In spite of heavy snow and global unrest, Alaska’s Jewish Cultural Gala goes on


With quiet concern for anti-Jewish actions from supporters of Hamas terrorists, the 18th annual Alaska Jewish Cultural Gala went off without a hitch on Saturday night, under high security — both seen and unseen — at Anchorage’s Dena’ina Convention Center. The historic snowfall in Anchorage also did not deter men and women from donning their finest for an evening to support the Jewish community.

The annual gala is one of the dressiest events of the year in Alaska, a time when men sport bow ties and tuxedos and women wear gowns.

Political leaders in attendance included Sen. Dan Sullivan, wearing his Marine dress blues, Sen. Lisa Murkowski in a classic gold gown, and Mayor Dave Bronson. All three were recognized for their friendship to the Jewish community.

This year, the gala honored Providence Alaska CEO Ella Goss, who began as an emergency room nurse and is now the chief executive officer of Alaska’s largest medical provider. She was introduced by Alaska’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anne Zink.


  1. Because of Alaska’s size, climate, remoteness, and poorer economy not to entice masses of peoples. we have a small population that racism or anti semitism is a very tiny fraction of our population. When racism is experienced its usually between two people where one has a prejudice with the other for being different than the small group at work or school or church or a social club because of they stand out for not having brown or light skin and for not believing in the same political ideology or believing or not believing in God or their personality isn’t like the rest as the small group does.

    That was very kind and generous of the this community to invite and reward Mayor Bronson even while a couple of their Jewish members currently serving in elect office are disrespecting him. Those two elect members could learn to focus on what admire about Jewish peoples they choose to focus on the matters leading to life instead of dwelling on the matters leading to death- the traits that keep us paralyzed as a victim. Here the Jewish community here choose to lift up the mayor residing over the city.

    • This comment is insane. Trying to correlate individual Jews for personally disrespecting the mayor with Judiasm as a whole is fucking anti-semetic, Jen. Your black friend isn’t the president of all black people, and individual Jews aren’t representative of Jewry. I’m so sick of being lumped in with “Jews” by Christians who have no goddamned idea what they are talking about. Shut.Up.

      • Yeah, Jen. Shut. Up. Because even trying to be nice is offensive. You know, the good is evil and evil is good thing. The only tolerable sound is silence……….or the angelic voices of everybody else, I guess………

    • Does anyone know why Israel and Palestinians don’t get along?

      Did world powers decide to create a nation state and shove aside an established resident cultural group the muslims ?
      Was there a tit for tat?
      Did the rich world nations force the resistance to move aside to create israel?
      Did Israel occupy/steal without compensation Palestinian territory to create Israel?
      Do they subjugate their neighbors and occupy their lands in aggression?
      Blockades . Kill at will?
      Did they treat Palestinians/ muslims within their established Israel as second rate people regarding full rights?
      Was their mild segregation?
      What do Jews think about marrying non Jews ? How does a non jew become a jew ?
      What gives Israel the right to build itself among an established people?
      Should they have purchased and compensated the local people for the acquisition of these properties ?
      Was there an equitable deal ?
      Should there be compensation and forgiveness? ( not with hamas specifically)
      Is it acceptable for a developed nation to bomb and kill their neighbors who are mostly innocent?
      Does that create goodwill?
      Do immigrants usually get to create their own nation within the nation they have entered? If they did is that called an invasion?
      How would Americans feel if a group created a nation within part of our nation without just compensation?
      What is a moral and ethical course at this point?
      Reparations? Is that what a strong moral person would do ? Or more subjugation and murder?

      • 1. Yes, if you don’t know the answer to this question then the rest of your questions are meaningless.
        2-6. You speak as if Israel did not exist prior to Muslims, when in fact Israelis lived in that area of the world for thousands of years before Islam existed.
        7-8. No
        9. What’s that exactly?
        10-11. What’s that have to do with anything? If you are interested in marrying or converting I’m sure there’s better places to find the answer then here in the comment section of an article about the Jewish Cultural Gala.
        12. Being resettled in their historical homeland after the Holocaust when Nazi’s tried to wipe Jews from the face of the earth, which also happens to be the goal of the terrorists known as Hamas, and UN Resolution 181.
        13-15. See the answer for 2-6. Did Muslims do any of that when they invaded Israel?
        16-17. If your neighbors are killing you and your family and they are hiding behind their children while shooting you, what should you do, let them kill you and your entire family? Does hiding behind innocent children while trying to kill your neighbor create goodwill?
        18-20. History is a powerful tool, you should probably review how nations have been built throughout history, literally across the globe and throughout time.
        21. The total and complete removal of those who would hide behind innocent children while trying to wipe their neighbors from the face of the earth.
        22. Are you suggesting that Hamas should provide reparations to the family members of all of their innocent victims, including the Palestinian children they hide behind?
        23. Guess not, Hamas clearly is not made up of strong moral people.
        24. If Hamas is allowed to continue then they will continue to subjugate and murder innocents, including hiding behind them while proudly calling them martyrs.

