Invasion by design? Peltola votes for illegal immigrants to be counted toward reapportionment, Electoral College


Rep. Mary Peltola, Alaska’s only voice in the U.S. House, has voted against a bill that makes it clear that redistricting (also known as reapportionment) must be done by using the U.S. Census count of actual citizens, and not by counting the 20 million illegal immigrants that have criminally moved across the border and are living in the United States unlawfully.

Over 7 million illegal immigrant have come to the United States in the three and a half years of the Biden Administration, and the Administration is shipping them to states like Florida, playing a long game to flip the state blue.

“One of the lesser acknowledged, but equally alarming, side effects of this administration’s failure to secure the southern border is the illegal immigrant population’s influence in America’s electoral process,” said Rep. Chuck Edwards, of North Carolina, speaking in favor of his Equal Representation Act, H. R. 7109.

The act passed along party lines, with all Democrats, including Peltola, voting against it.

Edwards spoke on the House floor about the need to protect America’s democracy and electoral integrity by making sure that only American citizens are counted when apportioning congressional seats and. The apportionment process also affects the Electoral College votes assigned to each state.

“Our democracy depends on accurate representation and electoral integrity. Voting is a coveted privilege held by American citizens, and elected representatives are responsible for serving the interests of the voters in their district,” Edwards said.

“But even if not a single illegal alien casts a vote, the mere presence of illegal immigrants in the U.S. is having a profound impact on the outcome of elections, skewing the representation of Americans,” he said.

Rep Andy Biggs of Arizona pointed out that that the U.S. Constitution mandates that a census be carried out every 10 years, where everyone who is present in the United States, regardless of their citizenship and immigration status, is counted. But the Constitution does not specify whether noncitizens or illegal aliens must be counted for the purpose of apportioning House seats.

In 2016, President Donald Trump added a citizenship question back to the 2020 census via executive order. The citizenship question that had been asked on every census since 1820, until it was removed in 1960, because the effect of illegal immigration was negligible at the time.

“But there’s no doubt today, that the effect of illegal immigration is significant. I won’t waste my time making that case – we all know it. It’s a top concern of about 70% of all Americans, Edwards said. “Though commonsense dictates that only citizens should be counted for apportionment purposes, illegal aliens have nonetheless recently been counted toward the final tallies that determine how many House seats each state is allocated and the number of electoral votes it will wield in presidential elections.

Since the illegal alien population is not evenly distributed throughout the nation, some states are losing representation in Congress to illegal aliens in other states.

“A 2019 study by the Center for Immigration Studies estimates illegal immigrants and non-citizens who have not naturalized and do not have the right to vote impact the distribution of 26 House seats,” Edwards said.

House seats and Electoral College votes will added to areas with the most illegals unless Senate passes the bill.

Newsweek jumped to defend Democrats in its fact-checking of the characterization being made of their pro-illegal-immigration vote, by saying that including illegals has been policy since the late 1700s. However, the Newsweek fact-checking was rated poorly by readers, who understand that illegal immigration is not what it was in earlier eras, and is now being used by Democrats to alter the actual political landscape of America. shows the number of illegal immigrants in each state in 2019, before the massive surge of over 7 million illegals during the Biden Administration. Based on the Statista baseline of 2019, there would be now about 20 million illegal aliens in the United States:



  1. There are plenty of people living in the United States that are not citizens, and are not “illegal immigrants”. Many are gainfully employed and pay taxes. Should they not be counted and represented? Should we go back to the 3/5ths rule, just update it? The far rights attack on America is disgraceful. Please return to your homeland, good luck!

    • Nonsense.

      No – they should not be represented by people who vote on our issues in Washington DC. They are here at our pleasure just as we would be if we lived in their countries. If they wish to be counted and represented they can move back to their own nation.

    • Hey sweetie, I was one of them. I got my citizenship specifically for the reason to declare this country as my home. I followed the rules and wanted to be a full part of our system. In order to vote I had to be a citizen. I saw no problem in those rules and it wasn’t onerous to me. I am not a hyphenated American. I do not display another nations flag. I am an American. Epluribus Unum.

      So let’s go ahead and put me on blast.

    • If they have Permanent Residency (a green card) then yes, they should be counted. If they do not, here on a visitor visa, student visa, etc… then no. Not a citizen, not a permanent resident.
      Also note, this vote was not supporting the count of non-citizens in the country legally. It was to count illegal aliens as if they were natural born citizens for purpose of representation in the US House. Which makes your first point meaningless.
      And, I recommend you actually learn up on the 3/5th rule there “freedom.” Because your second point is rendered meaningless by your misuse of that historical item.

