Jan. 6 committee gets caught in a whopper



The Donald Trump era has brought countless examples in which Democrats, bureaucrats, and the establishment news media wove a sensational tale that turned out to be false.

There’s the Russia collusion caper that wasn’t, the 51 security experts who wrongly claimed Hunter Biden’s laptop was misinformation, the Ukraine quid-pro-quo call that had neither a quid nor a quo, and the Moscow bounties on U.S. troops’ heads that never happened.

Now the Jan. 6 panel — led in part by the Russian collusion advocate Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. — has been called on the carpet for falsely suggesting a GOP lawmaker ran a reconnaissance mission inside the Capitol for Jan. 6 protesters the day before the riot.

Ironically, the man who blew that whistle is the new Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger, who got his job on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s watch but handed Republicans vindication on an allegation they long claimed was a smear.

Manger wrote in a letter Monday to Congress, which Just the News obtained, that an exhaustive review of security footage found no evidence that Republican Rep. Barry Loudermilk of Georgia did anything other than give constituents a tour of some congressional office buildings.

In fact, the chief said, the congressman didn’t even enter the U.S. Capitol with the group.

“There is no evidence that Representative Loudermilk entered the U.S. Capitol with this group on January 5, 2021,” Manger wrote in a letter to Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Ill., the ranking Republican on the House Administration Committee. “We train our officers on being alert for people conducting surveillance or reconnaissance, and we do not consider any of the activities we observed as suspicious.”

“All I can think of is this is a Soviet-style propaganda trial, like a show trial,” Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., who spent time working in Communist Yugoslavia earlier in her career, told Just the News. “They put this tape together using propaganda, selected words and clauses cut and pasted to smear the people they want to smear and to get the outcome.”

“They put this tape together using propaganda, selected words and clauses cut and pasted to smear the people they want to smear and to get the outcome.”

Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y.

Rep, Rodney Davis, the Illinois Republican who pressed Capitol Police to review the evidence and clear Loudermilk, said Democrats who besmirched his colleague’s name need to face accountability before the House Ethics Committee. 

“The Democrats need to be ashamed of themselves,” Davis told the “Just the News, Not Noise” television show Monday night.

Former Georgia Rep. Doug Collins, who played a role unraveling the Russia collusion narrative, said Democrats have reached the political limits of the proverbial boy-cry-wolf tale, and it is time for their enablers in the mainstream media to push back. Some of the biggest names in media reported the Loudermilk allegations when they surfaced last month.

“I’m wondering how many of these political writers — The New York Times Washington Post, all these folks — are actually lining up to give the retractions,” Collins told Just the News. “…Let’s just be honest. They buy any narrative they can to impugn conservative congressmen, to malign Donald Trump, to make this event that they’re trying to pin basically on the conservative movement. And they’re willing to destroy lives, you know, really to do it without actually investigating, without reporting.”

The Loudermilk tale gives a case study on how an unsubstantiated claim spreads from one congressperson to the next, requiring weeks before officials knock it down with facts and evidence.

Read more of this story at Just the News.


  1. Dems continue to float their spin, lies and demagoguery. They expect everyone to get on board another sinking ship. After half a dozen Soviet style trials in the past five years, Americans are openly mocking the Left for their tunnel vision and bigotry. Adam the Schiff seems to relish to role of public laughingstock. What a pack of clowns!

  2. I wondered how Suzanne was going to cover the January 6 hearings. And here it is: an alleged lie while meanwhile the entire Trump show was thousands of lies that attacked the constitution and democracy.

    • Wish I could edit a comment, cuts down on the number of replies…
      “…an alleged lie…”
      Perhaps it is not a lie, however, the statement from the J6 committee is in direct conflict with the written letter from the Capital Police Chief made it pretty clear that no GOP Congressman led a reconnaissance mission the day before. In fact, there is no evidence that the Congressman and his companions even entered the Capital.
      But, even with the knowledge that the Chief of Capital Police will contradict the assertion, they went ahead and said it anyway. Frankly, that moves if from alleged to, at a minimum, knowingly pushing a false narrative.

    • How, exactly? Specifics are always helpful. Probably inconvenient for you, but helpful.

      I’m curious. I like a fantasy tale.