        I just have one quick question for you, do you support the complete annihilation of Israel and Jews or do you just support those who do?

        • Steve your answers are nonsensical.
          When you learn how to apply objective logic we can begin to to have a true discussion.
          Regarding your abhorrent questions at the end of your comment I choose neither.
          I support humanity and the jews.

          Steve your Genocidal support of Israels reckless genocidal campaign has put the blood of 4,000 children on your hands .
          That stain will forever be with you.
          Stop your obsession with killing.

          • Sorry for your inability to properly pose a question, I tried to make sense out of your parade of questions as best I could. But since you weren’t actually looking for answers to them and you are incapable of responding to them the best you can do is resort to personal attacks, as per usual.

            You should try and remember who it is that is proudly hiding behind the innocent children you claim to care so much about…they’ve already told you who that they are proud to bathe themselves in the blood of innocent children.

            Ghazi Hamad, a member of Hamas’s political bureau recently said “Will we have to pay a price? Yes, and we are ready to pay it. We are called a nation of martyrs, and we are proud to sacrifice martyrs.”
            The blood of these dead children, just like the blood of the innocent Jews that were slaughtered on October 7th is on the hands of Hamas and their supporters.

          • Steve you think facts are personal attacks. Man up steve and quit whining about a few words .

            Israel bombing innocent noncombatant children is a serious
            personal attack.

            You and everyone who accepts Israel bombing noncombatants is guilty of being involved with murder .

            If a repeat killer was holed up in a school with civilians would you destroy the school?

            No . Only a maniac would do that .
            You steve are supporting manic genocidal actions.

            Only a crazy person does everyone in just to get one bad person. Whether the bad person is hiding behind innocents or not.

            You didn’t answer my questions in an honest fashion because you know real analysis leads to shared guilt. It takes two to tango .
            You don’t want peace . You want genocide.

            If im wrong then prove it .

            Do you want a circle of violence?
            Or do you want peace between two people that are from similar roots ?

          • Your opinions aren’t facts, sorry they just aren’t, that’s not how facts work.

            Everyone wants world peace…well not everyone Hamas and other terrorists and terrorists supporters don’t. It’s still so odd that you blame me for the actions of the terrorists who hide behind children. They are finding bodies of hostages in Hamas tunnels near hospitals that Hamas hid weapons in, they are finding mortars and rockets and guns in schools. Hamas has told the world they are proudly sacrificing Palestinians and you are blaming me, very odd indeed.

            In your vision of the circle of violence ending, does that entail Hamas ceasing their violence? Because they have made it clear they will not stop until every Jew is annihilated, “by any means necessary”. If Hamas were to lay down there arms and surrender, there would be peace in Gaza. However if, as you apparently are proposing, Israel were to lay down there arms there would be no more Israel and all the Jews in Israel would be annihilated…is that how you’d end the circle of violence? An actual genocide of the Jewish people? Not the antisemitic and demonstrably false talking point of an Israeli genocide against Palestinians, but an actual genocide…is that what you want?

            Netanyahu, speaking to CBS News, said “any civilian death is a tragedy” and that “we shouldn’t have any because we’re doing everything we can to get the civilians out of harm’s way, while Hamas is doing everything to keep them in harm’s way.

            “So we send leaflets, we call them on their cell phones, and we say: ‘leave’. And many have left,” Netanyahu said. “But Hamas tried to stop them at gunpoint and fired at the safe corridors that we provided for the Palestinians. So they don’t give a hoot about the Palestinians.”

            “The other thing that I can say is that we’ll try to finish that job with minimal civilian casualties,” Netanyahu added. “That’s what we’re trying to do, minimal civilian casualties. But unfortunately, we’re not successful.”

            What more do you want Israel to do besides lay down their arms and accept being slaughtered by fanatical antisemitic terrorists?

          • Steve

            You did a much better job of thinking over your position in that comment. Rather than just war monger dogma.

