Josephson: 120-day session will have higher oil taxes — again


Rep. Andy Josephson, one half of the chairmanship of House Resources Committee, let it slip Wednesday that the 2018 legislative session will go beyond its 90-day limit and as far as 120 days. Since he has that extra time, his committee will roll out new oil taxes that Democrats have been working on.

Rep. Andy Josephson said, “We’ll be hearing other legislation, so that’s sort of the bad news, the good news is uh and I can’t make a promise about this but I think many of us are wondering between day 90 and day 120 uh what this committee will have before it and uh at this point and I may to have to change that in conjunction with my co-chair, it may be that there won’t be lots of burden, um although there may be a bill coming toward uh us that’s imminent and quite absorbing.”

Watch the short video clip here:



  1. In case somebody has not noticed it, Andy Josephson is all about himself. He is interested in gaining financially all that he can possibly get during his time in the legislature. The new home in Juneau, paid for by legislature per diem (far higher than any Alaska state employee and props from the other state employees) is one example. He’ll eventually sell this Juneau home for a huge profit; no other state employee can manage to do this with their per diem allowance. Andy has no other responsible job, so he needs to rake in as much money as he can so he can pay his bills for the two or three weeks when the legislature is not in session (like around Christmas and New Years) and he is unable to such form the government teat. Who is Hell voted for this shyster?

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