It’s Super Tuesday: Facebook, Instagram part of worldwide outage


It’s Super Tuesday, when 16 state primaries and caucuses are going on. And so there’s a social media issue going on with Meta, the global behemoth in the realm of influencing.

The social media site used most in Alaska — Facebook — is experiencing a worldwide outage. It has logged users out and refuses to let them back in with their passwords.

The website also shows that users are having trouble with Instagram, Messenger, Snapchat, Google, WhatsApp, and other popular websites.

This story, written at 7:15 a.m. Alaska time, will be updated as details emerge. At 7:54 a.m., many users reported they are able to access their accounts, while others report they still cannot.



  1. Americans and Super Tuesday can survive without social media and internet reminders. Social media has been in existence only since 2003. People and elections don’t need these social medias, google, nor internet. These internet giants really aren’t essential.

  2. States need to get back to the old ways how we communicated before mobile devices and internet. The old communication ways needn’t be abandoned. Such as: landlines, telegrams, Morse code, high powered wallow talkies, CB radio, and personal contact through in-person meetings with family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors you know get used to dropping in on one another again instead of dropping in on their internet page to find out what they are doing.
    People can use the internet and social media however we still need a solid backup system or plan when these things of communication are removed.

    • But how else can the big corporations tell us what to do so efficiently? Without social media, they won’t have as many fake bots or hired army’s to push their agendas.

  3. Of course it would go down today. Trial run for “protecting our democracy”* in November.

    I hope people have made contingency plans for when the internet goes poof for quite some time.

    Remember- outside of Jesus- nothing lasts. Live accordingly.

    * Protecting our democracy meaning continued looting of the country by various oligarchs while paying for various domestic and foreign conflicts to keep the people at each others throats so they do not realize what a bunch of debauched and maleficent actors we are and how much we have taken from them- both materially and spirituality.

  4. Apparently FB going down may have resulted in a bump in the Space Time Continuum…. you say the article was written at 11:15AM 3/5/2024 but it is, according to the Network Time protocol of the Internet only 08:16AM 3/5/2024…..????

  5. Financial markets along with oil sinking today as investors realize Trump has secured nomination of Republican Party. So if President Trump drives gasoline to $1.80/gallon how will Alaska’s economy survive? Say hello to a state income tax. #maga #insolvency

  6. Well, since using a panicdemic as an excuse for “emergency” election law changes will not fly this year, they have to have an alternative.
    A massive, worldwide internet blackout would be a start.

  7. We sure do need an old fashioned backup system. What if there is another solar flare like what happened in the 1890s that knocked out the telegraph system, or what if Russia decides to use their H.E.M.P, electric attack on us?

  8. Yet somehow Twitter/X managed to keep all of their servers up and running, even after Mr. Musk fired a ton of employees after buying the company……

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