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Jamie Allard: The hour is here for us to decide the future of Anchorage


In the next couple of days, you’ll receive a very important document in the mail – it’s your mail-in ballot for the election that has just started for Anchorage mayor, school board members, as well as for the recall of an Assemblyman and a number of borrowing measures called bonds.

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It may look like junk mail to you, but it’s anything but that. Don’t toss it! It’s your passport to a better future for your family. Treasure it, and guard it with your life, and then mark it and mail it in right away. Your ballot is your say about the quality of life in Anchorage.

If you, like I do, think that Anchorage is seriously off track, then you have a decision to make: Who do you trust to lead Anchorage for the next three years? Who represents your values the most? Is it time for Anchorage to reclaim law and order, and make our neighborhoods safe again? Is it time to have sensible policies, or are we OK with the decline and fall of Alaska’s greatest city?

This election is about our future and whether we’ll continue to plunge headfirst into the progressive vision of a dystopian future, or if we’re planting our feet now for sensible, responsible leadership.

The people of Anchorage are wonderfully diverse, with a strength and grit that comes from being hardy Alaskans. We have what it takes to make Anchorage thrive for our children, and their children. 

But we have all felt the weight of our city struggling under failed leadership for six years. Anchorage is our home. Now is our chance to make our city the best city it can be.

Voting is a privilege, hard-earned and secured by the sacrifice of so many lives. We know that freedom isn’t free, and we must continue to fight for it every day. This election isn’t about red or blue, left or right, but about leadership.

Moving forward, we must work together. And that begins with that ballot in our hands. Together we will stand up, do our civic duty, and vote our principles. 

Friends, there are times in history we can point to where one vote made all the difference in the course of human events. This could very well be one of those times.

A better future for our city depends on us doing this one small act of citizenship.

It is our time. Our time to vote.

Jamie Allard is the Anchorage Assemblywoman representing Chugiak / Eagle River.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. I voted with my feet and left the muni. Eagle River should do the same.

    In healthcare there’s a thing called triage. You assess the condition of the patients and make the hard decision to save who you can while others too far gone die. Anchorage is too Californicated to save. Eagle River still has a chance.

  2. Beautifully stated. Hopefully the apathy that got Anchorage into this mess will no longer be a factor.

  3. I am not living in Anchorage but have seen the changes as i visited during my cancer treatments. My concerns grew as I watched the last Presidential election totals showing a high Blue trend.
    North Pole , Alaska is far away but I feel your concerns. Please find ways to help others along the way and bring a friend or two when you rally for free choice and smart leaders. Wherever I can help , I WILL.

    • Matt, while you might be joking, it is simply not appropriate to allude to violence as an acceptable reaction to a mayoral election. Alaska is better than that. I sincerely hope that you double back and clarify that you were joking.

      • That’s stocking ammo for hunting, as grocery stores may soon have bare shelves.
        Apparently few Alaskans have been watching farming news. Shutting down domestic energy extraction will result in fertilizer becoming very expensive.
        GMO crops may be resistant to current crop threats, but if one arises, it will sweep through the mid-west faster than a dust storm. No buffer crops to slow it down.

  4. Well done, Jamie. Thank you for your service and your spot-on representation of conservative values. We need you – a diamond in this heap of coal.

  5. Jamie, I believe if all the people of Anchorage would actually vote instead of being lazy or inconvenienced. The assembly wouldn’t be full of socialist whom are destroying businesses and families. Thank you for being a light in the dark.

  6. Watch California-and the Newsom recall-examples of how they have turned cheating into an ART!!

    We are awake! Will they continue to get away with cheating??

    Alaska needs to cleani up ! Implement voter integrity get rid of corruption!