    • “Alleged?” It’s plain as day straight from the experts you people hold in such regard. Unless it doesn’t fit the Leftist narrative I guess, right? Oh, and what about that neo-con turd Cheney leaving out when Trump said “peacefully protest?” Lie of omission. Tell me this, which is more dangerous to “democracy:” Trump not being happy with a stolen election or the stealing itself? Trump withholding military aid to Ukraine over corruption suspicion or ACTUAL corruption of Joe Biden (e.g., Hunter laptop, 10% for the “big guy”)? The Russian collusion lie? Arkancide? I could go on…And what exactly did Trump do to attack the Constitution (not that you actually give a rat’s behind about the Constitution)? Was is the record unemployment? How about energy independence? The decimation of ISIS? Small business success? NO new wars? Normalization of relations with North Korea? Oh, and isn’t it weird that Russia made no moves in eastern Europe during the Trump administration and as soon as Mr. Potato Head gets in office there’s a war in Ukraine? Open your eyes Lucinda, you’ve been brainwashed.

        • And… here is Lucinda, once again popping in to post a reply that… well… frankly does nothing and says nothing.
          Lucinda. If you want to be a productive and contributing commenter on this site, it is best to back up your comments with something solid. “You’re hopeless.” helps no one. However, if you were to point out the things that Karl has incorrect, and perhaps provide a location where Karl can get the correct information, that would make your comments a million times more useful.
          Looking forward to having lively debates with you in the future. Have a great day.

          • CB. This isn’t on Karl’s list but trump tried to get Georgia Secretary of State to “find” 11780 votes. That’s illegal. Also, at every turn, Trump’s inner circle (except Giuliani) told trump that his scheme was illegal and crazy and that the election was NOT stolen. He raised around two fifty million by convincing rubes of the Big Lie.

            Watch the hearings.

          • Lucinda:
            First of all, I asked what Karl has incorrect. Since you could not point anything out, that makes your comment trolling at best.
            Second, the GA Sec of State call… Oh… I love that one. Did you actually read the transcript of the call? Did you listen to the audio?
            Trump might as well been asking the GA sec of state for a pet pony, or six winning numbers.
            That conversation happened in early November. If what Trump asked for was even remotely illegal, Pelosi would have impeached him immediately on that phone conversation alone. And, it would have been supported across the board by the House. Also, because it is, in fact a felony to do what you claim Trump did, the Senate would have no choice but to convict. Trump would have been out of the White House by Dec. 1.
            But, none of that happened. Know why? Because everyone with half a functioning brain cell realized words taken out of context are not evidence of anything. It did not pass any test of reasonableness in November 2020, and it certainly is not passing it now.

          • CBMTTek. Earlier I said you are hopeless. You are. there is no amount of fact and proof and evidence that will convince you. You misrepresent the evidence to shore up your ideology.

        • “…there is no amount of fact and proof and evidence that will convince you. ”
          I disagree.
          What I see coming from the J6 committee is nothing. There are a lot of unanswered questions that are being presented as “evidence” when in fact, they are just unanswered questions. Here, let’s try this out:
          “Who is Ray Epps?”
          Evidence of conspiracy or unanswered question?
          “Why hasn’t the FBI found the person who placed the pipe bombs on Jan 5th?”
          Evidence the FBI is in on it, or question?
          If you present an unanswered question the right way, it looks like proof, but it is not.

    • You’re aware, I’m certain, that a single lie can and has had entire cases thrown out in murder, blackmail and RICCO cases, aren’t you? One lie will taint the entire case. The ETHICS Committee is charges with enforcing ethics. If they lie in their accusations, how can anyone believe anything they’re accusing people of? This is nothing more than proof of a kangaroo court.

    • Lucinda,
      You should really come in for a visit. Your obsession with Trump has caused your thought process to be compromised. You are not alone, but here at MRAK, your condition stands out. I have medications that will help you.

  3. The moment we saw Rep. Adam Schitt on the committee, it was akin to a middle finger to the reality and truth.

  4. Don’t know what is worse, the anger or the sadness that most people will never see this information unless it shows up on CNN or the front page of the New York Times.

  5. The only real insurrection here was the fraudulent presidential election of November 3, 2020, that was shamelessly and brazenly stolen by the globalists and Marxists to illegally and illegitimately put into office their pliable and senile meat puppet, the usurper China Joe.

    • I don’t understand how anyone can view the evidence, the mountain of evidence against Trump and still think the election was stolen. You probably believe in the virgin birth too.

      • I do believe in the virgin birth, and that Jesus was the Son of God. But what that has to do with the lying, cheating SOBs who cheated their way into power, I do not know, Commie. There’s plenty of evidence, follow the science, or better yet, the math. I have a feeling that perhaps you smoke too much stink weed.

