Interior Sec. Deb Haaland to announce decision against Ambler mining road today


On Jan. 21, the Department of Interior filed a 30-day extension to delay its response to lawsuits by tribes and environmentalists opposed to the 210-mile Ambler mining road, needed to access the Ambler Mining District.

That extension request was granted, which means today the Department of Interior has to release its decision on whether it will back the Trump Administration’s approval of the road.

Department of Interior Sec. Deb Haaland is expected to reverse the Trump decision, according to sources, but the department may wait to make the announcement until after Sen. Lisa Murkowski finishes her annual address to the Alaska Legislature, scheduled for 11 am Alaska. time. Murkowski voted to approve Haaland’s appointment to the Department of Interior.

The road would be a limited access highway through the Gates of the Arctic National Preserve to a large prospective copper-zinc mineral with vast deposits of rare earth minerals and other elements needed for national security. It is opposed by the Tanana Chiefs Conference, which has filed a lawsuit against what Trump approved. Environmental groups also have lawsuits against the decision.

In January, the Tanana Chiefs Conference issued a statement. Its lawsuit against the Department of Interior is at this link.

The Ambler road is one of several Trump decisions that favored development that are now being undone by the Biden Administration.

In August, Interior Secretary Haaland announced that the department shut down already-approved oil leasing in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.


  1. The Left doesn’t really want to decarbonize. If they did they would allow copper mining. They really want to shut down everything.

  2. Erak is right of course. Greenies only want to stop capitalism and democracy. The environment is collateral damage (or a benefit, depends on your point of view). For example, the Juneau Assembly spent all of six months debating and finally endorsing the Paris Climate Accord, but in December of last year they could have sent their members and bureaucrats to the Captain Cook for the Alaska Municipal League meeting using Zoom to reduce their carbon footprint (but not to save money; saving money is an anathema in the capital city as we all know). Did they use Zoom? Hell no! They sent everyone to the Cook on Alaska Airlines. Only that autistic girl, Little Greta, actually believes in the environment.

  3. Lisa was only one of the many Alaskans either supporting Haaland or not speaking a single peep. Young and Sullivan also endorsed her, with Young squiring her around DC. But we didn’t hear from ASRC, Nana, Dunleavy, Doyon, the State Chamber, AGC, or anyone else. We didn’t even hear from Conoco and Exxon. We all knew everything there is to know about Haaland but we didn’t want to appear racist. Not only is Haaland a Native but she has a daughter that goes by “They.” Biden played a better game than we did. Lisa, Don and Dan would have spoken up had Dunleavy, ASRC, NSB, RDC, the State Chamber, AGC, AFN, and a few others given them cover. That is how the game is played.

    • Kayak, I disagree with your theory regarding race. I would remind you that Haaland is half Norwegian and as such represents a race that has arguably committed some of the most heinous crimes in history against humanity, against fish and have treated marine mammals horribly. Norwegians have been relentless in their rapacious destruction of practically every living thing upon the Ocean. Norwegians also have proven to be utterly incapable in contributing to the culinary arts. Clearly if race was an issue as you state above she would have been made to answer for the sins of her forefathers.

      • Lotta BS!!You are attempting to confuse the issue with stereotyping!! Norwegians immigrants to the UShave proven to be excellent and highly successful farmers in North Dakotawhere I lived for over20 years. Their contribution to that agrarian society by way of their industriousness, intelligence, Christianity , high level of sanitation, health and neatness has set a standard for immigrants!!

        • Where to start with the sarcastic comments mr Sloan? Nah too easy, plus don’t care what those Vikings did in the land that belongs to the Lokatas.

