Julie Sande is new commissioner of Commerce & Economic Development


Gov. Mike Dunleavy today selected Julie Sande as the new commissioner of the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development.

Sande was most recently executive director of the Pioneer Home in Ketchikan. She currently holds seats on the boards of the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority and the Alaska Energy Authority. Sande replaces Commissioner Julie Anderson, who announced her retirement earlier this month.

“Julie Sande operated the Pioneer Home in Ketchikan with distinction and has an impeccable record of public service,” said Dunleavy. “I am fully confident her proven leadership abilities and knowledge of Alaska’s business sector will translate into a successful tenure at the commerce department.”

“I have always  been so proud to have been raised in Alaska, especially remote and rural Alaska,” said incoming Commissioner Julie Sande. “Having spent the majority of my career serving Pioneers and elders of our great state has helped give me an appreciation for our history and an appreciation for how creative and hardworking those folks had to be. Owning small family run businesses during a pandemic gives me a clear understanding of some of the challenges Alaskans are facing. I am very excited to have an opportunity to work with the Governor and the team at DCCED to continue the work they have been doing to serve Alaskans and help build stronger communities.  

Sande earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Montana and a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Southern California. She is also a lifelong Alaskan who was primarily raised in remote logging camps of Southeast Alaska where she still enjoys spending time.


  1. Well done. Governor Dunleavy shows principled leadership in appointing a highly qualified person. His solid support for appointing the best qualified, without defaulting to progressive politically correct qualifications, is a mark of strong leadership.

  2. After I defeat Kelly this fall, they’ll probably run this new gal against me in 2028. Mom owns property on Gravina Island and if Sarah hadn’t of interfered, we would have had that bridge built 10 years ago. All of those families in remote logging camps on Gravina would have been able to drive home to Ketchikan after work. You little folks need to quit messing with the Royals.

    • Right now, during election year, a remote logging camp on Gravina Island is a great place to go (hide). And there are no Republican Women’s Clubs there either.

      • Then start one, Nancy. You might get some funds from the National Committee. You and Frankie will then have additional spending cash to take Leeza and House Husband on a long cruise next year, while Kelly T. can start mailing out HER Christmas cards.

  3. Wonder how much “free” money the family business got from the feds. That would probably account for the great success. Second, isn’t Ketchikan, Lisa’s hometown? The governor picks another elitist. Not many conservatives get a gimme degree in social work. The degree in hospital administration, appears to be another gimme, just follow lockstep with the CDC and ya can’t go wrong.

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