Judge denies open meetings group their injunction on Assembly actions


Alaskans for Open Meetings will likely ratchet up their complaint to the Alaska Supreme Court, now that Superior Court Judge Una Gandbhir has told the group to take a hike.

Alaskans for Open Meetings had sought to stop Anchorage from implementing a number of measures the Anchorage Assembly had passed during the month when they had locked the public out of their meetings. Their lockout began after former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz had banned group gatherings greater than 15 in Anchorage

Among those controversial decisions were the purchase of several buildings to be used for a geographically spread network of services and shelters for vagrants, homeless, and drug addicts in Anchorage. Other controversial measures included a ban on so-called “conversion therapy,” which Wikipedia calls “pseudoscientific practice of trying to change an individual’s sexual orientation from homosexual or bisexual to heterosexual.”

Gandbhir said that a preliminary injunction was an “extraordinary remedy,” she didn’t think was necessary.

Tune into the Must Read Alaska Show podcast on Monday afternoon for a discussion with Frank McQueary, chairman of Alaskans for Open Meetings, where you can learn more about the group and what its next steps are. You can listen at one of the sites listed here.


  1. The Open Meetings Act governs every government meeting – even if two Assembly members meet in “private” and discuss City business. The Anchorage Assembly cannot escape it, even if they have a judge to back them, period. Any and all actions they take while violating the Act are null and void, period. And worse madam dictator, you can’t 86 someone from an Assembly meeting – you can’t even obtain a protective order (anti-stalking). You can have someone arrested for disorderly conduct for such during a meeting. These things were explained to me by an attorney for our city when we had someone harassing us during meetings a few years ago. This judge needs to be impeached for violating their oath of office to uphold the law.

    • Hung up as the Funregistered Foreign Agent whos BAR guild has swore to the Marxist Agenda in approximately 1917. The courts have been where the crime actually happens… ‘legal’ is the opposite of Law

  2. Useless Judges that give their opinion with no basis in law. I don’t give two — what a judge “believes” or what a judge “thinks”, I want a judge to deliver an opinion based on the law, not on how they feel. What happened to a “Constitutional Republic based on the Rule of Law”!!???

  3. If you’re a Republican/conservative you will ALWAYS lose at the trial court level if you’re contesting a Democrat interest. In 20-odd years representing the State in controversies with unions/Democrats, I can only recall one time we won at the trial court level. Maybe we should think about how we select judges.

  4. Just wondering why we have dropped the stories on Ethan and Maria, will ballot mesure 2 , enable him to become the next Governor?

  5. I watched the presentation via ZOOM in front of Superior Court Judge Una Gandbhir. She seemed like an engaged justice that would make a thoughtful decision. However, she was a Governor Walker appointee, supported by the liberal Alaska Judicial Council. She is probably a very nice person, but just another liberal justice that is not interested in actually delving into the details of a case, but rather its just easier to say NO to conservatives. And that is what she did. All that was being asked was for a INJUNCTION to stop the Municipality for continuing actions until the case could be heard by the court. By her ruling, the Municipality will now quickly consummate the purchase actions and proceed as if they won the case. The scales of justice are not balanced in Alaska. It’s time we change the method being used to appoint judges, as it seems to only yield liberal judges without regard to the law.

  6. They are hiding their crimes on We the People… time to start stringing up all these Un-Lawful judges and BAR attorneys, but I repeat myself…. not too mention heads of school districts, the energy boards allowing 5g and smartmeters in our community utilizing a hidden actor called ACS with Secret Agent Jeffrey Yauney at the helm… we are infested with criminals of all stripes…. all utilizing the tech and “legal” which is the opposite of Law…. its based on licenses=licensiousness… wake up to the spiritual war we are in…

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