        • My point was that if you believe in something that’s impossible, then you have the skills to ignore the mountain of evidence against Trump.

          There’s zero evidence that the election was stolen.

          • I’m curious, Lucinda.
            Do you believe a biological male, with the XY chromosome pair can be a woman?

          • Lucinda, there is a mountain of incontrovertible evidence that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent and stolen. The problem is that you hyper-partisan, hypocritical and malevolently power-mad radical leftists refuse to examine it or see it, no matter how plain and bold it is, because it does not fit or advance your all-encompassing political agenda.

          • I am watching the hearings. So far, nothing.
            There are a lot of allegations, plenty of unanswered questions, some things that are, at best, coincidences, but nothing that even approaches evidence. The only reason it is even being presented is because this is a hearing, not a court of law. If it were a courtroom, standards of evidence would result in almost everything said or presented to be stricken from the record.

          • Sadly insinuation and innuendo are NOT evidence. Also when the commission only gives you half the story (no questioning of the action/communications of Mrs. Pelosi, the capitol police chief or the DC mayor) the credibility of their entire statement becomes questionable to say the least.

      • Evidence against Trump? What evidence? Election fraud evidence, which seems to all be pointing at leftists, or evidence of other wrongdoing?
        And, if there really is a mountain of evidence against Trump, why was none of it used in either impeachment effort? After all, you seem to think that everyone on the planet should see Trump as a criminal, yet… these mountains of evidence I hear about never seem to get any scrutiny.
        Please point us to some of it.

        • CBMTTek: That you are moved to ask What evidence? I assume you believe there is none. If that’s the case, you and reality will never meet.

          • No, I want you to tell all of us about the mountain of evidence you are citing.
            Please for us poor conservatives who are brainwashed, give us the Lucinda summary of the evidence presented. A short list of the three, maybe five, most damning pieces of evidence against Trump.
            We are just dumb sheep following our MAGA King, and you, Lucinda, can save us from our worse than death fate.

      • I believe in Virgin Birth. I also believe Trump bungled the election into Biden (err, Obama’s) hands.

        Do you have a rebuttal, or just more snark?

      • Name a single piece of evidence against the election being fraudulent. Bet you can’t. Meanwhile, in regards to evidence supporting election fraud…2000 mules, dumped ballots, Dominion voting machines, Arizona audit, digital forensics, bellwether counties…shall I continue? WAKE UP

      • By your logic, Putin’s never rigged an election to his favor either. #beautifuldreamer🎶

        • I’m not mocking. I’m establishing a boundary. Like, if you believe in a virgin birth, then you’ll believe anything.

          • An article of faith is one thing.
            Human actions, and the cause/effect and results of them are not articles of faith. They are measurable and verifiable. You are co-mingling two separate items that have no overlap.
            Your assertion is meaningless.

          • Oh, you mean Nancy Pelosi’s continued witch hunt hearings? More derangement and cover-up by Democrats who are trying to inspire a get out the vote this fall to save their Party from collapse. Trump will be back in 2024. Then, the real Hearings will begin.

          • Interesting!
            To have faith does not make one gullible, just the opposite. Faith gives you a moral frame work to assess each issue with kindness and firmness of knowing what is right and wrong.

  6. One thing is clear: Liz Cheney has the sort of hate for Trump usually seen by a spurned lover.

    It led her to throw away one of the previously most secure House seats in America. But don’t worry, she’ll land on her bank account. MSNBC and the View are ready and waiting to offer her millions.

    • Can you imagine being hooked-up with Dick’s daughter, only to learn that the safest place from this nasty old crabpot is in an undisclosed bunker with Dick?

  7. Doesn’t matter that the Libs were caught lying. They have already spread the “news” on MSM, and MSM will never correct themselves to their viewers. Thus MSM viewers will never hear that this was BS and will forever take it as the truth. This is the problem – it should be mandatory that ALL news agencies report this non-factual news on their front page or at their prime-time newscast or face huge fines.

  8. Trump has been a con artist and a grifter all of his life. He’s had multiple business failures and bankruptcies. After his attempted coup failed on January 6, he decided to milk the big lie for all it was worth. He asked his supporters to send him money to hire attorneys to expose the claimed fraud, and then just pocketed the tens of millions that were sent to him by his devoted followers. The sad thing is that they continue to support him despite the fact that he scams them at every turn. The good thing about the Jan 6 committee is that they are airing Trump’s dirty laundry. Hopefully that means he won’t become the Republican nominee for President again. The only way Joe Biden gets re-elected is if Donald Trump is his opponent.

