Inaugural events in January: Alaska, DC

The invitation to the Jan. 7 Inaugural Party in Anchorage.


Just 24 days remain until the 58th Presidential Inauguration, but the festivities start in Anchorage with the official Alaska Republican Inaugural Gala in just two weeks.

Jan. 7: The Anchorage party is billed as “The Power of Red,” at the Petroleum Club. It’s a fundraiser for the state party to kick off momentum for the next big election cycle in 2018, and is definitely black tie, but organizers are encouraging everyone to wear a bit of red.

Tickets are $200 per person, and it is likely the social event of the winter, but it’s limited to 100 people. Contact Josh Walton at 227-5785 to reserve your tickets.

The Alaska gala takes place prior to the official presidential inauguration so that legislators heading to Juneau and those heading to Washington, DC would have the opportunity to attend, said Dawn Linton-Warren, the head of the gala committee.

Ladies, it’s a chance to see if the sequins are still firmly attached to your gown and is one of the few occasions you’ll have to wear that spangled dress in Alaska in 2017.

JAN. 20: Word has it an event is being organized for Anchorage on the day of the inauguration, but details were not available this weekend.


View of the Washington Monument and the Mall from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial earlier this month.


Jan. 19: A reception hosted by the Alaska delegation, from 3-5 pm in the House Transportation Committee room that Rep. Don Young secured. It’s an occasion for those who have requested tickets through any of the three delegation offices.

Jan. 19:  Donald Trump and Mike Pence will lay a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery. A welcome concert is planned at the Lincoln Memorial.

Jan. 19: An Alaska Inauguration Celebration, with honorary cohosts Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, at the Washington Plaza. Tickets are free and invitations are being sent to those on the list who have obtained tickets to the swearing-in ceremony (awarded by lottery by the Alaska delegation). Event sponsors will have tickets as well. Mike Robbins at Steelhead Productions was hired to handle the event, which will be an Alaska extravaganza with Native dancing and drumming, Hobo Jim, Alaska beers and seafood, and historic photos and artifacts on display. Contact: [email protected]. To get a room at the Plaza, use this link and get $400 off with the event discount code. Normal room rates appear to be close to $1,000 a night, with a four-night minimum.

Jan. 20: Parade and Swearing-in ceremony. Full schedule of events is at this link. The best place to see the parade? From the balcony of the Canadian Embassy, (501 Pennsylvania Avenue), if you can get yourself an invitation. Word has it that Sen. Sullivan’s Chief of Staff Joe Balash has one, but word also has it he is going to be busy that day.

Jan. 20: The Senate immediately convenes after Trump is sworn in to vote on cabinet appointments. The questions are: Which one will Democrats allow to be confirmed, which do they require a roll-call vote for, and which ones do they want to debate? Typically the incoming president will get at least his “big four” appointees: Justice, State, Defense and Treasury, but Democrats are said to be gearing up for a bruising fight. In 2009, six of Obama’s appointees were confirmed and the only one requiring a roll call vote was Hillary Clinton for State.


screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-6-43-59-pmJan. 20: Native Nations Inaugural Ball at the Native American Museum on the National Mall. The 7 pm event is in support of the National Native American Veterans Memorial. Tickets are $750 and can be found at this link. Contact Jerry Ward for more information: 907-887-3677.

Jan. 21: Best of the West Inaugural Ball. A combined event by the DC “societies” of Western states. Tickets are $100 and are available from the Alaska State Society. Many attendees from Alaska will be stopping in at this event, which is steps from the White House at the Old Ebbitt Grill Atrium.


Jerry Ward, who managed the Trump campaign in Alaska, says he thinks 1,000 to 2,000 Alaskans will head to the nation’s capital for the inaugural festivities. He arrived at that number by counting up the tickets the delegation had available by lottery, and those he knows are available from the Trump organization itself.