            So an official UN panel has suggested that Israel is in progress of genocide and war crimes.
            Netenayau has admitted hes not successful in limiting civilian casualties.
            Israel is documented murdering over 4,000 children and double that number of non combatants.
            Truly stretching and violating the legal borders of warfare. Targeting Hospitals, Refugee camps ,Civilian homes, schools and noncombatant transport.
            So its not just my opinion.
            It’s documented facts .
            Killing everyone in your path just because bad people mixed with them is not acceptable in America. Nor should it be in palestine .

            Regarding why im blaming you,
            Your voice matters.
            If germans had stood up and said no more to nazi atrocities it would have stopped.

            Americans forge world opinion to a high degree. Our position matters for the lives of children in the Middle East on both sides of the conflict.
            If you call for acceptance of violence you are morally complicit with those child deaths.
            In a court of law I think free speech laws would protect you but America has developed unconstitutional interpretations of law and you might even be legally complicit in this era.

            It’s time a different method and message was sent out. Otherwise the circle of violence will continue as it has for a hundred plus years.

            Yes hamas needs brought to justice.
            Not with bombs . A more sophisticated careful approach.
            Anyone who hurt an Israeli on the 7th deserves god’s future judgment and man’s judicial punishment.

            No ,Israelis should not lay down their arms . Self defense is a human right.

            The circle of violence between the two countries needs stopped with a methodical fair approach.

            I assume that you know Israel helped create Hamas ? Funded and developed as a way to create division and destruction of the Plo who were working towards a two state solution?

            You relize America is funding both sides of the conflict- plo – hamas iran . And Israel.

            We are keeping the chaos going.

            Turkey still has a hand in the mess . They were german allies that lost palestine currently supporting hamas .
            In part because they are bitter about various issues.

            Political and economic pressure could be brought to bear to solve the issue.

            It’s highly likely russia pushed for this chaos to distract the world from Ukraine support.
            Bidin and obama caused this recent mess .
            World powers in early 1900 created the problem by pushing out palestinians and allowing them to be treated unfairly.
            So yes this problem could be solved in different way .
            Yes bring hamas to justice in the process.
            Just keep in mind Israel was involved and supported their creation.
            Violence beyond very limited means wont solve this problem. It’s going to take working together and diplomacy.

          • “Violence beyond very limited means wont solve this problem.” Agreed, and considering the military might that Israel possess it seems to me that they’ve taken a very, very limited means to root out Hamas. Obviously the number of innocents killed is higher than anyone (other than Hamas terrorists and their supporters) would like to see, but if Israel were in fact indiscriminately attacking innocents the death toll would be much, much higher. Israel wouldn’t have taken as long as they did to begin their offensive, they took time to alert Palestinians of the coming assault giving them time to flee the areas they announced they would be attacking. Israel continues to announce where they will attack in order to let innocents get out of the way.

            Hamas is using innocents as human shields, that is beyond despicable, completely inhumane, and something any sensible human condemns without a second thought. I’m shocked by the number of humans who lack that sense, shocked to my core.

      • “Does anyone know why Israel and Palestinians don’t get along?…….”
        Try Joshua 13: 1-3:
        “When Joshua was old and advanced in years, the LORD said to him: ‘Though now you are old and advanced in years, a very large part of the land still remains to be possessed. This is the remaining land: all Geshur and all the districts of the Philistines from the stream adjoining Egypt to the boundary of Ekron in the north is reckoned Canaanite territory, though held by the five lords of the Philistines in Gaza, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Gath, and Ekron’……..”
        Dated @ 3,429 years ago.
        The Philistines are believed to be The Sea Peoples who ended the Bronze Age with an invasion of the Mediterranean coast from Egypt to Greece during the same era as the Book of Joshua. After Titus destroyed Jerusalem in AD70, the entire area formerly known as Judea, Samaria, and Israel were called Syria Palaestina, or Roman Palestine. The Jews were dispersed throughout the world until 1948. That kinda’ demonstrates that the Roman way of warfare yields lasting results.
        You might put a final end to the saga with a post on a blog or some peaceful protesting, but I kinda’ doubt it………..

    • Any yet here you are commenting on it.

      Why do I get the feeling if the article were about Germans, or Koreans, or Mexicans, or Indians you wouldn’t have read it let alone commented on it?

      Sometimes your action betray your words, this is one of those times.

        • For a guy who finds this article “irrelevant” you sure have a lot to say…more than 1/4 of the comments at this point. Glad to see you back to your usual self falling back to your usual insults instead of relying on other nom de plumes. Let it out Jeff, let it out show us all your true colors!

          • Steve,

            Just admit it already: you are a Jew.
            A Jew with a victim/persecution complex, to be exact.

