Juneau Republicans welcome reception and fundraiser set for Jan. 17


Juneau Republicans host their annual fundraiser and reception for lawmakers on Jan. 17, the last day that political fundraising for legislators can take place in the Capital City, since the Legislature gavels in the next day. It’s an event where Juneau Republicans can get a chance to greet all new and returning legislators before session starts.

The event has moved from the usual downtown locations to the Juneau Mercantile and Armory on Crest Street near the intersection with Yandukin Drive in the airport area of the Mendenhall Valley. The event is 5-7 pm.


  1. Say, doesn’t that place include an indoor pistol range?
    I hope there won’t be any alcohol served if the range is open during the meet and greet… 🤔

      • Wayne Douglas Coogan, kindly learn to spell my lovely brides name properly, (Marcy) even as you Bravely root out fake names and nom de plumes across America. I do in fact run with scissors and have seen you run more then once with a stick of #5 rebar in each hand! Live dangerously and live free my Irish friend!

        • I humbly accept my rebuke on misspelling her name, Marcy. However, I do note you are stubbornly clinging to the fake name. What do you fear Mr. Robert Anthony Schenker?… that makes you cower behind a phony name?…. afraid to live dangerously and free?

          • Wayne Douglas, many people writing comments employ the use of a nom de plume. One benefit of such use is that it always garners a response from you! Like a trout rising to a cast fly.

            Wayne, you’ve come a long way from Mr. Whites Harborview School classroom. Your graphic and impish cartoon drawings would cause me to break out laughing which brought instant and severe punishment down on me from Mr. White.. So if my fake name bugs you, let’s just call it payback!
            Stay safe with all that snow my friend and keep up the great comments. I do enjoy reading them.

  2. “Support the Alaska Republican Party”.
    Ah, hard pass.
    Years of supporting them cost me my PFD, has seen my personal liberty decrease, and has seen the rise of people like Rasmussen, Von Imhof, Giessel, Walker, Princess Lisa, Revak, Bishop, Stedman, Knopp, and the Cowardly Lion in the Governor’s office.
    Hard pass. I might support individuals like Shower, Holland, and Allard. But the GOP itself?
    Not a chance.

    • With you Avenger , Years of lies & dissent, all boils down to political corruption that continues to abode us !

      If ever the average citizen has been systematically deprived , this Party hasn’t had clean hands!

      RINO’s RULE on the listening posts! It’s time to pull the soapbox out from under them !

      New young Blood with conservativeness in their veins is needed

      Go KURKA Go

  3. “Juneau Republicans” — all six of them!
    (that is, all who are not actually RINOs)
    PS: The Masked Avenger, I completely agree with you here. The large majority of Alaskan Republicans have been emasculated and co-opted to the point that they are, like Princess Lisa, just Democrat-lite.

  4. Don’t fall for the trap. Until the Alaska Republican Party lays out an America First Agenda and speaks out against the atrocities facing our nation, give donations to individual candidates endorsed by Trump. You will need to make your own judgement about Dunleavy. I haven’t seen enough from him as far as ending ridiculous mandates and protecting both our healthcare workers and our vote! Until I see solid movement in those areas, I will be supporting Kris Kurka for Governor. He is the only candidate running on solid initiatives including Election Integrity. If we do not have secure elections, we do not have a country! I have already solicited Trump to withdraw his endorsement from Dunleavy and give it to Kris Kurka.

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