Is Joe Miller running for governor?


Former U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller has hinted he is about to announce a run for governor. But then, again, maybe not.

All he is saying is he will make an announcement that will be streamed on the Joe Miller and Restoring Liberty Facebook pages at 9 am on Monday, Nov. 29.

Miller was the Republican Party nominee when he was the Tea Party candidate for U.S. Senate in 2010, winning against incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski. She then ran a write-in candidate and beat him and Democrat Scott McAdams in the general election.

Miller ran again for Senate in 2014, but was beat by Sen. Dan Sullivan in the primary. In 2016, he was the Libertarian candidate for Senate against Murkowski, and came in second on the general election ballot with about 30 percent of the vote. He was aligned with the Constitution Party for a while but is once again a registered Libertarian.

There are possibly two other Libertarians running for governor — Billy Toien and Roman Shevchuk. This coming election cycle, all candidates from all parties (or no party) will appear on the same primary ballot, and the top four vote getters will proceed to the general election ballot, where they will face off in a ranked-choice ballot design.

The major candidates so far are Gov. Mike Dunleavy-R, Bill Walker-no party, Billy Toien-L, Roman Shevchuk-L, and Les Gara-D.


    • Dee you and me both! I think the ONLY upside here would be, if Joe gets more votes than Bill in the primary and dumps him out of the general, but I do not think that will happen. More likely it will split the vote and gives Bill the opportunity to get the band back together…..yuck!

      • Ballot 2 will set up a general election between Miller, Dunleavy, Walker, and Gara. You can rank the choices so no vote splitting takes place. Personally I would rather have an openly liberal governor than a deceitful weak RINO (Dunleavy) so my plan is to vote Miller first, Walker second, and Dunleavy third

        • Miller is a proven liar. He’s shady as they come. The democrats would eat him alive. We need candidates with morals and unimpeachable records. Miller isn’t it.

          • Joe is egotistical and in his own mind, he is never wrong. He used government computers in Fairbanks to provide false information, then he tried to cover it up. Not exactly a big deal, but it went to character and judgment. And he got caught, which makes him a BAD fibber. Joe has had a lot of tragedy in his life recently. His policies are sound and reasonable. But this is not his time to run. I voted for Joe twice, but I’m afraid he will be a spoiler for Governor Dunleavy…….something the Democrats would just love. I will not support Joe for ANY office at this time.

        • No offense Jon, but ANYONE , who considers a vote for Walker, needs a history lesson. Bill was the one who got us into this PFD mess to begin with. It was obvious to anyone with half a brain that his ONLY focus was his pipeline, lining the pockets of his out of state buddies and sticking it to the oil companies. I am convinced he viewed the state budget as his personal piggy bank to achieve his goal….even if it meant selling us all out to China. That Kathy Giessel is his biggest fan simply says it all.
          While no fan of Dunleavy, I’d take him over Walker any day.

      • Too conservative for the Genteel RINOs, they’d rather have a polite and more palatable compromiser and lukewarm conservative….you know someone who can attend the same social events as the communists. Plus have a real conservative makes them nervous as the RINO Governor will have to start acting like a Conservative again.

      • It was a saga, but when he ran against Murkowski it turned out he had lied about being caught lying at his old job. You can probably find the saga somewhere online, but basically he was such a colossally bad candidate that after beating Lisa Murkowski handily in the primary, he got beat by her when she ran as a write-in candidate in the general election. Every time he opened his mouth, the situation just got worse. He’s a terrible candidate that the democrats could easily run a campaign against. Fair or not, conservatives are held to a higher standard, and he doesn’t have any standards.

        • The only reason Joe lost to Lisa by write in, is because the State (Lt. Gov) and Judicial System did not uphold the Election Laws that were on the books. Following the Law would have required that her name be spelled correctly on each and every Ballot. That’s the reason she spent thousands getting Wrist Bands made and distributed to all corners of the state. Our very own SWAMP Monsters in Juneau are very afraid of having the Budget Cut and PFD’s paid by statute. I will vote for Joe!

        • Joe easily beat Lisa in the primary, because every time he opened his mouth, he said something that was actually conservative, which RINOs really hate. Unfortunately, in the end, Lisa was somehow able to get Dominion over Joe…….

