as you know, Lisa fell asleep at the wheel and lost the primary to Joe Miller. She canvassed the state and got everyone schooled up on how to spell MUR KOW SKI and fill in the oval on that write-in campaign. Well, I know the native block did it because they wanted nothing to do with Joe Miller more than they wanted Lisa Murkowski. Lisa must not plan on running in 2022. Republicans better start getting a good candidate in order. Begich and other liberals are salivating right now.

  10. We put up with Lisa’s milk toast meadiocrity for what, seniority?Years ago we could have had a true conservative building seniority and righted the wrong of Frank appointing his little girl to fill ‘his’ seat as though he owned it. This isn’t the first betrayal from murkowski, nor will it be the last time she knives us conservatives. Will we ever learn? She is not a conservative. She is not one of us.

  11. Brilliant comment from Kevin Hite bears repeating:
    “All of the chickens that we let into the henhouse during the 2010 election have now demanded their money’s worth. Planned Parenthood, federal contractors, native corporations and others that financially benefit from her waffling on conservative issues just presented their invoice for funding her after she lost the general election.”
    We knew those bill(s) were coming when Alaska’s baby butchery and parts industry and the AFN spoke out against Justice Kavanaugh’s appointment.
    We know Alaska has no formal means to recall a U.S. Senator, so we may be stuck with Lisa until “Planned Parenthood, federal contractors, native corporations, and others that financially benefit” decide to reward her with retirement into a lobbyist job for these groups.
    But, Gentle Readers, what would happen if every Alaskan who wrote things here asked Senator McConnell to replace Lisa as chair of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources?

  12. Lisa is such a weak leader and politician she couldn’t get elected to the Alaska state house of representatives. And it was only daddy’s appointment that raised her to the US Senate. So this is what we are dealing with. Her speech explaining her rationale for the “no vote” confirmed her shallowness. Kavanaugh lacked “judicial temperament.” OK. If you are maligned, hijacked and attacked, without any factual evidence by 3 women, and this is posted all over the world, your not supposed to be mad.

  13. I never see Sean Parnell’s name mentioned in the comment sections of the many sites I read.
    Am I the only one who hopes that he takes Lisa’s seat in the U.S. Senate?

  14. Harassment is illegal under Title VII Equal Employment Opportunity Anti-Discrimination law. What if someone were to sue the backers of these protesters under the intent of this law. Surely it would be challenged through the lower courts and would end up at the supreme court one day. Would Justice Kavanaugh have to recuse himself? Just throwing this out there as an idea for a book, Suzanne.

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