  7. Politicians are selected not elected. America needs to wake up to reality, pull their heads out the sand of apathy and complacency and come to grips with reality; free and fair elections are dead in America. We are now in the collapse phase and there is no going back to how things used to be. It’s all down hill from here. So, thank the progressive liberal shills, and the neocon rhino republicans who back them, for all the loss of civil liberties, the wars, race riots, big brother government, and the complete and total collapse of the US dollar. The end is already here and accelerating fast. It’s prepackaged in progressive leftist rhetoric like every other tyrannical regime of history’s past. My advice start getting ready for way bigger problems than just democrat tyrants controlling Anchorage. Huge problems of Biblical proportions are heading our way and no politician or voting booth is going to stop it. Focus on purging the socialist pinkos out of the school districts and Universities first, if you truly value your children and future; otherwise these indoctrination centers will continue to brainwash the youth with poisonous pinko “woke” propaganda, accelerating the fall of western society. My advice at this point, let the leftist liberals go all the way. Give them everything they want, so we can just accelerate this collapse, prove how evil and dangerous these leftists policies and people are, by giving them free reign. Only then can we hurry up the process of implosion, enabling us to build back better from the ground up after these leftist morons are exposed for the failures they are. Let’s stop kicking this can down the road, and just get the party started already so the whole world can finally see these leftists clowns for who they really are; emotionally unstable, fearful, cowardly control freaks, backed by eugenic tyrannical narcissists, with no substantial education based in facts.. Let them get everything they want now, (they are only going to get it eventually with their rigged votes and public education indoctrination centers, brainwashing propaganda media outlets with endless funding from their federal tyrannical cronies). Like every narcistic, virtue signaling, self righteous, sociopath, they will hang themselves when given enough rope. Let’s expose them sooner than later and just give them what they want already, so they can be exposed for the tyrannical technocratic fascists that they are, without being able to hide behind their projectionism pointing towards conservatism. Remember these tyrants always need a scape goat to deflect from themselves, so let’s stop giving them one. Let them hold the entire weight with no one to blame anymore but themselves. Let them have their control, their city counsel seats, their state legislatures and federal funds, their censorship, their woke rhetoric, so they can be truly exposed. Only then can we purge these pinkos from our society once the whole world finally sees them for the monsters they are without having a scapegoat to point the blame. Or just continue doing the same actions over and over again expecting different results, hoping next time your vote will matter and your voice is heard. Let’s really expose these racist pinko, woke leftists, for who they really are by letting them do what they want with no resistance. I promise it will ultimately expose them once they have no conservatives to hide behind and blame. They will ultimately destroy themselves once the conservative scapegoat is no longer participating in their folly. We are going to collapse anyway so why not let the liberals take all the blame while we conservatives just check out and prep up to survive it. After all we are already extremely experienced in cleaning up their messes, so I am confidant we can. Let these democrat fools destroy everything, so then the whole world will know who is truly responsible for the downfall western civilization.

    • Or we could let the Republican fools continue on as they have, lo these many years, to plow us into the ground.
      My advice, worthy or not, is that what got us here is not what we want, unless we want to keep us here.

      • You are a fool and debating a fool only makes two. I am no fool. I understand communism, how it works and what the democratic party has now become. That is why I left the communist democratic party 10 years ago. They fooled me once I am no longer their fool. One day you will see and understand that your willful ignorance has consequences, like every other victim of the political left in history’s past. By then there will be no one left to help you. Good luck surviving in the next decade in your ignorance. You will soon become victim to the very tyrannical party you support. History proves such, plus time doesn’t tell a lie. And it’s only a matter of time. Unless your a communist? So are you just another ignorant leftist shill or are you a communist?

        • I stand by my comment. That which got us here will keep us here. Your screed against the “communist democratic party” of 10 years ago denies the historical truth that the current situation arose from a Republican party that was in control of the legislature and the governor’s office at the time. Yours is the tyrannical party, but I don’t expect you to understand that because it, the party, doesn’t brook dissent.