        • Right.. Alaskans for Freedom… do you even have a passport? While you criticize people who home school I bet you have never been anywhere

        • You have two sentences here with no punctuation mark in between. Also, it should be “schooling,” not “school.” It appears you are poorly educated.

        • While I was not home schooled, I did have parents that actually cared whether I was educated. Which is why it takes me almost zero mental effort to negate your arguments. On the other hand, I believe your parents used your school as a daycare, and likely blamed the teacher when you did not get good grades.
          Now, how exactly does “…it is their freedom.” relate to anything written in either your initial comment, or my response?

        • Just because the illegal regime has been doing this for a long time does not make it right. The law is the law. The Constitution is the constitution. This happening for a long time is going to be stopped and corrected. Your reasoning is full of holes.

    • Dump some of the illegals in Bethel and watch the lefties squirm. Unless, that is, they bring lots of good dope with them.

    • “……..Should they not be counted and represented? Should we go back to the 3/5ths rule, just update it?…….”
      They should most definitely be counted up, but they have no representation in this government whatsoever as citizens. Period. Because they are not citizens. It is really that simple. If they are here working without work visas, they are here working illegally. Why is that so difficult for people who claim to be intelligent to understand?

    • For your information the 3/5ths rule has not been in play since the passage of the 14th Amendment in 1868 so trying to invoke something that isn’t in existence blows your arguments out of the water.

    • If they are “gainfully employed … tax payers”
      Why don’t they become citizens? They have green cards.
      We want them to, there us a process; what is their problem?

      This is more Dem nonsense …. basically fixing the election process to their favor.
      If our immigrants showed up & voted GOP; the Dems would be pulling their hair out & building a wall.

  2. Peltola is a traitor. Democrats are actively trying to destroy our country. Democrats are pro open borders, pro drugs, pro crime, pro welfare, pro higher taxes and anti environment. Democrats want to turn the USA into the infested hellhole that is India. Massive overpopulation, crime, pollution, air pollution, water pollution- that is what they want, and their open borders, and welfare for the illegals that come across is making that happen.

  3. The whole point of open borders is to alter the electoral makeup of this nation. As soon as the left feels like they have the mix they want, the border will shut like the Iron Curtain.

    • Winner!
      CA is set to gain more seats from counting the illegals than they lost by their disastrous woke based governance.

    • I don’t think that she actually and intentionally represents anyone, but her own pocket book.

      I believe that TPTB in our nation’s capital purposely chose her for her low IQ, and poured dark money into her election with the full intention that if they fed her snacks and shiny toys and filled her bank accounts, that she would simply do exactly as they told her without questions or input.

      She’s a simpleton puppet for the Biden regime, purposely chosen because she is not bright enough to have an original thought of her own, but would simply dutifully follow the trail of candy that her masters leave for her….

    • Tam, yeah I have figured out who Mary represents. He often is depicted wearing Horns and has a sulphuric odor about him.

  4. Suzanne I think you are way off on the number of illegal aliens in the country. CBPs public web portal shows more like eighteen million encounters in the last three years under fjb. I don’t have the link handy but it is easy to look up. ✌️🇺🇸

  5. Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.(the 3/5ths was nullified later, as was the exclusion of the Indians). Can some one please show me where it says anything about being a citizen?

    • It doesn’t. Nor did the present welfare state. Come to think of it, neither did replacement. All of this further blurs and diminishes citizenship. If one wants to transition from a nation with border, customs and language to just a geographical coordinate, that this is a way. One question…If all of these non-residents didn’t vote for the Left, would the Left want what is happening?

    • No, but would you like to discuss excluding the Indians not taxed, or are you ready to sit down and stop making an idiot out of yourself?

    • What does it say about Siamese twins? Sentient humanoid robots? What about a person who received a pig kidney transplant? Are they still considered a whole person or are they now part pig? We can ask all sorts of stupid questions when logic gets thrown out of the window. Only U.S. citizens get to vote for our government representatives; therefore, logic dictates that our government representatives should only represent U.S. citizens.

    • “Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.”
      Right there.
      What do you think was meant by Free Persons?
      Notice how it does not include Indians. Gee…. wonder why? Oh… right there. Not taxed.
      So, if you are not taxed, you do not count. Illegal aliens are not taxed. Cannot legally be taxed. If they are paying any taxes at all, it is through fraud. (Oh… but what about sales taxes? Nope, there is no national sales tax, all sales taxes are local or State.)
      Does the word citizen have to appear? No. Because legal permanent residence do count. They are not citizens.
      Your stretching here. Very thin.

