Jumped the shark: ADN lets recaller Scott Kendall pen steady stream of anti-Dunleavy propaganda on its opinion page


The Anchorage Daily News has made Recall Dunleavy and Ballot Measure 2 (ranked choice voting) attorney Scott Kendall one of its regular features in its opinion pages. In fact, it appears that no matter what Kendall writes, or when he writes it, he gets published at the head of the class.

Kendall, who is the former chief of staff to Bill Walker and the mastermind behind the current Walker for Governor campaign, is an Alaska political operative who the ADN describes as an “attorney in private practice.”

This week, he wrote “Dunleavy’s corrupt misuse of public funds is rampant.”

On Oct. 25, he wrote another op-ed: “Dunleavy thrives on dividing Alaskans.”

On Oct. 14, he wrote, “Thank you, Assembly members,” appreciating the universal mask ordinance that the majority passed in an emergency ordinance.

On Sept. 2, he wrote: “Politics is holding back our health care experts, and Alaska, on COVID-19.” Blaming Dunleavy.

In July, Kendall wrote:” Dunleavy’s deficit of honesty: The 50-50 plan is half-baked.”

In May, he wrote, “Dunbar is the best choice for mayor – even if he wasn’t your first choice.”

Two years ago, Kendall wrote: “In Alaska, nothing is impossible. Support the recall of Gov. Dunleavy.”

Two years ago, he also wrote: “It’s time to end the myth of support for Dunleavy’s agenda and turn toward a better future for Alaska.”

Kendall writing for the ADN is so ubiquitous that he even has his own page at MuckRack, a resource for public relations professionals to discover who to pitch stories to.

It appears that for conservatives, the Anchorage Daily News is still using one set of rules, but for Kendall, who is a political operative that the ADN gives a wink and a nod to, there are different rules.


    • Yeah don’t hold your breath! APOC is most likely not interested in that one….and probably the reason the ADN claimed Scott Kendall is “an attorney in private practice” to circumvent just such a rule.

    • I don’t think any party should get free political advertising, but I sure don’t see any outrage about Kelly Tshibaka or Lisa Murkowski or Governor Dunleavy getting to post multiple opinion pieces on the op-ed page

      • Exactly, It is funny how the left said the same things about Kelly Tshibaka’s opinion pieces. Maybe the commentators here have a lot more in common with the people they despise than they think

  1. And not just Scott Kendall, either! That bitter and misanthropic partisan hack Andrew Halcro has been penning a steady stream of anti-Bronson diatribes since May as well, blaming the mayor for everything wrong with Anchorage and the world, and even for the heartbreak of psoriasis.

  2. Ok let’s get accurate information out there
    I hate ADN and have no idea who Scott Kendall is
    I have many significant reasons why dunleavy is dangerous as our acting (joke) governor. Not the least of which he has a communist overseeing our health care. Deaths is what they produce! Ask him one damn hard question for once. Media including MRA and pathetic pacarro have let this spineless coward escape from consequences he caused.
    To hell with you pukes who are so afraid of walker!! Deaths look better!!!!!?
    I’m not supporting walker either
    How about Kurka

    • Give me liberty or give me death. I would rather risk another term of Walker than allow more of this squishy RINO’s medical tyranny. I am voting Kurka for all four slots on the ballot

      • Of what “medical tyranny” do you speak? I believe Dunleavy has been pretty much hands off on state requirements during the dempanic.

    • “I hate ADN and have no idea who Scott Kendall is”. Nobody is going to take you seriously after you tip your anti-intellectual hand.

      • Evan Singh, I was not aware that the definition of an “intellectual” consisted of “all those who are intimately familiar with, and knowledgeable of, Scott Kendall”. Fascinating.

