Iran reaction: Sullivan slams Biden over appeasing terrorists, Murkowski tweets from Utqiagvik, Peltola hawks campaign fish shirts

Sen. Dan Sullivan speaks to CNBC about Iran's attack on Israel.

The Alaska delegation had mixed reaction to Iran’s weekend attack on Israel, in which it lobbed 120 missiles at Israel, and the reaction was from soup to nuts.

Sen. Dan Sullivan, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, called out the Biden administration for appeasing a terrorist regime and declining to enforce oil sanctions against Iran, while at the same time shutting down oil and gas development on more than 10 million acres of land in Alaska.

Sullivan, a retired U.S. Marine, reiterated how it’s important for the United States to stand with Israel.

“One thing that was in my view disturbing, President Biden at least to the press that they were saying, hey, there should not be any more retaliation. I think we need to give Israel the rights. As a sovereign nation, they can retaliate if it is in their own interest,” Sullivan told CNBC’s Brian Sullivan.

“I will tell you this, the other thing we need to do, the Biden administration needs to stop appeasing Iran. You were talking about the policies as it relates to energy. This administration came in after the Trump Administration’s very successful, comprehensive approach to sanctions against Iran. The Biden Administration came in from day one and essentially has not enforced those sanctions. I think it is time to do it again. There would be bipartisan support, there is no doubt in the U.S. Senate to do that,” Sen. Sullivan said.

“The real irony is, as you know, right now, as opposed to sanctioning Iran or Venezuela with regard to oil, this administration is getting ready to sanction Alaska. They are sanctioning my state, my constituents, a lot more than they are sanctioning the terrorist regimes in Tehran or Venezuela,” Sen. Sullivan said.

“As you know, that is what this new proposal they are thinking about with the national petroleum reserve of Alaska, to shut that down. It’s one of the most prolific oil basins anywhere in the world. You have a policy, in my view, that is upside down. Hopefully they will finally recognize how this undermines America’s national security interests, and energy security interests as well,” he said.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski posted a message on X/Twitter: “I’m in the northernmost community in the United States – Utqiagvik – today, but our eyes are on the unprecedented events unfolding in the Middle East. I condemn Iran’s actions in the strongest terms and reiterate the United States’ firm commitment to stand with Israel. Godspeed to all who are working tirelessly to repel Iran’s senseless drone and missile attacks.”

On Monday, Murkowski added a new thought on X/Twitter: “After the events of this weekend, it’ll be interesting to see whether the Biden administration does more to restrict oil production in Alaska or from Iran over the next few weeks. This has never been a close call, but at this point, it’s completely indefensible to get it wrong.”

Rep. Mary Peltola had nothing to say about the attack on Israel by Iran. Instead, she hawked her fish shirts on social media.

Rep. Mary Peltola was silent on Iran’s attack on Israel. She posted on social media the availability of fish shirts and promoted a bill she is sponsoring to provide mental health services to fishermen.


  1. Re: Israel, if they had not had top level missle defense I wonder how much damage all those launched weapons would have done? Likely much worse. If you shoot someone wearing a bullet proof vest and they don’t suffer major injury, does that mitigate the nature of the assault? Not really.

  2. Quick everyone needs to order up a dozen fish shirts and cough up more money to pay for a bill she is sponsoring to provide mental health services to fishermen (and fisherwomen)…of which she is in desperate need of.
    Its downright tough hangin with the Pelosi’s without a lot of fishy supporters from my George Soros-funded “Salmon State”.
    Its all about the salmon…to hell with Israel!

  3. Mary Pelota is one of the main reasons we’re currently in a lawsuit with the Federal Government over the right to manage Fish and Game on the Kuskokwmin River.

    She pretty much singlehandedly deprived Subsistence users to fish in front of their villages and forced them to travel as much as two hundred miles one way to fish in the mouth of the Kuskokwmin or even further too Quinhagak for a net full of fish.

    She was the Federal puppet that made over $80 grand a year chairing the Kuskokwmin Intertribal Fish Commission, which is hand picked by the Dept of Interior in DC.

    Mary is a whore for dollars… Just check to see how much was in her last campaign, donated by all the commercial interests dependent on the Trawl fleet in Alaskan waters….

    • Peltola has no intention so doing anything beneficial to Alaska except increasing her own wealth

  4. Well it’s nice to see Senator Sullivan spouting the right wing talking points, too bad they are not based in reality. He will back Israel no matter what, but won’t support Ukraine. I wonder why? He’s a Putin Puffer!

    • How about putting America first over Ukraine, our border is much more important to us than Ukraine’s.

    • If the Joe Biden hadnt pimped out Hunter for harvesting cash during his term as vice president in Ukraine we wouldnt have been obligated to send boatloads of tax dollars to fund more of Zelinski’s panhandling money shams.
      Ukrainian citizens are only paying the price for the dirty deeds of their corrupt leaders.

  5. ““The real irony is, as you know, right now, as opposed to sanctioning Iran or Venezuela with regard to oil, this administration is getting ready to sanction Alaska. They are sanctioning my state, my constituents, a lot more than they are sanctioning the terrorist regimes in Tehran or Venezuela,” Sen. Sullivan said.”

    THIS. I’m sick and tired of having an enemy as our president.

  6. We have basically two democrats in congress, Murkowski and the affirmative action idiot from the bush. Before you all get your panties wadded up, I’m from the bush and native. Mary hasn’t done one thing for Alaska. She has done alot for the anti-Alaska democrats.

  7. Oh goodie! Mary is hawking merch to fund her campaign (not that she needs to since every leftist mega-fund is backing her). Can’t wait to hear those “Commercial fisher; p-r-o-u-d Coast Guard mom…” ads. Please pass the pepto.

  8. Where do I find the schedule of events for the current conflict in the middle east? Is that on the CIA’s website or something?

  9. Yo Lisa!
    Did your Bush Democrat supporters ever learn how to spell Murkowski? No worries. It took you years to spell “pass” on the Bar Exam.

  10. Just think, Alaska could have had two great US Senators but for no-good Lisa Murkowski and her Democrat supporters.

    – Joe Miller.
    – Kelly Tshibaka.

  11. Don’t forget Dan Sullivan played His part in the Murkowski spelling bee. As Alaska A G He allowed Her name to be displayed in polling places so the semi literate could spell it correctly for Her write in campaign.

    • Actually, the email I received was based on what a judge said that morning before we opened the polls. If anyone asked how to spell write-in candidates’ names, then we were allowed to provide them a list of correct name spellings. We were not allowed to display any candidates’ names. It ended up not mattering as the judge then decided the law didn’t need to be followed at all.

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