Isn’t it time they tell us?


10440701 - a body outline with crime scene tape and numbers


Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and Police Chief Chris Tolley won’t confirm or deny there is a serial killer stalking the urban trails of Anchorage.

Three unsolved double homicides have left joggers, the homeless and everyone in between on edge.

Isn’t it time they tell us if they suspect a serial killer is loose on our trails?

The mayor’s advice to children who are worried for their safety is: “What I can tell you is what I tell my own kids, which is, make sure to say goodnight to your parents so they know where you are, stay in your bed, and make sure your parents have locked the doors.”

Weeks prior, the Anchorage police warned how “criminal activity often increases late at night and during early morning hours.

APD wants to remind our citizens to be cautious when they are out during these hours, especially if they are in isolated areas like our parks, bike trails or unoccupied streets. If you plan to be out late at night, make sure you travel with several friends and not alone.”

Mind you, not one friend shall you travel with, but “several friends.” Because people are going down in twos.

Mayor Berkowitz also noted this about any neighborhood that wants to increased police protection: “If any community is ready to specially assess itself, I’m sure there’s a way that could happen,” Berkowitz said.

Uh, that would be illegal. It would mean people in South Anchorage could assess themselves more and pull some police out of Mountain View to protect them.


  • Has the FBI been brought in to investigate the three double homicides?
  • What were the types of weapons used in the double homicides? Guns? Knives?
  • Was there evidence left behind at the scene to help investigators?
  • Is it believed a serial killer is at work on Anchorage trails at night?
  • Are trail watchers going to be safe unarmed, when they don’t know what kind of threat they face? Will they be deployed at night, when the killings have taken place
  • Regarding the recently released police sketch of a “person of interest” in another recent killing.The FBI is said to be involved. Is this person a suspect in the other murders?