Jim Wojciehowski: Vaccine mandates and the ‘silent nine’



In November of 2020 I became active in attempting to communicate with the Anchorage Assembly and then-acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson concerning fresh data regarding Covid-19.  The vast majority of my assembly meeting presentations and emails communications included scientific references, as well as peer-reviewed and medical journal articles with links to the source material.

Occasionally I would receive a reply asking specific questions concerning the data. Many times the replies would cite mainstream media opinion pieces in CNN, USA Today, or the New York Times, never actual source data. Over time, the responses dwindled. 

Four months ago I began asking Mayor Dave Bronson and the 11 Assembly members two simple questions.  I told them I would be happy with a simple “yes” or “no” answer.  

1)  Do you support mandatory Covid vaccination to maintain employment, enter businesses, receive healthcare, or fly (vaccine passports)?

2)  Do you support mandatory Covid vaccination for school children to attend classes?

I received answers from Mayor Bronson, Assemblywoman Jamie Allard, and Assemblywoman Crystal Kennedy. The answers from all three could be summarized as a firm no for both questions.  

Not understanding why the remaining nine members were reluctant to answer two simple questions I persisted asking in numerous emails.  To this day I’ve yet to get a reply from the “silent nine.” 

These are important questions, especially considering four of the nine members who remain silent are running for reelection this April. 

I’m a resident of District 5 and neither of my Assembly representatives will answer. One, Forrest Dunbar, is running for reelection.

Last week I decided to reach out to other candidates running for assembly seats.  At the time of this writing I’ve received answer from three candidates.

Stephanie Taylor, District 5 candidate replied, “For the record, I support freedom over force.  No and No.”

Randy Sulte, District 6 candidate replied, “1) I am against vaccine mandates. It is a personal choice between you, your family and your physician. 2) I do not support mandatory Covid vaccination for school age children. Again, this is a matter for the child’s parents, guardian and physician.”

Kathy Henslee, District 4 Candidate replied, “These are important questions. I do not support vaccine mandates for adults or children. Adults can make informed decisions about their health and parents have the best information and intentions for their children. I support freedom, choice and medical privacy. These are some of the things that make America such a great place to live!”

Henslee, in her reply, asked me how I would answer the same two questions.  

As a member of a higher-risk age category, I completed the two shot Moderna series in February 2021. My wife and I also volunteered at the Anchorage School District vaccination location in the spring of 2021. Obviously, I am not anti-vaxx. A couple of sitting members of the Assembly  have, however, labeled me as both “anti-vaxx” and a “Covid denier.” These are labels thrown about by those not willing to have a civil debate.

I am emphatically against Covid vaccine mandates. I retired as a family practice physician assistant and throughout my career I always involved my patients in the discussion of a treatment plan. There is no place for a one-size-fits-all approach to medicine. You must always weigh the risks vs. the benefits on an individual basis. Mandates remove that ability for health care providers and patients alike. 

Jim Wojciehowski is a retired physician assistant who has attended numerous Anchorage Assembly meetings and has testified about the Covid policies of the former mayors and Anchorage Assembly.


  1. Because the Marxist Nine don’t want to cede anything that can be used to further their authoritarian control. These people are anti-American and have no place in leadership.

  2. The death rate for double vaxed children ages 11 to 14 is 52 times higher than those with no vaccinations according to government stats out of the UK. Deaths are 10 times the rate for those with one shot.

    This link is from OANN but there’s other sites anybody can find if they care to.

  3. Thank you, Jim. The reason why the nine Liberal members never replied is simple, they are all smarter than you! Underlying reasons would include that they have all joined the Covidian Cult.

    We are living in the most sinister of times, and in a way I am happy this cult mentality was brought into focus for all to ponder.

    Pray for Anchorage.

  4. It was invented by China and Fauci and given to the world for political gain for the democrats of the democrats by the democrats. And all went along with the lie I would not want to be on my death bed knowing GOD knows my cover ups. Exposed and time to pay up soon Obama and all your oath breakers your all exposed.