  3. Little Scottie Kendall, the son-in-law of former, Fairbanks mayor Luke Hopkins (who started a civil war up in Fairbanks over wood stoves for heating homes during -40° temperatures); brother-in-law of Rep. Grier Hopkins, a Fairbanksan who had Scottie Kendall help rig his last election with mail-in ballots; his delapitated old uncle-in-law who used to occupy Grier Hopkin’s House seat; and former Chief-of-Staff to the corrupt, disgraced, enraged Bill Walker who stole all Alaskan’s right to their statutory PFD. The same Bill Walker who would gladly give away Alaska’s oil and gas rights, and pipeline, to the Communist Chinese. THAT Bill Walker.
    Well, little Scottie Kendall doesn’t have much else to do these days because Byron Mallott is drinking with the Devil and hunting for little girls in a place that Little Scottie hasn’t been to, yet.
    It’s so nice of Ryan and Johne Binkley to give little Scottie a page or two at the ADN so he can whine, hoping like hell he can go back to work for that corrupt former governor boss of his, Bill Walker. Otherwise, little Scottie has no other abilities.

    • From his biography on the CG&L Website:

      Professional Experience and Highlights: In addition to his experience as a litigator and appellate advocate, Scott Kendall offers a depth of expertise as a strategic consultant. He is well known for his work across all levels of government, across jurisdictions, and across political parties to design approaches that bring his clients positive results and disrupt negative outcomes.
      Scott’s practice also includes providing guidance in matters related to strategic communications, as well as campaign and election law. He has represented organizations and individuals in proceedings before the Alaska Public Offices Commission and the Federal Elections Commission.

      Even if the Binkley’s don’t want to acknowledge the obvious, doesn’t change the fact that its obvious. Perhaps its something more…

      • Kendall wrote his own curriculum vitae. A whole bunch of huffing and puffing. Not much of an attorney or litigator either. His ONLY claim to fame is that Bill Walker hired him at the last minute when the previous COS suddenly departed. Kendall was supposed to contain the “Byron Mallott is a pedophile” story, so Bill Walker wouldn’t look too bad. How’d that work out for Walker? Kendall is a cheap date for an angry, old corrupt, out-in-the-pasture former governor.

        • Punched his name into the search engine. Institute for Political Innovation comes up. Based out of Chicago. Red flag, yup, as in communist red flag. OK, so just a suspicion. Scratch around in there for a couple minutes and it turns out the founder of the IPI was an Obama appointee. It got pretty rich real quick…

          His Twitter feed is like a who’s who of Alaska Communists (some in the closet and some, like the Ancaragua Assembly comrades, that are out). No wonder Walker thought he could get his gas pipeline, no matter the real cost to the citizens of the state. Hell he has got this ‘ace in the hole’, no need to fear that pussycat, Chairman Xi…

    • ChrissyB, I vote for you to be a delegate at the constitutional convention. At least you won’t let these same criminals hijack it as they have everything else in Alaska.

  4. I had the exact same reaction upon seeing the latest diatribe from Mr. Kendall – that he sure gets a lot of column inches. The ADN should be embarrassed to call itself a journalistic endeavor. Maybe there is some solace in knowing that no one reads the ADN anyway.

  5. Who cares? This is what happens when you are lukewarm politician, you end up being hated by the Left, the Right and most everybody in between. Oh I wish Dunleavy were either hot or cold, this lukewarm stands small just makes most of us want to vomit.

  6. A stopped clock is right twice a day. Time to remove this weak RINO and replace him with a true conservative, Chris Kurka

    • Go ahead and divide the vote. I Sure hope you’re happy with tyranny under than Walker administration. If you think it’s bad now you can’t even imagine what’s coming.

      • The same pathetic argument of fear was made about voting for Bronson. It just proves how pathetic and weak Dunleavy is.

  7. Please. I had hopes that the ADN would shift toward the center after the Binkley’s bought it. No such luck. This is a product of journalism schools that are becoming more and more leftist with every graduating class. FWIW: I stopped getting that rag after Howard Weaver published his infamous “How to blow up the trans Alaska pipeline” manual for terrorists on the front page in the late 80s.