  8. With respect Jamie, the mail-in ballot is –not– a passport to a better future for one’s family.
    It’s a one-way ticket to epic corruption and bankruptcy, forced on voters.
    It’s an easily corruptible scheme to assure no bond, tax, or incumbent gets left behind, to assure Anchorage’s uber-left government gets to stay that way.
    Mail-in balloting is arguably the root cause of Eaglexit.
    No? Would Eaglexit be happening if sponsors thought Anchorage’s left-leaning list could be righted?
    What’s “easily corruptible”?
    Ballot chain of custody and preservation, essential to voting system integrity, apparently don’t exist.
    Mail-in ballots can be filled out and mailed by anybody for anybody, under any circumstance… think about it… age, infirmity, literacy, citizenship, language, mental capacity, no problem, right?
    Nothing prevents mail-in ballot harvesting or close election results from being determined by ballot harvesting, mail tampering, truckloads of just-found ballots appearing days after election.
    Nothing assures voter-registration rolls are so accurate that close elections won’t be determined by sheer numbers of fraudulent mail ballots.
    Since U.S. Mail’s involved, the question arises: what prevents hyper-partisan postal workers from “losing” mail-in ballots from certain zip codes?
    Then there’s the question about what protects voters’ signatures from arbitrary rejection by Anchorage’s amateur handwriting experts or Anchorage’s new Bell and Howell vote-processing equipment operating on B&H’s proprietary software, “maintained” by B&H experts. Who knows how it works? What outside, indepent authority audits city election results? Certainly not poll watchers.
    Passport? No, Jaimie, this leads to complete loss of confidence in Anchorage’s mail-in vote system.
    Look at the bright side, Jaimie, at least your lot have a way out. Eaglexit’s your “passport”.
    Interestingly, an avalanche of new taxes and bonds, mixed with semi-martial law excused by China flu panic, might be just what Anchorage residents need.
    If Anchorage’s regime succeeds in closing Anchorage for business while stiffing residents with unaffordable taxes, a combination of Eaglexit and another 1980’s-style exodus might be quite the reality check.

    Eaglexit and an Exodus… almost biblical, yes? the pharaoh’s folks, code enforcers, education industry, union-management teams, and every other bloody tax-gobbling straphanger can no longer be supported in the style to which they’ve become entitled.
    Slaves split, the kingsom collapses? Totally can’t happen? What’s holding this house of cards up, keeping these parasites in office except the eternal promise of Getting More Money?
    Maybe with new, God-fearing, competent, honest, adult, charismatic leadership (this is asking too much?), Anchorage might just be able to start over… with traditional voting.
    Then, Jamie, it’ll be safe for you to come back.

  9. We can’t let evil win! We need to demand voter audits, which is different than recounts. Demand politicians follow their oath of office. Attend meetings and hold them accountable. They want us to give up and we need to unite against the 1% that want to rob us of our liberty and our futures! United We Stand and Divided we fall. Never give up.

  10. Unless there is accountability, the commie-Dems will steal the election. They have no conscience and believe the means justifies the end.

  11. Yesterday, I went to the Eagle River PO to retrieve my mail. My mail-in ballot was there, and as is my normal habit, I sorted my mail at the provided table, and threw my junk mail into the provided garbage can. I could not help but notice that many ballots were laying on the top of the “garbage “. This was very perplexing to me. I attempted to find the Postmaster, who was nowhere to be found, so I had to settle for telling a postal employee of my concern. All I could think is that the discarded ballots were addressed to prior Box holders who had since moved on. Our city has many military members who get reassigned. But evidently, they still get ballots. That may help explain why more ballots are mailed out than there are voters. These ballots can very easily be retrieved by dishonest people with little to no effort. If you receive a ballot, as many us do, not to you, please tear it up before discarding it. I am surprised that our government has not issued guidelines for this. Alot of military that get stationed here make Alaska their legal state of residence, because of no income tax and forever PFD’s, until they retire. That’s a good reason not to automatically register them to vote when getting a license or applying for a PFD. Then there are those in the private sector that just move on. They all get ballots. What happens to all of these ballots? I have heard that there are people who pay cash for them. Please don’t trash them without at least tearing them!!!

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