Interior Department holds surprise public meetings to determine if Alaskans want NPRA shutdown


On Friday, Oct. 6, and again on Tuesday, Oct. 10, the Department of Interior will have public meetings to hear what Alaskans have to say about the new regulations that will restrict energy development in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.

The new regulations were announced in early September and would drastically change the terms Congress set for the NPRA. The regulations were announced without consultation with Alaska Natives or their organizations.

The NPRA was set aside by Congress for natural resource development balanced with conservation. It’s one of America’s great national security assets.

But the Biden Administration is determined to shut it down, as it has shut down the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s 1002 Area, the part of the refuge set aside for oil and gas development.

Friday’s meeting, which starts at 11 am, is virtual. Link to it here.

Tuesday’s meeting, fom 1-3pm, is at the Dena’ina Center (600 W 7 th Ave, Anchorage, AK) in the Kahtnu 1 room.

The 60-day comment period, which is being rushed by the Department of the Interior, will close on Nov. 7, but could be extended if the public is successful in pushing back, since Native Alaskans had not been given an opportunity to be informed.

In fact, the publishing of the public comment period has been nearly secretive by the Department of Interior. Alaskans have been left out of the loop, and Alaska tribes and Native corporations did not receive any invitation to consult on the proposed rule. Instead, they received a letter informing them of the new rule, seven business days before the rule’s publication.

To provide comments, visit the Management and Protection of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska proposed rule at


  1. It sounds like “Sleight of the hand” card tricks by Joe Sniffy’s magicians in front of the natives.
    We will have to see if they are alert enough or care to take the time to testify against the hired guns who are promoting the shutdown.
    They have been pouring millions into the bush communities lately in an attempt to make them think Joe “the Big Guy” will take care of them forever and they dont need to rely on dirty oil money when the freshly printed green is pouring out of DC. Never mind the debt or payback. We will just tax everybody else and pass the bucks on to you in exchange for saving the oil and minerals for the CCP when they call the loans and we cant repay.

  2. The communistic sneak attacks by the bolshevists will continue to intensify into perpetuity unless they are summarily dealt with by the vast majority of the people, a group that they seek to subjugate.

    • If the local election in Fairbanks is any indicator, the commies have won – and will continue to win as long as us Republicans stay home… I voted (and have never missed an election I was eligible to vote in) – how about you (all)?

      • I did vote, and always do.

        Unfortunately, voting as an avenue for change in the political realm is being relegated to obscurity by those spiritual deviants that need to be held to account and eventually relegated to the lake of fire.

  3. > “On Friday, Oct. 6, and again on Tuesday, Oct. 10, the Department of Interior will have public meetings to hear what Alaskans have to say about the new regulations that will restrict energy development in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.”

    Like the Feds care what Alaskans want.

  4. Yes trying to rush the decision when most decisions take years. We need not to let the left dictate the timing. What’s the hurry? Trying to do something wrong?

    • As did I. Wonder if our political elites current, past, and potentials did.
      This edges on the side of nefarious.

  5. Transperancy is not an attribute of the current administration in any way, shape or form!

    • Probably not since this was actually announced a month ago. I’m pretty sure MRAK even mentioned it in another article. Going all the way back to the Willow approval it was noted that there would be changes in NPRA management. Now these meetings may not have been advertised as widely as folks would like—no ads or announcements in the ADN, MRAK, but not sure about the Arctic Sounder.

  6. Holding a snap meeting in the most liberal city in Alaska will get them the answer they want.

    A resounding shut it down.

    I hope no one is dense enough to think this little stunt isn’t carefully planned and choreographed.

  7. Seems reasonable to expect the Interior Department’s public meetings are simply Delphi meetings designed to show clear and convincing public support for shutting down NPRA, while suppressing responses which don’t meet Delphi-agenda requirements for worshipful admiration of Haaland’s Heroes.
    Slick PR move: Have public meetings in Alaska, so if outcomes aren’t too embarrassing, Deb can brag on CNN. If outcomes are bad, Deb just buries ’em out of sight, out of mind, because mainstream media don’t care what happens in Alaska.

  8. Here’s how public commentary and community meetings work…if the result agrees with the predetermined decision the politicians and bureaucrats applaud the brilliance of the democratic system but if the prevailing public opinion contradicts what our “leaders” want then we’re cautioned to follow the advice of those who know more than we do and to ignore the special interests who are just pursuing their own selfish agendas. If opposition is intense enough we might squeeze out a few minor concessions or a short delay but, in the end, whatever the government wanted usually gets crammed down our throats anyway.

  9. I will let you in on a little secret. North of that blue dotted line there is more oil than all of the Middle East.

  10. NO we don’t want it shut down. It’s called the Naval petroleum reserve by the way . Not national NAVAL. Say it you lib tards. In fact I’m betting the peace loving left will have us in a world war shortly and we will be pumping oil anywhere we can get it.

  11. When elected servants and bureaucrats turn on the inhabitants and refuse to do the stated will or thwart we the people’s instructions to emolument holders that is a real US Constitutional insurrection.

  12. The Biden administration wants to close off sensitive areas in NPRA that were opened by the Trump administration. There is plenty of oil remaining in the NPRA and a 10 year backlog in developing existing permits.

  13. Does MRAK even do the most cursory of research before publishing this drivel? The BLM sent out invitations for Tribal Consultation several weeks before the meeting here in Anchorage and those consultations can occur whenever a specific Tribe or Tribal entity requests it.

    Additionally, there are still millions of acres of land available for leasing and in the past when these lease sales were offered (like along the Colville River) there was little if any interest and very little acreage that would now be subject to oil development relative to how many acres were made available.

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