    • You said: which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons. The act of physically being here for them is illegal, simply meaning that the first thing that these illegal aliens did when entering our country was ILLEGAL, then they, by our established laws, are not free so therefore should not count. – Cheers

  6. 3/5 rule. Yes the rule created by DEMOCRATS because they wanted to ensure the Slave states had no power. LOOK it up! I love how those that hate America do everything they can to Destroy it. They Allow drugs in to kill our youth, they want to shift power to Democrat consolidation hold. I bet if all the Illegals were going to red states and Stealing power from Blue states the melt down would be Epic!

  7. Might be fun to take the fight to Peltola & Pals for once.
    How can voting for illegal aliens to be counted toward reapportionment not be a criminal conspiracy to disenfranchise American voters by interfering directly with American elections?
    How can voting for illegal aliens to be counted toward reapportionment not be, under Honest Services Fraud law, a “scheme or artifice to defraud” American citizens of their right to free and fair elections?
    How can voting for illegal aliens to be counted toward reapportionment not be a criminal conspiracy to disenfranchise American voters and disrupt elections under the “color of law” statute?

  8. Peltola is an easily led low IQ stooge for the democrat cult who only care about their deviance and theft from the tax paying citizens. Democrats want illegal invaders to vote for them so they can steal from citizens and all that you have worked for and give to it the freeloaders. They have not fought for this country and have no ties to the country or our culture. Alaska needs to be more like Florida and less like the trash of Seattle and LA.

  9. Peltola, like every Democrat in congress, is not part of congress but rather part of the collective, as in the Borg. She represents only a narrow strip of Alaskans and would not even be in office if not for the looney election process Alaskans were tricked into accepting. We need to make sure that this fall only one Republican is on the ballot and that is the one with the most votes in the primary. Regardless of how close the primary may be, there is no second choice among Republicans… or we get a Mary Peltola consolation prize again.
    Alaska will elect a single Republican candidate.

  10. I don’t know about you but I know that I am sick and tired of all of these stupid terms!!! They are made up. I stopped pretending when I became an adult. Seriously…having to preface a conversation with “I identify as…” is lunacy!

  11. The census has ALWAYS counted all people who live in a state, whether they were citizens or not.

    That goes all the way back to the late 1700’s (1790 I believe) when slaves were included in the count as 3/5th of a person. Slaves were not considered citizens and could not vote, but the states with large slave populations wanted more power in the House, thus here we are today.

    It is literally written into Article 1, Section 2 of the US Constitution.

    Don’t like it, amend it.

    • Counting them is one thing.
      Counting them to determine the number of Representatives the State has in Congress is something totally different.

    • Good points, Anchorage Voter.
      Respectfully suggest the problem is not the constitutional census and reapportionment process.
      Problem is the appearance of a criminal conspiracy, conducted under color of law, to corrupt census and reapportionment, disenfranchise American voters, and substantially interfere with American elections for the purpose of establishing and maintaining single-party dominance in federal, state, and local governments.
      The corruption is accomplished by unlawfully opening American borders to illegal aliens, deploying them to targeted states, and automatically registering them to vote through more than a dozen federal programs.
      The corruption succeeds if enough registrations can be filed on their behalf, and enough votes can be cast on their behalf to guarantee census data, reapportionment, election results, and Electoral College delegate assignments are permanently corrupted to favor the single, dominant political party.
      From ‘
      “on March 7,… the President signed an Executive Order to leverage the resources of the federal government to increase access to voter registration services and information about voting…
      Today, more than a dozen agencies across the federal government are announcing steps they are taking to respond to the President’s call for an all-of-government action to promote voting access…”
      The “color of law” piece is a big deal. Together with “honest services fraud” and RICO statutes, these may help a Trump Justice Department solve the problem.

  12. Please Gov Abbott, send 2 or 3 planeloads of “immigrants” to Bethel.

    Tell them there are fish processing jobs available.
    Fish (jobs in Bethel)
    Family (bring your whole family w/ you)
    Freedom (the freedom to relocate anywhere, even Bethel)

    I’m sure Mary’s locals will love to share the very limited jobs they have w/ their new neighbors.
    They will be just as welcome as they were in Martha’s Vineyard.

  13. HR 7109 as Rep. Andy Biggs pointed out is unconstitutional, but let’s have an election season political stunt


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