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Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Juneau Assembly considers new ‘systemic racism’ committee to screen laws

The Juneau Assembly voted Monday, 5-4, to hold off on a new proposal that would create a committee to review every ordinance and resolution for “systemic racism.”

Proposed by Assembly member Rob Edwardson, the committee would have the power to step between a proposed legislation and the public hearing process, and review most of the major Assembly actions before they could proceed.

The committee would have power to interfere with projects, such as the major bond package being proposed by former Mayor Bruce Botelho, which would fund a new City Hall, a new arts center connected with Centennial Hall renovations, a new city museum, and more.

The committee would have the power to stop or dramatically slow down the public process if a majority of the seven committee members object to some aspect of an ordinance or resolution, in effect creating another layer of bureaucracy. It could become the most powerful committee on the Assembly because of its ability to stop such a broad array of legislation.

Instead of having a public hearing on the proposal at the next Assembly meeting on July 13, the Assembly voted to take it up in the Committee of the Whole for more discussion, and hold a public hearing later in July.

Juneau Assembly is not the only city council that is working on a “systemic racism” committee. On Monday, Portland Mayor Kate Snyder proposed a committee develop a vision for improving racial equity in the Rose City, which has been torn apart by Antifa and Black Lives Matter mobs.

The Portland committee would be asked to come up with a vision for how the city and its departments can address racism. It would not insert itself into the legislative process.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • Move the LEGISLATORS out of Juneau.

  • I look around, read, listen, pay attention, and the only ‘systemic racism’ occurring is blacks disparaging whites, for a multitude of reasons. The leftists are “baiting and switching” the issue into one where black people and “people of color” are the sole victims of the “systemic racism. Not true by a long shot. Where are the rioting white people? Where are the multiple murders and shootings in numerous cities coming from? Not from white people. Where are they in the scheme of ‘blame and resolution’ that only targets white people? Conservative white people are the victims of the blatant racism, not any other “color” or ethnicity. Juneau is a prime example and a lesson in what’s coming if we let the idiots take over.

    • Man, you are doing it wrong. I’m a middle aged white guy and I am bubbling over with undeserved privilege. If you feel victimized by minorities then you are weak and blithering and need to grow a spine so you can tap into that inequitable advantage you were born with. But you better hurry, because the stronger group of white folks — the one’s that don’t snivel moronically about their own victimization — are working to better distribute what is currently white privilege across the whole of American society, where it belongs. So chop chop!

      • I am not whining and I don’t feel victimized by anyone, yet. Speaking of ‘growing a spine’, there is something you need to grow. It’s common sense and the decency to keep your leftist rhetoric where it belongs. American society has been doing fine, until you and your marionettes came along. Snivel on your own sleeve. What you are working for is communism, not America.

      • Spoken like a true believer in skin color based supremacy. If a white man is a victim then the only way this is possible is if he is “weak and blithering and need(s) to grow a spine”. You sir are indeed “bubbling over with undeserved privilege” which may or may not have to do with your being a “middle aged white guy”. You do seem to think that those superior white folk like yourself or as you said “the stronger group of white folks” are far superior at “working to better distribute what is currently white privilege”. You obviously think that as the self appointed superior white man you can do a better job than the country as a whole at distributing your brand of white supremacy across this nation…so by all means, proceed.
        The rest of us will keep trying to do what our forefathers like all of those who declare all men are created equal, and Abraham Lincoln, Fredrick Douglass, Hiram Revels, Martin Luther King Jr., and many, many others fought for…equality for all. We don’t need white folks like you with your perceived visions of supremacy and privilege based on color telling the rest of us who believe in equality what to do and how to act.

        • Great example of gas lighting Steve-O. And a creative use of quotes. Well done.

          • I’m glad you have the ability to parrot leftwing talking points, you clearly do not understand what gas lighting means. But your lefty dog whistle sure is sounding loud!
            I will admit to a creative use of quotes, but you clearly believe your whiteness makes you superior to others so dog whistle away with your gas lightedness!

    • Spot on!

    • I’m tan, not white. Isn’t white a color? So, I’m a person of color too.

  • It is self-destructive for any society to create a situation where a baby who is born into the world today automatically has pre-existing grievances against another baby born at the same time, because of what their ancestors did centuries ago. – Thomas Sowell

  • What’s particular troubling here is that we will have non elected individuals running our city. Paragraph 2 is particularly troubling, they could stop and meddle with everything. Paragraph 4 is equally troubling, “…the most powerful committee on the Assembly.” We need to put a stop to these power grabs that will do nothing but wreak havoc on our city.

  • Screening for systemic liberalism would yield much better results.

  • *a middle aged communist

    there I fixed it for you

    Stick your identity politics where the sun don’t shine pinko

    • Better yet, stand up for something instead of just being a blowhard.

    • Ha. Equal opportunity is at the core of capitalism. Maintaining the white status quo is fascist. I don’t think communism even factors is here.

    • These race baiters and guilt ridden whites just can’t let it go. A powerful psychiatric obsession.

      • I encourage you all to go back and re-read Ben Colder’s original post. Do you really agree with him? Is that really who you are? I understand not wanting to be socialist, or communist, or even liberal, whatever that means these days. I understand wanting the government to leave you alone. I don’t want the government messing with me or my money either. But is it really that far fetched to believe we still have work to do on the issue of racial equality? A rising tide raises all boats people. That’s not communism. Heck, it’s trickle-down Reaganomics and is at the heart of Trump’s economic philosophy, as much as he has one. That’s my stance Greg: we should have the confidence and the strength to confront, honestly, the work ahead of us to generate a level playing field of opportunity. Not handouts. Just equitable opportunity. If you call that communism then you need to read up on basic capitalist principle. Communism is redistribution of wealth. Capitalism is merit based, where each is rewarded in kind for their efforts by an equitable economic system. That’s my stance.

        • Systemic racism. Isn’t that the term used when minorities check the ethnicity box on their college application forms in order to gain an edge into admissions? Sometimes, Whites
          dishonestly check the minority box to gain their edge. Ask Elizabeth Warren, aka Pocahontas, who would encourage us all to use this method to address systemic racism. This is why I’m voting for Trump again.

          • I will support him too, because I just hate being coddled with fake protection and appeasement by White liberals. White liberal sentiment is dishonest and projected only to appear as caring. Most of it is designed to keep Blacks thinking like they are second class citizens with learning disabilities. Herein lies the falacy of Black Lives Matter, which incidentally, is a construct of White liberals.

  • No such thing as systemic racism…moving on.


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