            Your self-identification with the radical leftist cause is clear, as you so love to indulge in their divisive cult of wallowing in (self-perceived) victimhood.

          • Jeff,
            I’m not a Jew, would that be a problem if I were? I mean obviously it would be for you and a few others here. I happen to find antisemitism repulsive and so I call it out whenever I see it and boy is it strong in you. But please keep saying what you’ve been saying and just being yourself, you are a shining example for children to follow. And I certainly think now is the time to shine the light on the likes of you!

            I’m a run of the mill libertarian conservative who thinks Nazi’s, Muslim extremists, and those who identify with their beliefs should be called out for what they are. I certainly don’t self identify with the radical left and none of my beliefs come close to aligning with any of the beliefs of the radical leftists, you on the other hand are clearly to the left of some extremely radical leftists. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that you think National Socialists are on the right side of the political spectrum, when in fact they are more closely aligned with hardcore leftists.

    • They are US Citizens peacefully assembling to support and celebrate something legal they believe it.

      That is worth caring about.

      • And yet we have never seen, as far as I can remember, any such story celebrating the gathering of a German or Korean or Mexican or Italian or Japanese or Indian such group.

        Dare I even mention the word “equity” here?
        Clearly, somebody believes that a certain ethnic group is special, maybe even “Chosen”.

        • Jeff,

          Be free man, be honest with yourself and just accept that you side with hardcore leftists through and through. Your views on Israel and Jews is further left than AOC and Tlaib…and now you’re playing the equity card, hahaha!

        • I suspect if Cinco de Mayo were celebrated in record snow while Mexico was under attack, it probably would make news.

          News is driven by circumstance. And location. Every two years we throw a big SE native gathering called celebration. It’s big news here. And it’s not uncommon Veterans Day highlights the contributions of Tlingits who served in the military. And white vets, too.

          Sometimes a thing is just a thing.

    • In light of what is going on in the world when it comes to the treatment of people who are Jewish, I thought it was an uplifring article.

    • “Should I care about Jews any more than I care about Germans, or Koreans, or Mexicans, or Indians………..”
      ……….or Ukrainians?

  2. Perhaps you should find it relevant.
    Do the organized German-Alaskans, Korean-Alaskans, Mexican-Alaskans & Indian-Alaskans support our Republicans the way this very small group of people do at this event?
    I am glad they are on our side & supported DJT for President ‘as a group’
    So it is minor news, but appropriate news here on MRAK.
    Any GOP support should be encouraged, even RINO GOP support, because the alternative is stronger liberalism/ socialism & marxism.
    Conservative Jews like the fact that the GOP supports Israel.

  3. I have gone to the Hanukka Festival held by this group at the Egan Center 3 times now.
    And would encourage others to try it if they have never been there.
    The food is good & it is a Republican crowd.

  4. You should care about Americans. Jewish people are from dozens of different ethnicities. I’m an American. My ancestors are from France and Kiev. If anyone calls me “Jewish”, that’s correct, but we don’t call Italians “Catholics” as if it makes them the same ethnicity as Irish.

    If you mean “Israeli”, say “Israeli”. Otherwise just buy a t-shirt that says “I’m a racist jerk, please be my friend anyway”.

    • Jimmy, if you were responding to my comment, you misunderstood it.

      I did not ask “Why should I care about Jews?”. What I DID ask was “Why should I care about Jews MORE than any other ethnic group?” There seems to be an implicit positive bias, and ‘holier than thou’ attitude in the minds of many, both Jews and non-Jews, for the Jewish people that I bristle against.

      Jews are no less deserving, nor no more deserving, of special attention or treatment than any other ethnic group.

      • That’s true we are all Americans & that should be the goal.
        The “melting pot”
        There is a very liberal bunch out in Muldoon, many whom don’t even believe in God (I remember kids from that place making front of the Rabbi on line because he “believed in God”)
        They are the very liberal, Dem voters.
        This group, by 36th Ave, are basically conservatives who support the GOP & voted Trump.
        So this report, on that group”s GOP supporting dinner is relevant here on MRAK.
        If there is a group of conservative Hispanics (& I wish there was) getting together for conservative causes then I’m sure Suzanne would let us know about it.
        She wants to grow our brand ….. even if the group is not ‘conservative’ enough.
        Anything is better then the socialist alternative imo.
        We should stick together, that’s what the libs do & they are winning because of their unity.
        Your outlook is a bit ‘Ivory Tower’ … imo. We need all the unity we can get.

