Juneau winning census count while Wasilla shuns the task



Juneau is the top city in Alaska so far for responding to the U.S. Census, ensuring that as redistricting goes ahead next year, the Democrat stronghold will retain as much power as possible, while Wasilla may give up some of its power.

That’s because Wasilla is doing the worst of the major communities in terms of its response to the census — only 44 percent of Wasilla households have responded so far, compared with nearly 58 percent of Juneauites.

In fact, liberal Juneau and increasingly liberal-voting Anchorage are doing the best in the race to be counted. Both areas of the state have actually lost population, while Wasilla, Palmer and the rest of the Mat-Su have gained households in recent years.

But the federal government won’t know that has occurred if Valley residents choose not to participate in the count.

The U.S. Census dashboard allows visitors to patrol the progress of the decennial count of Americans.

The top community in the country for Census response is North River, North Dakota, with a 100 percent response, while Coffman Cove, Alaska is at the bottom of communities, with only a 1 percent response rate. The Aleutians and Northwest Arctic are below 5 percent, according to information on the dashboard.

To date, fewer than 39 percent of Alaskans have responded, which means towns like Juneau and Sitka could retain distinct political advantages over those such as Ketchikan to the south, which currently has a mere 44 percent response rate, and rural communities, which are proving hard to count, as they have been in censuses past.


  1. I wish you wouldn’t label Juneau as liberal. We have a huge percentage of our population working in mining, fishing and construction. We are just too busy to allow time to get involved in politics.

  2. In order to figure the percent of response you have to already know the total to use as a denominator. Therefore the census has already been completed and now they are just engaging in an game of compliance to train the lowly proles in obeying. Like Pavlov’s dogs obey and get a treat from Caesar.

  3. I see a lot about this but there are never any links to the web site to take the census?

  4. Lots of people who claim to believe in the US Constitution who are showing otherwise Article 1 Section 2. Probably the same “conservatives” who do not vote but complain about our elected officials.

  5. I don’t mind participating.. Until it gets to the part of “how many toilets are in your house?”, “what is your median income?”, “how many square feet is your house?”, “what is your race?” (What’s race got to do with being an American??). The census was to “count noses” (Americans) to allocate congressmen, not be intrusive into our lives. Because of the intrusiveness, I choose not to participate. When they do show up to the door, I tell them two people live here. All other questions will be refused and I close the door in their faces.

    • Very strange?? The census questionnaire I filled out online only asked about the number of people in my household, our relationship and race. There was nothing about number of toilets, house size or income.

      • Well, it used to be that 10 to 20% of households got a “long form” where they did ask lots of questions which I refused to answer! Like H. NELSON, they would only get a number out of me. In my case I am so well known that I’ve never had to actually give the census taker my name. Anyway, maybe they quit using the intrusive long form.

    • Evidently you do mind. This form does ask for race, but not toilets, income, etc. Very simple and basic. Even in years past, it was not mandatory to answer anything beyond basic occupant info. There’s a difference between being conservative and uncooperative. Packets are just showing up in lots of neighborhoods. The form this year is the difference between Omama and Trump in charge.

    • They are not asking those kind of questions this year–that was 20 years ago–2000 and then only 20% were the long form. I know because I worked it that year. This one does not ask very much more than how many people live there. I always tell people if they want to complain, start in on the IRS. At least the Census is Constitutional.

  6. How does the government know a certain percentage of households have responded? Are they going off of the previous census data?

  7. Americans should expect government officials who’ve told us they’ll lie about China flu numbers, who’ve made careers of lying to us about global warming numbers, who’ve worked so hard to overthrow President Trump
    … will tell us the truth about numbers gathered by employees of the Census Bureau, which had “major” issues with background checks and a lack of vetting oversight” according to the Bureau’s watchdog report?
    Oh, why not…

    • Morrigan, I agree with you. They don’t talk about May and June of 2019, they had census workers in my neighborhood hounmding me to do the 2020 census. Now they are asking me to do it again. Was I a part of a scam or fraud. They woman that came was supicious as when I did not answer the door she came to my living room window with open laptop looking in. I got her card a week later and did census 2020 online. There was no tv ads talking about the 2020 census.

      • You might call the cops on your peeper, maybe put a trail camera in a strategic place, check it occasionally.
        Huffington Post has a helpful article “5 Census Scams To Watch Out For In 2020” written March 18, 2020.

  8. I don’t think there is a community known as “North River” in North Dakota. I used to live there and never heard of any community by that name. Anybody know the location?

  9. Dave Hanna, I agree, however Liberal is not the right term, totalitarian, intolerant, and autotronmatic with only the right spoken trigger words might be a more apt description. I believe Anchorage to be an even worse enviroment too.
    As far as the backbone , productive industry types in your midst, just be happy that some semblance of Liberty and Liberalism still exists!

  10. There is not going to be a whole lot left for politicians to allocate. Much of the mismanagement of taxpayers money will take care of itself as there will be no money left. The shutdown of Alaska’s economy is going to be a hard kick in the backside that will be felt by liberals and conservatives alike. Many of the virtue signaling pet projects that have consumed the political class will fall to the wayside while we struggle to re-invent ourselves. The character of Alaskans will play a key role in the re-emergence of our great state. The petty squabbles that consume so many of those in the lower 48 should not be allowed to take root here. This is a dangerous time in our history and we should all strive to work together to get through it.

  11. I was surprised that my college-attending children were counted in the states where they are going to school, not Alaska. How does that give an accurate count for representation?

  12. Still don’t understand how people were notified to take the census. I went online to fill out our census but we have received no notice via mail or internet or phone. How many Alaskans that are remote or off of the beaten path or have no access to internet are there?

  13. There is more than one way to skin this cat “21 states explicitly require the use of census data for legislative, congressional or both redistricting.” That’s how we do it here in Alaska. “17 states have an implied basis or in-practice reliance on using the census for legislative, congressional or both redistricting.” While “6 states permit the use of the census or other datasets for their redistricting, depending on circumstances.” New York, Ohio, Arkansas, Hawaii, Texas, and Indian do it differently than those three groups.
    Article 6 of the Alaska Constitution lays out the use of the decennial census as the basis for reapportionment.


  14. I gave up when they had a White as a race. White is a color., not a race. And why not have American as a race.

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