      • That’s funny! I frequently make fun of Norwegians but if they were a race as you say then they would be receiving everything for free like Natives and blacks do! As it is, Norwegians don’t receive checks in the mail from stock they didn’t buy, and Norwegians have to put their own children through college. They have to feed themselves, and with some notable exceptions I like their cooking. But the truth is, making Norwegians work for everything is why they are successful (despite the shortcomings of being stubborn, block-headed, etc). Visit an Alaska Native village, or a Canadian First Nation reservation and you will see that the best way to decimate a population is to give them everything and require no work of them. Telling a race they are owed something just for existing seems to be the best way to set a race back, put them on alcohol and drugs, generate incest, etc. etc. I recommend you read Seth Kantner’s autobiographical novel Ordinary Wolves. No one would write that book about a village of Norwegians. But it’s still fun for me to make fun of Norwegians. I think that fermented herring is indeed a potential crime against humanity by the way.

        • So true Kayak! Work enough so my wife can homeschool my youngest ones. Wife & 4 beautiful kids. Yeah get checks from shares I didn’t buy either.
          Yeah I work my ass off, no vacation since 5 yrs ago. So yeah Kayak ur right this villager is just a slacker drunk sob. Same w/ the my 5 village co-workers.
          So kayak what white village you live in? Anchorage would be my guess, where the other white villagers say it’s so sad what happens in villages, “bunch of drunks, have everything given to them”, incest everywhere”.
          Not much of a church goer are ya? Judge not least ye be…what? Later

      • It a gracious gift we aren’t held responsible for the sins of our parents nor the sins from our children, its all been settled by the blood of jesus we, each, come humbly to the cross to lay down our own sins. No longer are communities bound by the shame cycle where family could be shamed by relatives wrong choices. We have a redeemer!

  4. Nice how she’s gonna wait until Princess is done before violating Alaska again.

    Who says there is no honor among thieves?

  5. We need to quit supplying the left with food gas tools housing electricity and any other energy related items they use. Turn off the supply’s to them and watch the reply.

  6. Kudo’s to the … “Ski, Sully & Yung” Team!!! You’re making us so proud of your political accomplishments and your expert representation in DC. You are truly of “exalted” class worthy of special notoriety and recognition. What more can we do for you and.or what other personal sacrifices can we make on behalf of your exemplary selfless service?

  7. If you voted for Trump you voted against
    55 billon pounds of (Pebble) Alaska copper. Ambler district….2 billion pounds of copper. Neither repub or dems are pro-mining.But you get what you vote for.

    • Non political geologist said, “largest
      Earthen dam can not stop heavy metals
      From leeching into the ground water”
      which feeds the head water that salmon eggs are laid in. Not a tree hugger DB but rather have fish then let a bunch of canucks profit from our natural minerals and poison our waters. Seriously I’ll cut a tree down before I hug it, even if my previous statement sounds like I would hug one.

  8. One would think with the huge push to electrify and abolish fossil fuels they would embrace a mine. What are batteries made of? I believe copper wire is needed to transmit said currents of electricity. But no, can’t have any prosperity for America anymore. We can import it all from China and Russia being that they’re so friendly to us.

  9. My guess is she will punish Alaska again, just like she did to the Alaska native Vietnam veterans. We can thank our Washington DC delegation for her, they all voted for her confirmation.

  10. Maybe oneday this can no longer be a campaign promise, when it becomes a reality and this matter can be set behind us. Until then the ambler road project makes a pretty dazzling campaign promise.

  11. Can’t wait to walk into the voting booth.
    Bye Bye Lisa, Don and Danny you three helpers have done enough damage to out state. Please don’t come back home we will all be better off with new representatives that work for Alaska people and you three any place but here.

  12. Am I right to assume if there is no Ambler road there will be no Ambler mine? That Biden crew is really getting smart, aren’t they? No road means no project, and Alaska will be one huge national park, just like the environmentalists want. I like Mark’s suggestion. Cut off their energy related items, including computers (they run on electricity) and let them live on the lands they want to preserve. Should be fun watching them re-invent the wheel. As for Haaland, or any other Biden appointee, don’t hold your breath. None of them will do anything really constructive for Alaska. They want to hand Alaskans money, like the Native peoples on reservation and gradually grind Alaskans into poverty. Of course, Democrats will still vote for them because they believe in the national government handling all problems, even it it doesn’t know what it is doing. Do any of us have a future?

  13. Has anyone else noticed that in this so called State you cannot develop anything without getting sideways with one federal agency or another?

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