    • “…….we don’t call Italians “Catholics” as if it makes them the same ethnicity as Irish……..”
      For the record, 78% of Italians profess to being Catholic. 69% of Irish profess to being Catholic. 48% of Americans profess to be Catholic.

    • As long as you identify as such, you can be anyone and anything you want to be, Frankie!

      While you were in office, you clearly self-identified as an arrogant and high-handed jerk. That is why you lost your re-election primary campaign by the largest losing margin for any sitting governor in US history, and deservedly so.

  5. Frankie, relax. Lisa always wanted to play the part of a Jewish American Princess in her high school play. Let her have her fun. And yes, we are still a bunch of polocks. Everyone knows.

        • Too bad they are sweating bullets. The reason Russia and Jerusalem exhumed graves is playing out with both wars. It made Palin resign in a panic. ICC has been seizing assets since…Murkowskis might want to stop being selfish and return what was taken. Before the world goes off and kills us all and let God sort us out. They will be first…

          • Put Frankie up in the front of the line. I’ve got my solo, one-way ticket to Bali. Ain’t no way I’m going back to stirring noodles. I’ll even give up my share of the government spoils.

        • Here in Wrangell there isn’t much to do except look at the ferry schedule and see who gets off the boat. Nancy and I count our blessing everyday, along with our federal retirement checks, state retirement checks, investments, and money we tucked away from my days running the bank. Who said getting old is no picnic? We picnic everyday.

  6. The Lubavitch Jewish Center of Alaska is a wonderful group of people. I’ve been to many of their events and gatherings throughout my life. Rabbi Greenberg and his family have served this community well. I’m happy to see the event was a success!

  7. There are plenty of Alaska natives from the Arctic and northwest Arctic areas with Jewish ancestry but we don’t get to learn about our other cultures in this strange cultural seclusion called the Alaska native claims settlement act, the Alaska Federation of Natives and the Alaska Tribal Health Compact and the Alaska Tribal Health Consortium… It’s curious to me that as Alaska native people w these programs why we aren’t required to provide healthcare and governance and equality to other people on this earth and operate as a governing body instead of federal compacting and contracting it limits everything we do, not to steal shine from this moment, just sad to not know our Alaska native Jewish ancestry. In my opinion it’s the Alaska national interest conservation act that is more economic segregation and genocide – down here in the lower 48 the things allowed in Alaska would be unconstitutional and major human rights violations and abuses that were not intended by those laws, clarifying governance by certifying the elections of those organizations would reduce waste fraud and abuse. I think it’s great the Alaska Jewish Gala went on! Congratulations! I wished the story of the Jewish Inupiat was known – it’s sad it takes a genealogy website to tell us who we really are… Shalom

    • Yep. Kotzebue. Wife worked for the Rotman’s
      Some Native Jewish people attend the Haunakka party at the Egan.
      As a goy, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to spell that word; I give up.

  8. Jefferson your point is well taken. Other ethnic groups do not command the attention that the Jewish community can muster. After all I have yet to see Murky or Sullivan at the October Fest.
    It is simple it boils down to the money. Since 1947 Israel has received the largest share of all US Foreign Aid. As a result, Israel is one of wealthier nations on the planet. The Jewish lobby in DC is the best of the best. So when it comes time to show who you are beholden to, look who shows up. This is not hate only reality.
    Being objective does not make you a hater, racist, or most importantly desiring harm come to anyone.
    As a side bar, Israel is the USA’s best friend, so we are repeatedly told, really. Well I have searched and cannot find where in the 20 plus years the USA was fighting in Middle East where there was an Israel involvement, helping its best friend. That can mean two things, Israel did not help or Israel did help but because of the ramifications of acknowledging Israel’s help would do more harm than good. As is we will never know. Contrast that to the several Muslim nations that have assisted the USA in the Middle East. After all What US military bases are stationed in Israel? Strange Best Friend relationship, radically one sided.

    • Jefferson does have a point & a good one.
      But the Oct Fest is not political, as this Jewish event is.
      I have seen Lisa dancing at the Pow-wow in Eklutna, & in churches (2 different denominations)
      Like all pol’s she goes were the $ & the ‘votes’ are. (all are shameless really)
      Perhaps you are confusing this conservative Jewish group w/ the majority of VERY liberal Jews we have in the US.
      Not sure, but I imagine the DC lobby you mention is mostly liberal Dems.
      Yes Israel does get the biggest check from us & Egypt gets the 2nd biggest check.
      Has Egypt fought next to us?
      Finally, military bases in Israel ARE US bases.
      They side w/ us. That’s why we send they get the biggest check.


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