    • How can a chicken be full of BS? Hide behind that pseudonym – but remember I, and many we, support your right to freely make a fool of yourself.

    • Failed businesses happen. Regularly. Especially in the commercial real estate development market. One method to maintain assets is to let one business fail to favor another one in your portfolio.
      Tens of millions sent? Like Trump, who has a net worth of… what $3B, and he cares about a few million? Here let me illustrate:
      Tens of millions: $10,000,000 – $90,000,000
      Three billion: $3,000,000,000
      Three billion plus ninety million: $3,090,000,000
      Yeah. He definitely is fleecing his fans. No doubt about it.
      Seriously. Trump would not notice that effect to his net worth. It is like your $100,000 401k shooting up to $100,090. You are not retiring early because of it.

      • Trump is not a billionaire. He is a fraudulent buffoon and his empire is a house of cards. How he has managed to dupe so many of you is baffling to me. I guess when you refuse to read the news, and get your information from partisan blogs, that is what happens to you. As Abraham Lincoln said, “you can fool some of the people all of the time.”

        • I can only report what I read.
          If I look up Trump net worth, every source I check says $3B. But… you say otherwise, so I guess I will just ignore every other source on the planet and believe you. Because, you are not duped.

    • Sadly you are so ignorant that you believe those lies if any of the crap you believe about Trump were true he would be in jail. Julian Assange said the reason he did not talk about Trump is because he couldn’t find anything. Did it ever occur to your leftist mind that maybe Trump is rich is because he actually is a good business man, unlike Biden who is obviously a totally corrupt person?

    • Trump never took a salary while he was in office but he’s going to dupe his supporters into giving him money he doesn’t need? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense but only to the gullible and brain dead supporters of the Democrat party and RINO’s.

  9. Thank God for the moral character and integrity of our Christian Vice President during the crazy end of the Trump Presidency. His advisors at the end were pillow sellers, Sun-like conspiracy theory pedalers, and others who sold their souls to insanity for 15 minutes of fame (which we are still paying for). I hope that 2024 begins a new era without Trump or Biden.

      • Hi Ken, Actually I am a Republican who believes we need to get our house in order before we can expect the other side to do the same. In my opinion, Trump correctly identified many of the right issues, but he is not/was not the solution. The way my team plays matters to me – judging by the number of close advisors who bailed, resigned, or were fired, things were not well at all. Sorry, but I trust Mike Pence on that.

    • “His advisors at the end were pillow sellers,”
      Mike Lindell has a net worth of over $170M, his annual income is estimated at $32M. I would say he is probably a decent advisor, especially when it comes to understanding the free market economy.
      You do not get that kind of scratch without being pretty on the ball. Whether you agree with his political views or not is irrelevant. I have great respect for the business acumen of many people who I despise for their politics.

      • Money does make a good political advisor (George Soros is valued at 9 Billion which using your analogy would make him infinitely more credible). These were not financial decisions, but Constitutional ones – ones that virtually nobody left in the inner circle at the end – were qualified for. The issues at hand were not about our free market economy.

        I agree that Lindell obviously does something right as a salesman and in business.

        • Yet, you decided to mock Mike Lindell by calling him a pillow seller.
          Is there really that much of a difference between success in business and success in politics? True, a successful business owner does not automatically make a successful political advisor. On that, I am in full agreement.
          However, there was a lot questionable about the 2020 election. And, instead of sweeping it under the carpet and refusing to even look into it, Lindell used his own money to start investigating. And, that investigation uncovered a lot of questionable things. Perhaps they were just coincidences, perhaps they were evidence of wrongdoing, but people like you who dismiss Lindell as a pillow seller will never know.
          Important to note, an unanswered question is proof of nothing, but it is a place where investigation needs to start. When there is something that makes you say “that’s just does not seem right…” you look into it further. The overwhelming majority of swamp creatures were well aware of a lot of “does not look right” that went down, and they turned a blind eye to it. Our Sen. Murkowski was one of them.