  1. Don’t do it, Joe! It would become a wet dream for Bill Walker and a bigger wet dream for the ghost of Byron Mallott, who apparently gets regularily channeled by Bill Walker for campaign advice.
    Instead, help Kelly T. with her campaign to beat Lisa Murkowski and kick the Little Princess and her Daddy’s Kingdom out of Alaska.
    Choose your battles wisely, Joe. Three time losses don’t even make the history books.

      • Dee, you need to do a bit of research yourself. One of the incidents that you refer to was a set up by the press to take Joe out.

        I was involved in the recount after the murky write-in campaign. When the Western Alaska votes came in, entire villages appeared to have voted for murky. The odd thing was that they were ALL filled in by the same hand! Nothing suspicious there. We complained, but nobody seemed to care.

        I’m in agreement with a previous commenter. I’d like to see Joe in the Senate.

  2. I would rank him first, then AIP then Walker then RINO Mike. Our current governor has been even worse than Tony Knowles and Bill Walker. Lowest PFDs ever, rampant voter fraud, and rampant covid mandates

    • Pfd not his fault, you can thank your legislators.
      Voter fraud you can thank the weak Republican party and corrupt Democrats.
      Rampant covid mandates? What mandates? I haven’t been subjected to any mandates from the Governor, only mandates I’ve encountered is when I go to the leftist city of Anchorage.

      • Bruce: I agree with you about “rampant Covid mandates”. MRAK commenters think gross overstatement elevates their argument when exactly the opposite is true.

      • He is refusing to issue an executive order banning mask mandates. Also he could have easily fought for higher PFDs by vetoing the budget and shutting the government down. He even “forgot to veto” a gigantic chunk of money being squirreled away into the government spending reserve rather than being returned to voters in the form of a PFD. If he really wanted the PFD he should have worked harder to primary the RINOs (Stutes was uncontested for example) and twist arms in the legislature. He was elected to give a big PFD and he didn’t deliver.

    • Really you would rank Walker over Dunleavy. That is absolutely ridiculous. Walker was literally a destructive Governor and at the very least Mike hasn’t done us any harm. I find it sad that someone as hollow minded can vote.

      • True. Walker probably rates as the worst governor we’ve ever had. Truly awful. The fact that he’s even considering another run after pulling in a paltry 2% of the vote in his previous run for re-election is laughable.

      • Mike has given us LOWER PFDs than Bill Walker, and he allowed Dominion machines to be installed on his watch. Again, I would rather have an openly liberal “independent” than a deceitful RINO

        • Sorry Bill Walker is not an independent. He is a liberal democrat and should belong to the Weasel party if there were such a thing. He pulled the same stunt the time he got elected….remember the “Unity Ticket” and the voter disenfranchisement, by dumping Hollis French and Craig Fleener after the primaries?

        • Dunleavy doesn’t have the power to increase PFD’s, the legislature does. Don’t blame governor Dunleavy for low PFD’s when he needs cooperation. Don’t forget that if Walker were governor we would have had Vaccine mandates, statewide mask mandates, and he tried to push for a state income tax. None of which Dunleavy has done. You would do the state a lot more harm by choosing Walker over Dunleavy, that would be very assanine.

    • The real problem with Mike Dunleavy is his total inability to LEAD a legislative agenda. Everything he proposes gets completely blocked by the likes of Louise Stutes and Bert Stedman. He is too weak to get the Republicans in line and push his agenda through

  3. The problem with the Libertarian votes is that these are people who would vote Republican. Not saying people should have choices but our votes are getting split and making it easier for the Democrats. Libertarians and Republicans need to join forces so our vote will be stronger and larger.

    • We don’t need to worry about vote splitting. Just rank all of your candidates (Miller first, Republican second) and it’s impossible to “split votes”

  4. He should run against Don Young if anything, but come on he’s lost 2 senate races already. I like Joe but he’s just a terrible candidate.

    • Very risky to run against the ‘ establishment’ and that’s exactly what he did against Murkowski and yes against Sullivan. Both bought and paid for by parties outside Alaska except Murkowski also had the collusion of the Native PACs who hired vote getters to go into the villages and ‘help’ people fill out their ballots. Joe was refused permission to to speak at the Alaska Native Brotherhood statewide conference in Fairbanks whereas the red carpet was rolled out for Murkowski. Of course a vote for her was a vote for continued federal largesse in rural Alaska and continued contracts for Native PACs. The unions totally blackballed Joe.