      • Prove it ??? Fact is you can’t prove any of this is right or wrong. One thing is for certain though 98% of our Washington politicians are guilty of treason and they should be hung.

  5. Thank you for standing on the front lines for all of us, and taking the arrows that come with doing so.

  6. Actually, Jim, I believe you have your answer. By their non-answers these assembly members have clearly indicated that they would be open to mandates (no surprise here). These are people, who make decisions for our city and non-answers are can not be tolerated.

  7. Vaccines were proven to only have an effective rate of somewhere around 11% for children I believe under 15. Liberals love COVID like it’s their child and yes, they have gotten a lot of mileage out of it. They’ll never let it go but things are getting better. I’ve been removed from sites for writing the very facts listed above as they were labeled misinformation. Keep up the awareness.

    • Sure Jim, liberals love COVID. We are so evil that one million dead is a good thing. Surely you have more maturity and integrity than to claim this.

      • NI, I would make the same claim, categorically and without hesitation. From all the available evidence, which is vast, it is beyond dispute that the contemporary Democrat/leftist political agenda is simply a death cult, as it invariably attacks and undermines everything — and I DO mean everything — that upholds decency, honesty, traditional values, social stability, and freedom, and supports all that which is the opposite: degeneracy, instability, dysfunction, coercion and authoritarianism. Modern-day ‘leftism’ is quite simply insanity and evil rolled into one.

      • Native Imagi, million dead? Huh, even if that’s true, how many were denied alternative treatments that appear to work everywhere else?

      • NI, first we have not reached a million yet and it would be really nice if the CDC would report Covid deaths PER YEAR, (you really have to look very hard to find those numbers) just like they do for ALL other causes of death. Interestingly the death rates and hospitalizations increased AFTER the introduction of the vaccines. Furthermore it would be enlightening for them to actually differentiate between people, who died FROM Covid vs those who passed on WITH Covid.
        Avoiding honest discussions about treatments and withholding data collected, while basing statistics on 2019 numbers (which are based on the 2010 census) skews the picture and manipulates the narrative.

      • Imagi:
        It started out as a fight against the pandemic to save people. It has since become a fight against the people to save the pandemic. COVID is the gift that just keeps giving to the petty tyrants and tin pot dictators sprinkled throughout all levels of Government.

  8. In my opinion, if these nine Assembly members do not want to answer your question, they do not deserve to be in office. You are courageous and I commend you. I ,too, have had two vaccinations, however, with the second ,my awakening with the feeling of a chain crushing my chest, I decided to not have any more. These vaccines are experimental and I believe a person has a right to choose to be vaccinated. When I campaign for Stephanie Taylor, I will ask people ” Why would you vote for someone who will not answer your questions.” Mrs. Taylor is there for you and she can not only support you, but she will answer your questions.

    • As pointed out in my article. Ms. Taylor has answered my two questions. Mr. Dunbar did not, regardless of multiple opportunities and I am a constituent of District 5.

      • Have you considered attending an assembly meeting to ask during public testimony using your 3 minutes of speaking time? Seeing assembly members reactions can be enlightening (and can make for informative youtube viewing).

        • The questions were asked at the last Assembly meeting and the Assembly — except Allard — refused to answer with a show of hands. One member was not present.

  9. We all know Their Agenda and Politics.
    It’s actually kind of entertaining that they seem to think it’s ok to hold onto the false narrative any longer.
    It is Over for Them!

  10. Those nine are what is deemed a faction, they have lost their ability to listen and comprehend, whether or not they have had either abilities to begin with is questionable. Either way, now or anytime in the distant future I won’t support them in their political aspirations, their time and radically poor choices on the Anchorage assembly will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

  11. I hope these nine are replaced by people who believe in the US Constitution and say so affirmatively in their campaign rather than supporters of medical tyranny.