          • Sorry, I disagree. In my opinion he has profited mightily from this whole thing. Had he been alive 150 years ago he would have been making rain – he’s good at that kind of thing. When you talk “Swamp creatures” are you referring to Betsy Devos? How about Elaine Chow? Bill Barr? Mick Mulvaney? Elinor Katz, Hunter Kurtz, Rickie Niceta, Tyler Goodspeed, Chris Ford, Sarah Matthews, Mark Vandroff, Rob Greenway, Ryan Tully, Richard Pilger, Stephanie Grisham, Scott Atlas, Eric Dreiband, BJ Pak, Anthony Ruggerio, and Gabriel Noronha? All resigned in the the last six weeks of his Presidency – most of whom had nothing to do with the “swamp” and all of whom were appointed by Trump or his own cabinet. This is AFTER what was already record-setting turnover in the White House. Our next President needs to either better vet their appointees or run a better organization – both things that Trump failed miserably at doing.

          • Lindell never found a stick of evidence of fraud but he promised to and never did. Like Trump, a grifter. And they fooled you. Bummer for you.

        • Hunter:
          Sorry for the out of sequence reply, but there are only so many levels the comments can reach.
          “you referring to Betsy Devos? How about Elaine Chow? Bill Barr? Mick Mulvaney? Elinor Katz, Hunter Kurtz, Rickie Niceta, Tyler Goodspeed, Chris Ford, Sarah Matthews, Mark Vandroff, Rob Greenway, Ryan Tully, Richard Pilger, Stephanie Grisham, Scott Atlas, Eric Dreiband, BJ Pak, Anthony Ruggerio, and Gabriel Noronha? All resigned in the the last six weeks of his Presidency”
          First of all, Elaine Chow is 1000% a beltway insider. So are most of the rest.
          Next, it is hardly unusual for members of an outgoing President’s cabinet to leave in the weeks before transition to a new Adminstration.
          Finally, having your staff leave to get new jobs is proof that you hired on competent and knowledgeable individuals. They have enough foresight to know their resignation would be demanded within seconds of the new President’s swearing in. Why stick around?
          “This is AFTER what was already record-setting turnover in the White House. Our next President needs to either better vet their appointees or run a better organization”
          Record setting turnover? Not enough turnover if you ask me. AG Sessions was useless, but Trump kept him around for way longer than he should have. To the detriment of the Administration. Same with a lot of other appointees. Trump made the mistake of 1.) listening to DC beltway insiders for appointee recommendations, and 2.) thinking title is important in the Federal Government.

    • Clean sweep … start from scratch … drain the swamp … Biden’s far left “great reset” is destroying America. Trump’s obsession with himself is endangering the GOP’s hopes of retaking power in November.
      I would support Ron DeSantis for president, and Donald Trump as vice. It would be a compromise, but one that could bring most of the GOP on board, with a unified voice.

  10. It’s Now Crucial to Understand What We’re Up Against! Politicians, mainstream media, WEF, UN, WHO and technocrats do nothing but lie. The lies are distractions while they continue to push their agenda to remove everyone’s sovereignty. Why are government and non-government agencies spying on us? If we have only 10% of the population that actually has critical thinking, 10% that think they can and 90% that would rather die than think for themselves, how do we stick together and overcome? Everyone must use discernment and research the truth and stop believing gaslighting, propaganda, lies and Nancy Pelosi’s infamous wrap up smears. Shifty Shiff should resign. The unselect committee are the ones that should be facing treason charges. A lie spoken a million times is still a lie. Time to get out of the Twilight Zone and work together to fix this mess and stop fighting amongst ourselves. Biden is a sock puppet. He is acting like a dictator of a third world country. It doesn’t matter who won it is who/how the votes are counted. The world would be a better place if the squatter in D.C. would resign and move into a senior care facility where he really belongs. Cabala Harris and Nasty Nancy can make him daily tea. Shifty Shiff can push him around in his wheelchair. Killary can clean the toilets. Screaching Abrams can sing back up in the weekly entertainment along with the rest of the nut jobs that are destroying this country.

  11. Loudermilk’s tour was not innocent, not permitted (Cap was closed to visitors due to Covid), was not on a tour route, like the Senate floor, the rotunda, etc. but instead was a 2 hour tour of tunnels, basement halls, security checkpoints & stairways. In fact, the area they were in is the same tunnel that was used to evacuate House members the next day. “Someday, I want to tour the Capitol so I can visit the basement tunnels, staircases, signage, security checkpoints & take some memorable pictures” – said no tourist ever. Loudermilk denied giving any tours at all that day. Why? Then his story changed again & again until, now, his defense is “none of those areas were breached and those people haven’t been charged”. That’s not an explanation, that’s not innocence & thank God that area wasn’t breached by the insurrectionists. His lies show consciousness of guilt. The Dems are correct. This was suspicious activity that demands an honest response from Loudermilk.

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