Juneau says the joke’s on you


Folks at the Juneau Parks and Recreation Department wants you to lighten up, so they’ve installed a Joke-a-Day phone line.

People who need to be cheered up about their businesses having been destroyed, their jobs lost, not being able to pay their mortgages and rent, their children missing important school work, their health being compromised, or their loved ones dying from COVID-19, are invited to call Juneau’s Joke Hotline.

There’s a punchline around here somewhere. Readers, feel free to help.


  1. I don’t believe Juneau needs a new “joke-a-day” hotline. There is already a huge daily joke occurring when the legislative majority is meeting to address the “needs of the people”. If you’re broke, can’t pay the rent/mortgage, your car is about to be repossessed, can’t buy fuel for heat or pay the light bill, groceries available to you must come from good Samaritans, your job is ‘discontinued’ by leftist ‘rulers’, how much joking does one feel like doing? The emergency funding for Alaskan citizens has and will continue to be, “appropriated” for the socialist funding of ’emergency’ “programs” that don’t deserve a nickel, let alone funding that is meant for distressed Alaskans, personally, not “programs”. The fair and equal “representation” for all Alaskans is nothing but a wish, now days and will continue to be until the leftist/socialists are voted out. Hopefully, in November.

    • Dianne,
      The ‘music’ will probably be similar tunes to those played in the movie, “Grapes of Wrath”. Is that where Alaska is headed?

  2. What’s the difference between a libertarian and COVID-19?

    COVID-19 doesn’t have a choice.

  3. And to think the Juneau City Manager wants to raise property taxes, for ? To pay for staff looking up jokes?
    Good grief Rorie Watt!

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