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Sunday, September 19, 2021
HomeThe SocialIn 2016, Galvin asked her Facebook friends to help her find work; now she’s ready to serve in Congress?

In 2016, Galvin asked her Facebook friends to help her find work; now she’s ready to serve in Congress?

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In a social media post from 2016, Alyse Galvin reached out to her friends on Facebook to get some help finding a job.

One year later, she decided she would be the one to represent Alaska in Congress. Maybe no one found a job for her?

For the past three years, running for office has been Galvin’s job.

Galvin has had many, many, many jobs, according to her strange 30-second TV ad: She has done everything from serving pizza, working the slime line, print shop, coffee stand, daycare, hotel work, office supplies, restaurants, hot dog stand, and scraping ice. She’s kind of done it all.

Can Galvin, age 55, even hold a job? Born in Riverside California, she’s been in the workforce for 25 years, but with all the jobs she lists, it’s a question that has to be asked.

If Galvin wins against Congressman Don Young in November, Galvin would get a two-year job.

Mark Putnum, who is producing Galvin’s and Al Gross’ political ads, is one of the top media-ad guys for the Democratic Party, and was an ad-maker for President Barack Obama. The Anchorage-born-and-raised media expert appears to have gotten so popular and has taken so many projects on, he may have subcontracted Galvin and Gross’ accounts to junior associates.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Maybe if I post I wanna job on Facebook I can drive around in a ridiculous motorhome too?
    For someone habitually unemployed how’s she gather so much money?
    Sold a soul lately?

  • Another Commie running in Alaska, like Anchorage leadership and Gross Al. What’s wrong with these people?! Just go home.

  • Seems like after hearing her campaign ads, she does not
    seem to be able to hold a job anywhere. Even in a hot dog stand.

  • Hard to tell if she just can’t keep a job, or has not real skills to offer.

    All her jobs are unskilled, menial jobs with low pay.

    Certainly not fit to be in the House of Representatives.

  • Astounding. Those are not qualifications for Congress. Thankfully, Don Young is still going strong.

    • Let’s hope Don gets someone schooled up to take his place. He needs to be seriously mentoring someone. Maybe that is Nich Begich. Don won’t live forever and we need to be ready to replace him with a legit bulldog, not a snowflake.

      • Good point… need some new blood
        To thaw in Pelosi / Schiff mobsters

  • As a Alaskan fisherman through the decades.. this is precisely why I will be voting for Alyse Galvin- can’t wait to be represented by a congresswoman, with enough humility to work on the slime line!

    • Hey Darius , over the years I’ve noticed that lots of people work the Slime Line, in fact it’s a right of passage in Petersburg. I cannot seem to connect the dots with your logic. I would note that Don Young has been a stalwart for Alaskan industry, especially the fish business.. Ms. Galvin looks like she would be pretty much under the National Democrats control. I wonder what PETA thinks about you killing fish?

  • Would you trust someone who can’t seem to hold down a job to make important life-changing decisions for you? I have often observed that people who fail in the job market often turn to politics as a career.

  • Well, on the positive side no one can say she is over-qualified – for anything!

  • Alyse Galvin …….. a Big Fraud!

    • …..and inept at being that too. Galvin is a joke that Don Young relishes in telling every 2 years.

  • I really don’t see any issue with posting on Facebook that one is job hunting, and I’m sure Galvin is a bright gal and capable, but her politics are just too left for me. Add also one glaring issue that stands out is her change of political party simply to improve her chances with unsuspecting voters. That is simply dishonest and all too common also with the left. I’m sticking with Young for another round.

  • I’m curious… can you be 55 and only in the workforce for 25 years? I’m nearly 57 and been working for 43 years. Has she had lots of periods of joblessness OR, maybe stay-at-home mom? OR, didn’t start working until she was 30? Regardless, it is very weird to me – especially for someone that wants to be the lone congresswoman for the greatest state in the union.
    And, please…someone close to Alyse, please tell her yellow isn’t her color.

  • Alyse writes: “that’s it’s”.
    Then she should also add:
    “Can’t not know grammar” and
    “Can’t not proofread”

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