  8. I’m at a crossroads here. I voted for Dunleavy last time and likely planned to again but every example laid out here is very troubling. Is this article made up? How do I reconcile and encourage fiscal conservatism when our Governor has not walked the walk? Maybe I should vote Kurka? But I wonder about his lack of experience. Any advice from fellow fiscal conservatives?

  9. I had hoped that Ryan Binkley could bring some level of credibility to this worn-out publication, driven to bankruptcy but a left-wing hack. Alas, that has not happened. Both the journalism and the opinion pieces still have a lefty slant to them. You can even see it in the comment section: they are quick to delete right of center commenters, but turn a blind eye to left wing keyboard warriors who shamelessly slandering people they disagree with. Is that really the mark of a publication that values objectivity over bias?

  10. You can’t even comment on ADN unless you adhere to the narrative. Mention the fact that the “injections” don’t stop infection or transmission of Covid, and you’re banned. ADN does not believe in freedom of speech. Worst newspaper ever.

  11. Scott Kendall.
    I detect a severe form of psychosis generated from abnormal childhood development and propounded by extreme self-ingratiation and overconfidence, usually resulting in schizophrenia. This form of remarkable psychosis usually degenerates further, especially during a period when outside enablers allow the ingratiation to magnify to the point in which a superiority complex evolves rapidly, then suddenly collapses, due to the patient not being able to fully understand the difference between reality and fantasy. Here, the patient descends into full-blown psychopathy and will become unable to make rational decisions. At this point, complex therapy may be a foregone conclusion and the best alternative is usually admission into a facility.

  12. Jerry, the governor can’t force the Legislature to pass his budget.

    Is Dunleavy a great governor? Nope.

    Would Walker and a Commie legislature be ever so much worse? Yup.

  13. Pablo and Leo, everyone knows who Tshibaka, Murkowski, and Dunleavy are. It’s not hidden. When ADN fails to mention that Kendall was and is Walker’s little scheming attack mouthpiece, they are presenting an ‘opinion’ that is written only to take voters from Dunleavy and get voters for Walker. They can print what they like, but be honest about who and what Kendall is. Or would that truth upset you too?

  14. For anyone who publishes an opinion piece on any paper, much less ADN, I check to see who they work for, who they have worked for, what they are dong now, what their firm is doing now, and trace the money. The more I see of Kendall and his ilk, the more I know where a paper’s electoral bias is. Some times I will write in and ask the ADN to please remember to tell where Kendall’s bias is, but after awhile, I just give up and don’t read their stuff on state news without seeing where their propaganda is. As far as Dunleavy is concerned, he has tried all of the legal things to get his agenda done. With this legislature, nothing gets done. That way they don’t have to fix the schools or anything else. The fooled public will blame the governor and not the real culprits, those in the legislature power base like Bryce Edgmon who care more for their own power than Alaskans. As for Walker, his sabotage of Dunleavy’s term starting a mere 63 days after it started with the Recall movement showed where his priorities are, himself over Alaska. Alaska voters will have to do a lot of research and maybe go back and read the public policy books they had in school before starting their voting. If conservatives use their emotions over reason, nothing will get done, because they don’t support their governors or the legislators who are trying to get the conservative agenda done. Instead of blaming Dunleavy and the legislators who tried to get the laws passed, ask yourself how much support you gave them with phone calls and letters to those who were blocking that agenda.

  15. That’s what you get with a “non-profit” newsroom. Lots more were that came from in the new 3.5 T porkulus bill Biden is trying to pass. When newspapers get their funds from entities other than their reader, real news dies. When the government pays the bills then truth dies. ADN has been a mouthpiece for foundations and their agenda a long time, suppressing real news unless it is so blatant that they can not ignore it.

  16. Kendall is a minor part of the bias problem with ADN. Over the last several years it has been a blatant problem with no conservative opinions shown. None that I can recall. Their response to the “voter fraud “ claims was always “but they have no proof”.

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