    • Joe has personal issues. One, being the security of his family. Two, being a spoiler. Three, his daughter was murdered recently. Four, he is viewed widely as a loser. Five, and maybe most important, Joe has no record of helping OTHER candidates seek office. Joe Miller needs to help someone else get elected BEFORE he runs again. He should stop being selfish, and help Kelly T on her campaign to oust Lisa Murkowski. THEN, Joe may be ready for another shot at elected office.

      • “viewed wildly as a loser”
        I wonder how much of that could be attributed to our unbiased media.
        The left will spend an unsurmountable amount of resources to dig up dirt on anybody of the other party yet Republicans, if they do find something there’s no media that will report it.

        • MJD,
          Good point. I too was viewed “wildly” as a loser until I appointed my daughter to my old Senate seat. Now, I’m better than fondue sauce on French bread to the Lefties and Democrats. They loved my choice and came running to us in 2010 just to make sure Joe Miller couldn’t sneak in. The media saved our Kingdom. Joe Miller’s candidacy will be welcome news to Bill Walker, and the media would probably stay quiet about Joe, just to pluck him off again. And I know something about getting plucked off.

        • It’s attributed to the fact that he IS a loser. And his record is bad enough that it would very easy for the media and the democrat machine to destroy him, and he’d help them do it, like he did when he ran against Murkowski. If this is the best republicans have got, we’re screwed.

          • Dee,
            I get the impression you don’t like Joe Miller. Fair enough. But would you support Kelly T. with Joe Miller stumping for her?

          • Dee, is that why you did the write- in vote for Lisa Murkowski? Because, the Democrat smear machine told you to? Maybe you should stop worrying about conservatives and go caucus with some of your fellow Demonrats and RINOs.

  5. Don’t Joe.
    Alaska has told you “thanks, no” repeatedly. Accept it gracefully.
    We need a conservative who has a chance to challenge Dunleavy. Sadly, it’s not you.

    • I second that. You’re flawed and unelectable buddy. Love you Joe, but you had your chance. Please don’t tarnish any other conservatives’ chances. Unless you truly get right with God and publicly repent for all the dumb stuff you did.

  6. I just don’t trust him period. Walker go away you stole the PFD and started the ball rolling and the other one please leave also.. Not happy with Dunleavy but he as with our Mayor is fighting crooked representatives who undermine everything he trys to do. Just look at our city with this idiot assembly.

    • It’s Miller time!
      Probably a lite beer, it’s a little late.

      Com’on big Mike, stand tall!
      Do something, the election is a ways off. How about firing Zink, or crushing the mandate. Watch DeSantis, he’s a great lead.

  7. Why is he a joke? Explain why you think he is the punchline. What do you know about him that leads you to think that? Is he any more or less a joke than perhaps you are? Your comment is meaningless and lacks substance on all levels.

    • You’re expecting someone else to do your due diligence? Let’s be honest here; you’re a democrat, aren’t you?

  8. All the naysayers on these comments are like those who disparaged another politician who lost most of the elections he ran in and was ridiculed. Like Joe Miller, that politician persevered until the end (literally). Like Joe Miller, he spoke the truth. His name was Abraham Lincoln, “honest Abe.”

    • Sorry, but it’s not the same at all. Joe Miller can literally be blamed for why we still have Lisa Murkowski, as it is directly his fault that after beating her in the primary he was such a terrible candidate that she came back and ran as a write-in candidate and beat him. He was so bad that people who really didn’t like Murkowski voted for her anyway as a write-in. That the republican party would even think of running him for governor just goes to show that republicans are their own worst enemies. At a time when democrats are polling at record lows, republicans want to run the worst candidate they can find which will help the democrats win despite themselves.

      • Dee with her RINO apologetics and the rewriting of history. Lisa is in because of election frauds and RINOs who voted for her because Joe was too conservative when he talked about Not taking Federal Pork. They’d rather have Lisa and the Porkulous.

    • The dichotomy here is that you’re comparing “Honest Abe” to an absolute liar. Joe was a terrible joke foisted upon the electorate. Still is.

  9. So, I am going to put this out here once again. Rodney Dial the mayor of the Ketchikan Borough put out a very good letter on MRA about why he would not attend the Alaska Muncipal League conference. I took this letter as a possibility that he might be setting himself up to run for governor. So, is Rodney a good candidate or not? I would like to hear some feedback.

  10. Why not a run for Congress Joe? I would really like someone I can vote for this time on the ballot. Would like someone representing us that is there for a reason other than longevity.

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