  12. One would be happy with a simple “yes” or “no” answer here also.
    Do you have a counter strategy after the miracle of a an easily corruptible mail-in ballot scheme reinstates your “silent nine”, who then enact their mask and vaccine mandates and “passports”?
    Will you defy, disobey, and disrupt such mandates by any and all legal means?
    Will you invoke jury nullification and encourage potential jurors to invoke jury nullification when mandate miscreants show up in court?
    Will you petition Governor Dunleavy to withold revenue sharing while municipal mask and vaccine mandates and vaccine “passports” are enacted?
    You read and understood implications in “Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line”, (mdpi.com/1467-3045/44/3/73); which concludes: “We present evidence on fast entry of BNT162b2 (the COVID-19mRNA vaccine) into the cells and subsequent intracellular reverse transcription of BNT162b2 mRNA into DNA.”?
    Knowing that, knowing FDA and drug companies want to keep something secret about vaccines for 75 years, you’ll still obey, and demand others obey, your “silent nine” if they require you and others to get some of that as a condition of living and working Anchorage?
    If you accidentally get written in for Assembly District 5, will you serve?

    • Thanks for your comments. I have shared the medical journal article you link to above about the in vitro liver cell DNA changes to the assembly in past weeks. As far as my name for a write in…..no thank you. I would urge, based on past interactions with Mr. Dunbar that those in District 5 vote for Stephanie Taylor. I have interacted with her personally since the Dave Bronson campaign and have found her to be honest, genuine, and totally open about her beliefs. Forrest on the other hand has replied to my emails three time in the last two years, always with a criticism.

  13. I hope at the next election people with integrity and commitment to at least responding to their constituents win out. Thanks for your work Jim!

  14. Thank you for Standing Up and not buckling to the tyrannical mandate that your submission to an experiment is required to flatten the curve of hospital admissions.

    • And when the CDC is a leftest org, under the guise of a medical org which has been proven elswhere not to be, They’re just mimicing from Fauci’s mouth what he promotes..He’s been getting rich from the Chinese and under their orders. He’s not speaking for Americans or proven science.

      • Dr Fauci is the highest paid civil servant in Federal goverment, he does not need Chinese money, CDC is a Federal Agency not a medical organization. I would use a pseudonym also if I put out such blatant BS

        • organization: (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a body of administrative officials, as of a political party, a government department, etc
          synonyms: bureaucracy – any organization in which action is obstructed by insistence on unnecessary procedures and red tape.
          And finally, from the CDC website, a page entitled “Interim Clinical Guidance for Management of Patients with Confirmed Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)” – “This document provides guidance on caring for patients infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.”
          Not a medical organization? Maybe you need to start using a pseudonym.

    • And it is very convenient (for certain political circles) when a vast and overreaching political agenda of control and coercion can be disingenuously masqueraded as “public health policy”, as every bit of the Covidian Cult hysteria was.

    • CDC guidelines.
      That is interesting. Did you know the CDC guidelines for COVID are almost 100% identical to their guidelines for any other virus? Or have you not done any checking? Blindly believing the CDC because it is Government?
      And, what makes you think a Government agency cannot be rife with bias and prejudice? It is staffed and managed by human beings, complete with all their failings and issues. A Director could easily push an entire Government agency toward a particular agenda. What makes you think the CDC is immune from human nature?
      Being highly paid does not mean Fauci is satisfied with it. One of the major motivating factors of human existence is greed. I need look no further than professional sports for proof of that. If Fauci was making $10M a year, I would not be surprised if he still wanted more. Perhaps not as direct payments, but he does have major holdings in the pharmaceutical companies. Wonder if that might taint his outlook on certain topics/decisions? I know it would enter into my decision making if I was in his seat.

  15. Another great example of how these elected representives demonstrate true evil intentions …. “These people turn from the right way to walk down dark paths. They take pleasure in doing wrong, and they enjoy the twisted ways of evil.”

  16. Well, now you know who the honest ones are, Jim. Whenever you ask a yes or no question like that to a politician, expect waffling, or, no answer at all. The Lefties won’t respond. And the meek and timid who don’t want to be identified or excoriated by their liberal colleagues (whom they are usually fearful of) keep quiet. But thanks for your attempt.

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